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 Venomancer Build

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PostSubject: Venomancer Build   Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:54 pm

A Venomancer can capture certain monsters and use them as attacking pets. They are a mage-type class.

Attribute Points:

MAG - This is your main stat, it should be the highest.

STR - This is your secondary stat, you need 0.5 STR per level to equip your Wand/Sword/Glaive

VIT - This increases your HP recovery rate, keep it as low as possible if not left alone. I recommend a base of 10-20 if you're unfunded.

DEX - This stat is almost completely useless to you. If you choose to go light armor, you put some into it.


Pure Mag: This is the best build if you're funded and want high damage and high heal. If you get extra Str from equips other than your weapon, you can put into Mag instead to add more damage.

9 Mag 1 Str every two levels

Hybrid: This is probably the most common build. Most with this build cap their Vit at anywhere from 10-30, but the lower the better unless you die a lot.

6 Mag 1 Str 3 Vit every two levels

Light Armor: This is sacrificing damage for defense instead of adding Vit (HP) in normal builds. I would assume they will cap their Str and Dex somewhere.

6 Mag 2 Str 2 Dex every two levels


Mage Tree:

Venomous Scarab - Max it as soon as you can. This is your main spammable attack.

Ironwood Scarab - Max it as soon as you can. At higher levels it helps even more.

Blazing Scarab - Leave at level one, you can kill faster with other skills.

Frost Scarab - Leave at one.

Noxious Gas - Max it when you have the spare points.

Lucky Scarab - Max it as soon as you can, you're best (and almost only) stun move.

Parasitic Nova - A point, more if you like... really only good if you get mobbed.

Wood Mastery - No brainer, max it asap... passive and gives more damage.

Bramble Guard - Pretty useless since you shouldn't get attacked by melee. But necessary for Bramble Hood.

Metabolic Boost - Max it as soon as you can, good heal skill.

Nature's Grace - Max it when you have spare points, helps save on MP potions.

Lending Hand - Only one point, get it right away, give a spark to Barbs to help hold aggro.

Bramble Hood - Only one point, get it right away when you can.

Fox Tree:

Fox Form - Max it!

Fox Wallop - Leave at level one.

Purge - Max it when you have spare points.

Befuddling Mist - Max it asap!

Amplify Damage - Max it by level 60.

Stunning Blow - Max it when you have spare points.

Soul Degeneration - Leave at one.

Leech - Max it asap!

Crush Vigor - Get at level 43.

Consume Spirit - Leave at level one.

Melee Mastery - Max it asap!

Pet Tree:

Heal Pet - Max it as soon as you can.

Revive Pet - One is good enough.

Tame Beast - Debatable, some say HP of monster matters more than level of your skill. One point at least, to catch monsters.


Swimming Mastery - Just one point, how much do you swim? Up to you.

Soul Transfusion - One point, get it as soon as you can.

Summer Sprint - Max it as soon as you can.

Feral Concentration - Doesn't seem good, optional.

Myriad Rainbow - Optional.

Arcane Antinomy - Seems good, still optional.

Fossilized Curse - Seems bad, optional.

Guide to Pet Taming:

Pet List:

Pet Skills:

Hay List:

Fruit List:

Fungus List:

Wild Ginseng List:

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Venomancer Build
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