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 Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel

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Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel Empty
PostSubject: Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel   Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel EmptyThu Sep 13, 2012 1:43 am

So far, I've been playing this game.. Think it was out in US a little bit over last month? Anyways, Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel is the newest series of Inotia.

Kiyan, a member of Shadow Tribe, is on a mission to save the Channel of Light, Eara. Eara escapes from Berkel kingdom because she felt that she was used as a tool for a war to start. With the help from Shin and Cornette, Eara escapes to Arnen (note: Arnen is Berkel's enemy). The undercover Kiyan joins the knighthood of Berkel to bring Eara back. It took him several tries to bring her back, after he convinces her that it's for the good of the people that she comes back to Berkel. The irony is that the Shadow Tribe preaches the darkness. They often kill enemies (people) that get in their ways. Eara is the Channel of Light that won't harm people. She's religious, (Berkel seems to be based on Christianity religion) hates war, and hates to see people dying cause of wars. When she finally comes back to Berkel, the priest of Berkel tells her to give a speech to people that she was kidnapped by Arnen soldiers. Because of that reason, Berkel will start a war with Arnen. Eara follows her heart and saying the opposite things that the priest had given her. The priest is mad and secretly, planning to kill her. When there's a rumor going on about the killing of the Channel, Eara escapes again with the help from Shin, Cornette, and Arnen soldiers. This time instead of saving Eara, Kiyan has to kill her after the Shadow Tribe true identity is almost revealed. He and a bunch of Berkel soldiers are on the chase to kill the Channel. The chase continues...


About Kiyan:
You will be playing as Kiyan. You can choose 2 other squad members that you can bring along with you. Kiyan's stats can be distributed and redistributed (if you reset with a dice) as you wish. You can also distribute Kiyan's skill points. You will get 3 stat points and 1 skill point per level up. Skills can be enhanced via skillbooks (past level 4). You can get extra skill points by using Elixirs. Kiyan can be one of 6 classes:

1) Warrior
*Roles: melee physical DD, tank
*Weapons: 2h axe / 2h sword (not sure if you can actually yield a 1h sword and another 1h sword as I never try doing it).
*Armors: Plate Armors (best defense possible)
*Primary stats: STR (for damage)
*Secondary stats: DEX (for accuracy), VIT (for hp)
*Pro: high damage per hit, better hp than the range DD to actually tank bosses
*Con: low accuracy makes you hit tons of misses

2) Black Knight
*Roles: melee tank
*Weapons: 1h longsword, 1h axe + shield (note: it's better to use longsword since Black Knight has longsword mastery as one of the merc skills)
*Armors: Plate Armors (best defense possible)
*Primary stats: VIT (need HP to tank)
*Secondary stats: STR (for damage), DEX (for accuracy)
*Pro: high HP and defense from shield, can easily tank bosses with aggro skills so your DD doesn't easily steal aggro from you
*Con: poor damage due to VIT pumping for tanking, low accuracy as well

3) Warlock
*Roles: range magic DD, summoner, crowd control
*Weapons: staff, orb (staff is faster but do less damage than orb)
*Armors: Cloth Armor (best magic attack armor)
*Primary stats: INT (for magic damage and mp pool)
*Secondary stats: MEN (for magic crit? and mp regen)
*Pro: high damage per hit, have tons of mob skills, can solo bosses with summons, able to cancel animation to attack at a faster rate
*Con: uses tons of MP, regular attack does very poor damage compared to skills

4) Ranger
*Roles: range physical DD, secondary healer, summoner
*Weapons: bow, crossbow (bow is faster but do less damage than crossbow)
*Armors: Leather Armor (best crit armor possible)
*Primary stats: DEX (for crit and evasion)
*Secondary stats: VIT (need hp to take a hit in case you steal aggro with those crits) and MEN (for anything related to heal hp/mp)
*Pro: can solo bosses with the bear summon, high crit hit due to DEX as primary stat, can be a healer if priest isn't present, can stealth like sin does (although when stealthing, your movement is basically goes to almost zero), the most versatile class in this game
*Con: uses tons of MP (although it's solved later on with Spiritual Arrow), can easily steal aggro from tank -> result in dying

5) Assassin
*Roles: melee physical DD, dpser
*Weapons: 2 daggers (dagger is 1h, but you need both daggers to attack)
*Armors: Leather Armor (best crit armor possible)
*Primary stats: DEX (for crit and evasion)
*Secondary stats: VIT (need hp to tank in case your tank dies or if you steal aggro)
*Pro: very high dps, dagger is very fast attacking, can stealth if you accidentally steals aggro from boss
*Con: low hp and low defense as a DD makes you can't tank most bosses (I suggest using some HP absorption gears to recover HP, since sin attacks fast, HP absorption will be very useful)

6) Priest
*Roles: melee tank, primary healer
*Weapons: 1h mace / 1h axe + shield (mace is preferable since some skills requires blunt weapon to have any effect)
*Armors: Plate Armor (best defense possible)
*Primary stats: MEN (for healing) and VIT (for tanking)
*Secondary stats: STR (for damage)
*Pro: very useful healer in a squad, can also direct damage to priest from squishy if they get aggroed, reduce damage taken for whole squad
*Con: low damage, can't hold aggro from most DDs but you can reduce the damage taken and direct it to you instead


Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel Tag-Jinae
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Location : NY
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Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel Empty
PostSubject: Re: Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel   Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel EmptySat Sep 29, 2012 11:58 am

Continuing this guide..


You are allowed to bring maximum of two mercenaries to help your main, Kiyan, in combat. Do note that you always have to bring Kiyan in your squad. The other mercenaries can be any classes out of six possible classes that you can choose. You can bring two or more of the same classes (for example: your main, Kiyan, is a warrior and your other two mercenaries are also warrior). Mercenary will have some missing skills, while Kiyan will have full skills (difference between Kiyan and mercenaries). You cannot restat, put stats in, choose skills, and allocate skills on mercenaries. It is done automatically by the game.

To get a mercenary, you need to have an emblem first. You obtain mercenary emblems from mobs' drops or some quests give you emblems. Three types of mercenary emblems that I encounter so far:

1. Mercenary Emblem (Assassin/Black Knight/Ranger/Priest/Warlock/Warrior).
The emblem tells you which class you are going to get when you click on the emblem. This is the most common emblem drops. The stats of the mercenary are usually average stats. Usually they have 4-10 skills out of 17-18 possible skills.

2. Shadow Mercenary Emblem
This emblem you get from the quest after finishing Shadow Training Dungeon. You also get another one from the quest when Arnen soldiers invade Kamuran Village and you have to burn houses on the east Kamuran. The classes that this emblem gives are random. You won't know what classes you get before opening it.

3. Divine Mercenary Emblem
This emblem is the best emblem out of the three emblems. It doesn't tell you which classes you are going to get when you open it. It is a very rare drop from mobs (probably about the same drop rate as getting Supreme Elixir, might be less). The mercenary can have 14-15 skills unlocked (only miss 3 skills) or it can also only have 4 skills unlocked. The stats of the mercenary are better than regular emblem, close to Kiyan's stats after dice roll. Sometimes, mercenary with 14-15 skills unlocked have a unique name. For example: I've gotten a Sin with unique name, Morgana, instead of regular "Assassin" on the name. She has 14 skills unlocked out of 17 skills possible.

4. Hero Mercenary Emblem
Never use this emblem since I need GEMS (need to pay dollars to get it) to even buy it from cash shop. This emblem probably equal or better than Divine Mercenary Emblem. But I'm too cheap to pay for such free game.

*All skills unlocked on the mercenaries are random. You might have to reroll the mercenary several times to get the one you want.
*You are allowed to have up to six mercenaries in your squad bag. You can only bring up to two in combat. If you want more slots for the squad bag, you need to pay real money for it.

Character Guides (will post more if I play more chars ;o)

So far, I play as an Assassin on my Android and Ranger on iPod (my mains). I'll post my sin guide (not complete, but what I think is good for playing style).


*every odd level: 1 STR, 1 VIT, 1 DEX
*every even level: 2 DEX, 1 VIT

Reason for this is that cause sin has very low hp, so squishy. adding 1 VIT per level should make up the hp for tanking. The downside is that you have less avoid and crit hit rate compared to pure dex/str sin. I never have problem "miss" on mobs when using a sin, even with VIT build.
I can technically tank every boss, my sin never dies. Between Whist (stealth/hide skill), HP pots, Life Pots (recover both HP and MP, doesn't share cooldown with HP Pots), high evasion, and priest healing, it's sufficient enough to keep me alive.

Other possible stats:
*add all to DEX (maxing crit hit rate, maxing evasion, very squishy, and easily steal aggro and die, have to whist all the time to tank which isn't very good. STR is neglected and keep it low.)
*add some to DEX, some to STR, no VIT (equal amount of STR and DEX gives an average evasion rate and crit hit rate. STR is mostly for dealing heavy AoE damage, which isn't needed at lower levels. This build might work better than pure DEX, but still squishy build).

My current skills at level 41:

*Continuous Slash (level 4)
Your main attack, max it.
*Spiritual Blade (level 1)
MP recovery skill. Recover MP overtime. Not really that needed, but eh? Good to have when running outta MP pots/no MP orbs drop.
*Poison Touch (level 1)
Add poison damage to the blade for 30 seconds. Not 100% chance to poison, plus later skill activates poison to 100% chance. So no need to level up past level 1.
*Assassin's Sword (level 1)
Low accuracy skill, deals high damage. Accuracy is high while in Whist. Activates poison damage to 100% chance. I'm not really sure whether to max this skill asap or not. It really deals high dph, but skill is obviously slower than the main skill. Also cost a lot of MP to use.
*Dark Attack (level 0)
Jump past enemy and deals damage. It's like a skill that frees up your movement to tele past enemies. Hit multiple enemies in range as well. Pretty good skill to mob, but cost tons of MP and rely more on STR than DEX.
*Freeze Extreme (level 0)
AoE attack basically. Slow casting, but can take up multiple mobs at once. I believe it has higher range than Dark Attack. Relies more on STR than DEX.

*Whist (level 1)
Stealth/hide skill. Use it before performing any attack that benefits from Whist or when you're about to get KOed from boss ;o
*Blade Deflection (level 1)
Paralyze the enemy. Enemy can't move nor attack when paralyzed. Paralyze doesn't last that long, so the benefit is small.
*Energy Bodhi (level 0)
I think this skill increases crit hit rate and left-hand activate chance? Not quite sure. I don't have this skill yet, but it seems like a small buff with huge benefit.

*Twin Blade (level 4)
Mastery for dagger and sword/blade weapons. Increases crit hit damage and left-hand activate chance.
*Dark Sense (level 1)
Increase evasion when in Whist.
*Fortitude (level 4)
Has a chance to reset all skills cooldown when enemy is paralyzed or when enemy hits "miss" on you. Good skill to have to reset Continuous Slash and Blade Deflection.
*Flare (level 1)
Has a chance to put you back into Whist for free. Good to get a free Whist with no mp cost and benefits from all Whist skills.
*Deep Breath (level 0)
Increase the duration and effect of Energy Bodhi. Guess another good skill to have.
*Shadow Phantom (level 0)
Increases crit hit rate and left-hand activate chance while in Whist.

Will post my lvl 75 Ranger guide later when I find the iPod ;o


Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel Tag-Jinae
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Location : NY
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Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel Empty
PostSubject: Re: Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel   Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel EmptySun Sep 30, 2012 12:04 pm

Ranger Guide

*every level: 2 DEX, 1 VIT (this is the one I go with, but I see there's more possibility that can work since this class is a very versatile class)
*every level: 2 DEX, 1 MEN (if you decide that your bear should tank instead of yourself)
*every level: 2 MEN, 1 DEX (if you just use your ranger mostly as a healer)
*every odd level: 2 DEX, 1 VIT
every even level: 1 DEX, 1 MEN, 1 VIT (if you want balance in all skills)

The class can be versatile depends on how you build it. It's kind of like a druid class where you can tank with summon, can heal, and can also do dps. Obviously, more points in DEX leads to higher crit rate, higher evasion, and higher damage on your main nukes. Higher MEN leads to a better heal power. VIT is not that needed compared to sin since you have pet to tank, plus ranger is a class that attacks from range.

Skill Build (my skill build at level 77)

*Multiple Shot (level 4)
Your main attack, max it. It hits multiple times, kind of like the skill "Strafe" in MapleStory.
*Aimed Shot (level 1)
Decrease the crit resist of mobs. Good to pop more crits on mobs.
*Ambush (level 2)
Stealth/hide skill ala Ranger. Although unlike Sin's Whist, the movement is almost zero when you're in Ambush mode. Combine with other skills to do damage.
*Net Shackles (level 5) -> skillbook upgrade 1x
Freeze mobs on spot. Good to hold down mobs so you don't get hit.
*Spiritual Arrow (level 4)
Shoots arrows to recover MP. That way you can save up on your MP pots. Note: MEN dominates more of the damage.
*Rampage (level 4) -> skillbook upgrade 1x
Your AoE attack. Hits multiple enemies. Deals high damage.

*Beast Companion (level 4)
Summon bear that can hold down aggro from mobs. Personally, the more you level, the more the bear can't hold aggro based on this skill alone. Combine with other skills to strengthen the bear's aggro.
*Spirit of Nature (level 4)
Recover HP and MP overtime for all the squad members. Nice to have especially when your Priest keeps burning MP. Like Spiritual Arrow, this skill also requires high MEN for the heal power.
*Survival Instinct (level 1)
Increases the chance to paralyze the mobs. Good to use when bossing.

*Clever Fellow (level 0)
Has a chance to reset the skill cooldown when bear is active. The thing is the chance is too small for it to work (only 3% chance at level 1). I'm not sure whether to raise this skill or not. Ranger already have plenty of skills to use anyways. Although resetting Multiple Shot c/d is nice.
*Forest Knowledge (level 0)
Adds wind element to attack. The probability to work is also really small compared to Sin's Poison Touch, which is why I keep this skill at level 0.
*Rear Penetration (level 3) -> gotta love the name of this skill :DDD
Damage increases for mobs that don't attack. Basically, you get extra damage when you shoot a mob that don't aggro yet on you or squad members.
*Disturbance (level 1)
Has a chance to throw aggro on the squad member that has high defense or on the bear. Keeps aggro away from Ranger. Gonna get this skill soon to level 5 since I have the skillbook already.
*Spiritual Affinity (level 0)
Increases bear's summon time and increases the duration of Spirit of Nature. Nice skill to have although I don't have the points to put down any on this skill.
*Sniping (level 4) -> skillbook upgrade 1x
Increases crit hit chance and range during Ambush. I just happened to get the skillbook so I can get it to level 4. But yeah, nice to have when Ambush-ing.


Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel Tag-Jinae
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PostSubject: Black Knight Guide   Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel EmptySat Apr 11, 2015 1:33 pm

Hello there, nya! I would like to share my Black Knight (BK) Build here.

First off, BK's have a lot of things going for them: they can deal decent Magic and Physical Damage, take on the role of support character, or be a front-line tanker. However, I believe that it is at tanking that the BK excels.

Skills for the Tanker BK is almost the same with all the stat builds. Here they are:

Skills!- This are skills that are required for the build to work, but skill point allocation are not limited to this, mind you. Also, it wise to invest extra skill points in conjunctive passives (my term, nya) such as the passive skill Flares of Pain in conjunction for the active skill Molten Armor. Also, free passive skills such as Wrath of Darkness and Shield of Rage help turn your BK into a fast-hitting little tough nut. Helps maintain the aggro and damage, but useless if your Damage Dealer really deals damage and, thus, gets most of the monster's aggro. Better go with the skills below if that be the case.
Demon's Shield (For MP regeneration)
Improved Defense (For being Captain Obvious)
Phantom Clash (For hogging monster Aggro)
Guardian of Darkness (For increasing Physical Resistance for a very short period, good when a boss monster is getting ready to hand over your tail to you, nya!)
Molten Armor (For increasing your Magical Resistance temporarily. Can be and should be spammed)
Sword of Hell- (Looks like an improved A.O.E. version of Phantom Clash and is used for getting the attention of surrounding monsters)

Because of its moderate versatility, you have can take some pretty serious paths in terms of stat distribution with the BK, nya! Here are a few builds tried and tested by yours truly:

The Tough Tank- basically, you are going to be pumping VIT into your character, nya.
Every Level- +3-->VIT   +0 to other stats
So what does this make? A very crappy hitter, but very tough tanker. And without decent hitting rates then, the Tough Tank cannot attract good aggro from a target monster. This can lead to your mercenaries getting a thrashing, and maybe, dying. A good combination for this would be one or two Rangers with the Disturbance skill. As stated above by cherebi, Disturbance turns a monster's aggro towards the character with the highest defense, ergo, the Tough Tank. However, it is not wise to use this build without considering its low hit rate, nya.
This can be remedied by using Hit-Rate equipment and sockets and gems.
Armor- Plate
Main Hand- Any one-handed weapon (For Physical Damage. I've found that the combine dagger called 'Impassivity Blade' is one of the best weapons available early-game in terms of damage-dealing, and the combine longsword called 'Durandal' [ring any bells, Inotia 4 players, nya?] unless you find better (stat-wise) weapons.)
Shield Hand- Shield (Of course, nya)

The Slippery Critical Knight- as the not-so-good title implies, your BK will be doing a lot of dodging and critical-hitting. A huge plus is that you no longer miss. A lot. Which means, nya, that missing is no longer an issue, but is not entirely nullified. Such is life.
Every 5 levels (ex. Level 5, Level 10, Level 15, Level 20, Level 25, and so forth)
+3 to VIT
Every OTHER level (ex. Levels 1,2,3,4 and Levels 6,7,8,9, and.... you get the idea)
+1/+2 to DEX, + 1 to VIT (Your choice with DEX here)
Good hitter, but not so tough a tanker as the Tough Tank.
Armor- Plate
Main Hand- Dagger/Long-sword/Axe (For Physical Damage. Go with either Impassivity Blade or Durandal)
Shield Hand- Shields

The Magic Knight- the mage among the BK builds. No, not really. This just means, nya, that your BK will be doing Magic-based damage. This build also insures that your BK hits the wide side of the barn. Essentially a MEN-based build in comparison with the Slippery Critical Knight.
Every 5 levels
+3 to VIT
Every OTHER level
+1/+2 to MEN, + 1 to VIT (Your choice with MEN here)
Do not be fooled, MEN does not affect the amount of Mana/MP you have. One of com2us' ways of nerfing skill spamming without the activation of certain skills.
Armor- Plate
Main Hand- Mace (Because Maces have a higher magical damage compared to its other one-handed weapon cousins, remember the Priest at the beginning choose-your-pokemon screen? He was using a Mace. I know that the early store Mace are really fugly, but maybe aesthetics are not your kind of thing?)
Shield Hand- Shields

The Hybrid Knight- a combo-class of the Slipp-Crit K. and the Mage K. The best BK build available here in terms of hit rate.
Every 5 levels
+3 to VIT
Every OTHER level
+1 to DEX, +1 to MEN, + 1 to VIT
This means that every other level, you get two boosts for hit rate while maintaining your health and defense. I'd suggest going for VIT gems and equipment in this case, though.
Armor- Plate
Main Hand- Dagger/Long-sword/Axe/Maces (Because you don't care what kind of damage you'd be doing. If you do, remove all weapons and check your Physical and Magical Damage statuses at the top of the list of statuses on the Character screen. Check which one's the higher, and go with the corresponding weapon type)
Shield Hand- Shields

And, that is it, nya! It'd be good if some people found some good things in this here post, but if not, oh well... You don't really need to follow the builds presented here, nya, but if you want, what's to stop you? Just remember to follow you instincts, your mercenary/party plan, and remember to have fun in the process of playing. cat

Here's a Question posted at the TipWiki for Inotia about the Magical Resistance of BK's. This must be a priority if you want to be a tanker as more than a few of the monsters in Inotia 4 can throw magical attacks at you. -And- some Bosses can deal very painful magic damage that may see you chugging down potions like there's no anti-drunk driving law, or worse, get you off the game by getting mowed down and killed.
Hello, I'm just wondering on how to raise my defense against projectile monsters like snakes and shrubs. My armor and shield defense is already high yet I still receive around 2000+ damage from a single projectile from a snake or a bush. Please help
July 16, 2014 by A Wikia contributor
same as the one who posted
btw, I'm a black night, help, please!
July 16, 2014 by A Wikia contributor
There is actually no way to. Decrease attacks from those type of enemies
October 6, 2014 by A Wikia contributor
ME: That is because most ranged damage takes the form of Magic Damage. If you have noticed, the BK has high Physical Damage Resistance (P.Res) but low Magic Damage Resistance (M.Res). Now, my beef with com2us is that they haven't implemented a stat effect that increases M.Res, thus, the only way to increase this is to either use a Magic Resistance Gem/Crystal on a socketed item, by relying on your armour's natural M.Res, or by using the skill 'Molten Armor'. The most common way in increasing M.Res is using a Gem, and I quickly found that using this technique on the unique Combination Armours and spamming Molten Armor makes for a very tasty gameplay.

Last edited by RoiRold on Sat Apr 11, 2015 1:39 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Update)
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Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel
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