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 Flowsilver Palace: Judgement Mode

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Flowsilver Palace: Judgement Mode Empty
PostSubject: Flowsilver Palace: Judgement Mode   Flowsilver Palace: Judgement Mode EmptyThu Aug 20, 2015 4:03 pm

Since 8/19/2015, Flowsilver Palace has a new mode in addition to the normal and deicide modes. The new mode is called judgement. The bosses are the same as deicide, except that they are stronger, have more HP, and gain new abilities. There is one additional boss at the end of the instance, exclusive to judgement.

Devilhill Batlord

This boss is a preliminary boss before the door to either normal/deicide/judgement mode is opened. It's the same exact boss for all 3 modes. He cast short range aoe stun and long range aoe extreme poison.


Judgement Mode: Legendary Azoth Drake

Deicide and Judgement:
*Spawns whirlpool randomly on squad members. Whirlpool deals around ~6k damage on a standard T3+5 caster. Avoid the whirlpool at all cost if you are squishy. Just move around.
*Spawns Quicksilver Elites (mobs) that cast ice prison. You will take double the damage when you are debuffed with this skill. Kill mobs ASAP. They are a 1 shot from any T3 caster.
*Randomly casts water-based damage over time. Purify the debuff ASAP if your water resistance sucks.
*Heal himself overtime with IH icon heal. The heal can be purged.
**Cleric tip: BB on this boss. If you are the second cleric who is a DD and not in BB, purify anyone that has the DoT debuff starting from HA, LA, and AA.**

Judgement exclusive:
*Spawns mercurial mobs on the small waterfall coming out of lion's mouth.
*Within 30 seconds, kill the mobs in the order of "math challenge (patent pending)". There are two x2 mobs, two +2 mobs, and four +1 mobs. This is a very simple math. If you don't know how to do math, here's a guide to copy: (I use the shortest step to kill the mobs. Remember, they have to be in order)


*If you fail to do the math challenge, Drake will heal himself to full HP. If your squad is strong enough to kill Drake in less than 30 seconds, you don't need to bother with this guide.
*Drake will spawn whirlpool in the water where he spawns. It deals continous damage, similar to Strombringer's Avatar of the Storm. So, pull him out of the water and kill him on the ground.
*It is advised that an archer (possibly wizard or psychic) to do the math challenge since they have long range cast and can reach all the mobs when standing on the side of the pond. My mystic with 27 meter cast range, fell to the pond when trying to reach the +1 mob (just a bit short). However, any range classes (duskblade works as well with the tele skill) should do better than melees for the mob killing speed.
**Cleric tip: same as deicide. BB if you're the healing cleric and purify if you're the DD cleric.**

1x Star Chart
2x Flowsilver Coins

Judgement Mode: Century Golden Toad

Deicide and Judgement:
*One-shot the tank who isn't a barbarian. Use AD/IG/triple spark/expel/any other kind of physical immunity skills to block the shot. Damage-mitigation skill such as psychic's soul of retaliation also works. One-shot saving skill such as deaden nerves/cornered beast/pious blessing also works. Debuff prevention skills such as tidal protection/lunar blessing/faith also works.
*Throws an elemental-immune axe on the second highest DD that isn't the tank (the highest DD is the tank who has aggro). Axe deals magic damage, stun, and put an earth-based DoT debuff that explodes for a 1 shot after 12 seconds. You need to purify yourself when you get this debuff or get a cleric to purify. The second aggro-er is now put on the bottom of the aggro list, while the third highest DD getting axed the next round.
*Magic-based damage, long range AoE stun.

Judgement exclusive:
*Spawns 2 silver coins. These silver coins need to be killed ASAP. They turn you into a toad until you kill them (toad form = unable to use skills, auto attack still works). They have 500k HP each.
*Spawns 2 golden coins randomly on squad members. Golden coins will have 3 seconds timer until they explode. The explosion AoE range is short, probably about 5 meters AoE around the coins. Just move away from the golden coins. Explosion doesn't one-shot, but simply deals a very high damage. As an estimation, it deals 9k-15k damage on a character with 40k pdefense. Basically, a one-shot for any average r9t3 unbuffed casters, one-shot for some LA characters, and tick the charm of HA characters.
**Cleric tip: no BB. Purify the one who gets debuffed ASAP. Use regular heals such as IH, wellspring, SoR, and chroma as needed. Stay away from golden coins.**

2x Astrobana Pearls
2x Flowsilver Coins
Old Book Pages (not 100% chance)
Pages of Fate (not 100% chance)
1x Random skillbook (10% chance)

Judgement Mode: Blossom Succubus

Deicide and Judgement:
*Order "Stand Together" or "Disperse Yourself". Stand together means you need at least 6 squad members to stand together. Disperse yourself means you need to spread out from each other as far as possible. If you fail to follow the order after 10 seconds, she will one-shot you.
*Heal herself for a set amount of HP. The heal cannot be purged, but it can be interrupted. Use any interrupt skill such as flesh ream/shadowless kick/frigid thunder, any skill that says "interrupt channeling". Any knockback skill such as landslide/will of the phoenix/bramble tornado/earthquake/lunar surge also works. Any force-aggro changing skill such as roar/stomp of the king also works to interrupt.

Judgement exclusive:
*Spawns two guardian trees (the blue trees). These trees give you an invoke buff to prevent you from getting 1-shotted by the boss. You have ~5 seconds to shield yourself under the tree or you get 1 shotted.
*Spawns an Envy Tree (the yellow tree) on a random squad member while the boss tells you to "stand together" or "disperse yourself". This tree explodes after ~5 seconds and will one-shot. You need to get away from it. There is no notice in red or yellow text when this tree spawns. It always spawns when the boss orders "stand together" or "disperse". Therefore, you need to time your immunity on stand together or get together with your squad to move to a certain spot after the tree spawns.
**Cleric tip: no BB. Use regular heals as needed. Move according to what boss order is.**

2x Astrospira Pearls level 1
3x Flowsilver Coins
1x Random skillbook (10% chance)

Judgement Mode: Tyrant Prince Mushi

Deicide and Judgement:
*Fill up your chi bars every 30 seconds. You need to spark it off or use high-cost chi skills. If you have full sparks when Mushi gives you spark, you're gonna die.
*Low-damage AoE knockback that may push you into the black holes if you're not careful with your position. Stand back against the wall to be safe. Black hole will one-shot you.
*Frontal AoE physical damage in a fan-shaped area (the swipe attack). The range is small, so don't get close to him if you're squishy. This attack deals around ~6k damage on a 4k or less pdef casters/LA classes. I recommend not to stand on his face if you're squishy.
*When he has low HP, he will have 5 aps and go on rampage. The aps buff can be purged. If unpurged, he will rampage for about ~12 seconds before the aps buff gone.

Judgement exclusive:
*Spawns a chi-shield that protects you from getting one-shotted. You have to hit the shield to activate the buff. It will give you a soul of fire buff. Stand inside the shield range. If you fail to stand inside the aura, you will die ~5 seconds after the chi spawns. Be careful when standing inside the shield. Three out of four possible shield locations are positioned right in front of a black hole. If you're not careful, you can still getting knockbacked into the black hole. So just keep that in mind.
**Cleric tip: no BB. Use regular heals as needed. Move inside the chi shield.**

2x Nebula Dust Orbs (gives 1 astral energy per orb)
5x Flowsilver Coins
8x Flowsilver Coins (daily quest)
1x Random skillbook (10% chance)

Belle Leun: The Mad Princess

This boss is exclusive to Judgement Mode. She's a new boss introduced in Riptide patch.

After you kill Mushi, another door opens. This door leads to a room where Belle Leun is located. She floats around the room and stops in the middle platform where you're supposed to fight her. The platform is surrounded by four red candles that is supposed to prevent you from getting pulled over (never works for me, god forbid >.>). She's a level [?] boss with 26 mil HP total.

First phase:
*Spawns a bunch of Ghost mobs. They are either weak to physical/strong to magic or weak to magic/strong to physical. These mobs debuff you: water-based damage DoT debuff, increase channeling debuff, decreases magic attack debuff, interrupt channeling, and a few more. The debuff is constant and over-time so there's no point in purifying.

Second phase:
*Spawns either Skyscreamer or Tyrant Prince Mushi. Belle Leun becomes immune to all damage types. You must kill the mini-boss before going back to Belle Leun. Skyscreamer has AoE stun that interrupts BB. Mushi, on the other hand, still has the ability to fill your chi and knockback. So, don't keep your chi full until he dies.

Third phase:
*Casts "Dark Curtain" that increases the cooldown of skill(s) you use under the debuff by 120 seconds. If you're playing a caster, I advise to just stop what you're doing until the debuff is gone (just stand there, don't use any skill). Melees can still auto-attack and will not get penalized by the debuff. The debuff only works for skills (direct damage/debuff/buff/heal/genie skills). It will not affect continous skills such as vortex/BB/dragon's breath if you have it up before the debuff is casted (need confirmation on this though). The debuff is still applied if you channel a skill before the debuff comes and finish channeling when the debuff is up/during the debuff. You will have 5 seconds warning prior to the debuff. The debuff lasts for ~3 seconds.
*Casts "Death Link" that mitigates some damage Belle Leun takes to the tank. The damage isn't substantial. Our tanker didn't die or receive any significant damage. Just keep attacking her.

All phases:
*Spawns Ghostchill Demon that will reel-in and one-shot you. You need to stuck yourself between the candle and the platform (this is what I was told, but honestly I still get reeled-in). Another way is to go in 180 degrees opposite direction from the mob, and hide on the bottom of the platform. Problem is, it's difficult to locate this mob along with the other mobs present. You only have 5 seconds to run on the opposite direction before getting reeled-in. Another option is to use immunity skills/damage-mitigation/debuff prevention/one-shot save skill to prevent yourself from getting 1 shotted. This is what I use personally. I use a faith genie to prevent the debuff. However yesterday, the text comes up a bit earlier than usual and I got reeled in right after faith ends :/

The frequency of reel-in is less during the first phase. It increases more and more for each phase. At third phase, the reel-in can occur every 15 mins, in which both faith and immunity apoth can possibly be on cooldown. If you come to this situation, time your triple spark for immunity or try to locate the mob and hide in opposite direction.

**Cleric tip: BB on first phase. When Ghostchill Demon appears, cancel BB right away and use immunity to prevent yourself from getting reeled-in. When Skyscreamer interrupts your BB, wait until he dies then put BB back up. No BB at Mushi since you have to spend your sparks. No BB on third phase due to high amount of reeled-in.**

2x Nebula Dust Orbs (no astral energy given)
5x Flowsilver Coins


Flowsilver Palace: Judgement Mode Tag-Jinae
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Flowsilver Palace: Judgement Mode
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