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 Lunar Glade: Solo Mode

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PostSubject: Lunar Glade: Solo Mode   Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:16 pm

Opening Solo Mode requires 1 Essence of Nature.
- This is the ultimate substance of Lunar Glade
- Requires 5 each of the top level mats. (Can be farmed in heaven and hell)
- May be manufactured at the Lunar Glade Forge: Materials just inside the instance.

Speak to the Lunar janitor to select your mode.

When you choose solo mode you will be given 4 options. You may choose whichever you would like to do. As far as I could tell there is no diffence in drops in any of the valleys. You will get various fragments and crystals which are used at the materials forge to make fragment crystals and transparent crystals.

Each of the choices gives you 3 valleys, each with a boss at the end. Each valley has either one type of elemental mobs or non-elemental mobs. There are 3 different types of mobs in each valley. Two of them have about 60k hp while the third has about 200k hp. As a lvl 100 BM I could handle these mobs solo with stunning and a few charm ticks. They go very quickly with a group of 3 or more. The bosses are challenging for me solo but with a group they go rather quickly.

I didn't really think of doing a guide when I first started doing solo mode but have gone back to begin collecting the names of the valleys and the mobs in each of the 4 options. I will post them here as I complete them.

Choice: Frigoris Valley

First Valley: Frigoris Valley
Contains water mobs
- Tsauhsuan 60389 hp
- Liochun 60389 hp
- Prajna 221427 hp

Boss: Buddhda's Servant Mirror 520973 hp
Water boss but attacks are physical.

Second Vally: Smythii Valley
Contains metal mobs
- Iron wings 60389 hp
- Golden mask 60389 hp
- Steel Dash 181166 hp

This is where I stopped today but will complete all valleys and post information.

Squad Mode

To open squad mode you need a squad of 6 and 3 mil coins. The squad leader talks to the lunar janitor and chooses squad mode. All members will be teleported to Honorum Valley.

Honorum Valley:

This is the first valley for all squad modes, contains earth mobs with some stuns.

To choose which route you wish to take you will need to kill one of two mobs further into this valley. You will come to a place where the path divides and you can go either right or left. If you go left and you will kill a mob called Memoir: Ku (phys attack immune). If you go to the right you will kill a mob called Memoir: Mu (phys attack immune). You choose your next valley by killing Ku, Mu or both of them. Throughout the valleys you will continue to collect fragments and crystals. Each of the bosses drop essences. These are called for as individual essences in some some manufaturing but may also need to be made into essence crystals depending on what you wish to make.

Boss: Genesiac Blink spawns 3 nasty adds. Just keep the adds in AoE and you will be fine
Card boss: Jaden Rutiodon sleep spell, drops spirit mats

Memoir Ku (Left path):

Imbrium Valley
Wood mobs
Jarax - random aggro and removes your positive buffs
Card boss: Archeon

Lunar Glade
Boss: Relic of Wind - random aggro and seals

Memoir Mu (Right path)

Smythii Valley

metal mobs
Boss: Massaca Seban slows and seals


Boss: Burning Soul

Memoir Mu and Memoir Ku (Both left and right paths)

Cognitum Valley
non-elemental mobs
Boss: Haughtery Queen
Card boss: Deep Strangle

Boss: Dark Fling has 2 adds. They all look the same so check hps before pulling them. Pull ads and kill one at a time. Then pull the boss to the edge of the water behind him. All squad members and pets should be in the water to avoid spawing addition adds who will nearly one shot any tank.

Please remember that this is a work in progress and I will add more details as I remember to write them down. This should give you a good start.

I recommend that you do some solo runs first to get the lay of the valleys as much as possible. I wish you well and hope that you have good luck with your drops.

Stolen from: http://knightrlm.shivtr.com/forum_threads/764859

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PostSubject: Re: Lunar Glade: Solo Mode   Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:43 pm

I personally never take Relic or Drake Fling paths (goddam if any random WC squads ever run it).. Those two paths are not only harder than Primal Fear, they also don't contain the BH boss needed (Hauntery Queen).

Also, you need to kill both physical immune mobs (Memoir Ku) to open Cognitum Valley (Hauntery Queen + Primal Fear) path.

The guide is missing Vile bosses:

*Vile: Genesiac Blink (Humorum Valley)
-no adds spawn
-will not attack anyone farther than 20 meters range (guess what? I can tank the boss as a Psy and Mystic)
-boss doesn't move
-boss casts nasty aoe purge+seal that does 0 damage. He spams it every 20 seconds or so, rebuffing is pointless. Using BB on this boss is also pointless. Stick to IH/wellspring/SoR heals only. Chromatic Healing Beam is useless since only the tank got hit. AOE purge and seal affects anyone in the range of boss (archer and casters will still get purged and sealed, but they take 0 damage, so it's safe for a range to tank).
-boss buffs itself with all kinds of defensive buffs possible (cleric's vanguard spirit and demon bell's fortified armors). Having a Veno in a squad to purge the boss is really helpful (or an archer with a purge bow). Be careful when purging on Veno since purge has less than 20 meters range (means boss will deal damage to you when you purging and amping).
-undergeared squad usually skip this boss since the boss never drop mold (only give basic badges).

*Vile: Hauntery Queen (Cognitum Valley)
-can bramble himself (stop hitting with aps when he bramble himself or you kill yourself)
-AOE poison that doesn't hit too hard
-can interrupt BB once in a while (just bring BB back up whenever possible)
-boss drop r9T3 belt/T3 hat/T3 cape molds, and give basic badges (only one drop during 1x, two molds dropped during 2x)

*Vile: Primal Fear (Lunar Glade)
-hits magic attack on anyone under 25 meters range, followed by AOE DoT burn. Burn damage doesn't get reduced with BB.
-cast AOE seal twice in a row that knocks BB off. Bring back BB after he casts the second seal.
-boss doesn't move
-boss is considered "on land". Therefore, attacking underwater reduces your damage by 50%.
-melee classes have no choice but attacking from water.
-casters, archers, and seekers can attack from land using range skills higher or equal to 20 meters cast range. There's a tiny land nearby the boss, that can be used to attack from land.
-archer can safely attack on land with 30 meters+ range. This give advantage to archer to be the best class for this instance (not getting hit from boss, not getting reduced damage by being underwater).
-casters can safely attack underwater with 25 meters+ range. I've soloed this boss on my Psy from 1.8 mil hp to 0 (took 30 mins+) with missing cleric's mag atk buff, missing my malleys, and getting reduced damage from attacking underwater. I can't attack from land like archer does (almost made it to land, but I'm 2 meters short from being on land). My range on Psy is 28.5 meters on pretty much all skills lvl 10/sage.
-boss drops one Essence of Defense (double drop on 2x drops) and gives basic badge. This is usually goes to the one paying the Lunar (kind of like how wined BH 69,79 is, the winer gets the goodies). If you're paying 500k to enter, then the drops is randomized among the squad members (kind of like wine split fee is).


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Lunar Glade: Solo Mode
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