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 Flowsilver Palace

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PostSubject: Flowsilver Palace   Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:16 pm

Flowsilver Palace is a new instance that comes up with the New Horizon expansion. It quickly becomes a very popular instance due to the reward and/or coins that you can make of this instance. The instance is located at Dragon Tower (west of Primal World map). Talk to NPC, Emerald Spellcaster, to be teleported in.

Requirement to enter:
1. Must be at least level 100 and rebirth at least once.
2. Must be at least Arcane Sky I as sub-cultivation.

You can enter as many times as you like per day. However, you can only get flowsilver coins reward once a day.

WARNING: In Primal World, we have this thing called Earning Control Time. Whenever you kill any mobs/bosses in Primal World, your Earning Control Time is used up. The maximum time per day is 8 hours (reset at the same time as BH). This Earning Control Time also applies to Flowsilver Palace. When 8 hours has passed, you will not receive any exp nor drops from mobs/bosses/chests. So please, if you have used up your Earning Time, DO NOT kill the Chest box in Treasury room. You will not get any pages if you hit the Chest.

Class requirement:
1. Barbarian (to tank Toad boss) or a Psychic (preferably sage with sage Bubble of Life/expel combo and sage Psychic Will). Psychic must be able to stay alive and deal high enough damage than the rest of the squad to keep aggro. It's safer to just recruit a Barbarian obviously.
2. Cleric/Mystic as a healer. Honestly, purify isn't needed because Toad boss debuff and the water DoT debuff from second boss arent spammed. The debuff can be triple sparked off to purify. Debuff roughly comes every 30 seconds randomly on 1 person (1 or more at same time for second boss, but not all get debuffed), which I don't know what kind of class you are that you are unable to get 3 sparks in 30 seconds with CE genie/teas. Even on a slow Psy, I manage to get 3 sparks every 30 seconds if I spam CE. It's safer to just recruit a Cleric obviously, provided the Cleric isn't squishy and actually purify.
3. Any DDs. Preferably a balanced physical DD and mag DD.


1. Firefall Hall (first room)

*Dodge the 4 axes that coming down to thrust you. Axes do roughly 2-3k damage per hit on my Mystic (might be different for different classes with different gears). Damage seems to be a DoT damage since it doesn't tick falling petals. Damage doesn't show up on damage log either. Protip: Wait till axes go down and then walk through when it's going up.
*Wait till the stairs show up, then walk through. Some people claim that the stairs rubberband on them (happens to me too when I lag). If you're experiencing rubberbanding, use holy path and stop at the middle of the room. Control your movement or you gonna fell to the lava and die.
*Kill all the bats that coming down. They do low damage (probably about the same damage as those mobs in aba/SoT). I can tank those mobs fine, so yeah.
*There are 2 bridges: one goes to the left, another one to the right. Again, wait till the bridges show up to cross. Like the stairs earlier, the bridges can disappear after certain time.
*Kill all the mobs on each side. Please cross the bridge to kill the mobs, otherwise they reset and heal HP back to full.
*There are 2 pillars, left and right. Two people dig both pillars at same time to summon boss.

Boss: Devilhill Batlord
*Physical attack: yes
*Magical attack: yes
*Difficulty: easy
*Anti-aps buff: yes
*Special ability:
-Casts max HP buff, defense level buff, and patk/matk spark buff at the beginning (can be purged).
-AoE stun around the tank. Similar as AoE stun from Vile: Snakefist in Warsong. AoE has short range.
-AoE extreme poison to everyone around the boss. Extreme poison isn't too major and can be easily outhealed by BP.

Reward: none

2. Silver Pool (second room)

*After you kill the first boss, another door behind him is opened. Double jump when you cross between first room and the next hallway or you fall into the pit and get stuck there.
*Dive underwater and kill all the mobs along the way. Note: mobs can cast ice prison debuffs on you. When you are under ice prison state, you cannot move nor use skills/pots + you take double damage. So, please be careful not to run around without a healer if you are squishy.
*When you enter the second room, swim to the surface and get out of water. Kill all mobs in the room.

Boss: Legendary Beast: Azoth Drake
*Physical attack: yes
*Magical attack: yes
*Difficulty: hard
*Anti-aps buff: yes
*Special ability:
-Casts max HP buff, defense level buff, and patk/matk spark buff at the beginning.
-Summon minions "Quicksilver Elite" that casts ice prison around the target. These mobs have low HP and pretty much a 1 shot from any full T3 or higher casters' AoE. They need to be killed quickly or they can cast ice prison for the whole squad and wipe the squad.
-Summon a bunch of whirlpool when he says "Dodge!". This is usually proceeded by an aoe magic attack that has similar animation as Psychic's Spirit Phalanx. So when you see the animation, be prepare to move and heal yourself/squad. DO NOT stand on top of whirlpool if you are squishy. It deals about 6k DoT damage on me. DoT damage seems to be magic since I've seen HA classes/squishy aps sins go down faster when they don't move.
-Randomly casts a water DoT debuff on 1 or more person in the squad. DoT is a water-based magic attack. If you're an HA or LA classes (or squishy casters with less than 7k HP buffed), please triple spark/purify the debuff. It hurts more when you have low mdef. If you have a second cleric who isn't in BB, please purify quickly especially on the tank.

Rewards: 2 Shiny Flowsilver Coins

3. Treasure Vault (third room)

*After you kill the second boss, wait near the second NPC (the NPC that gives you Shiny Flowsilver coins). A giant boulder will roll through the hall and one-shot everyone that stands on the hallway. Wait till the rocks blow up, then go through hallway towards the third room.
*Midway through hallway, there's going to be stairs that if you fell down in between the stairs, you will die getting 1 shotted from the obstacles. Use holy path/just ride on mount (yes, you can ride mount in this instance) when you go down the stairs.
*Kill all the mobs in the Treasure room.
*Once all mobs have been killed, a "kiss emote" button will appear on every female character in the Treasure room. Click on the emote to summon the boss. If there's no female character in the squad, you can kill the golden toad on the wall to summon the boss.

Boss: Century Golden Toad
*Physical attack: yes
*Magical attack: yes
*Difficulty: hard
*Anti-aps buff: yes
*Special ability:
-Starts his attack by casting bleed damage on the tank.
-Casts a blue shield on himself that lets him recover HP overtime. The HP regeneration is faster when he takes a lot of damage especially from strong DD classes. This shield must be expelled quickly with axes.
-AoE range stun to everyone in the squad. The stun is 100% chance of success unless you have tidal protection/purify spell weapon proc/immune to damage/anti stun/faith while he throws AoE. The AoE stun seems to be magic damage since I've seen HA and LA classes take more damage compared to AA classes.
-Randomly throws an axe on a squad member and stun him/her. From my observation, the top 3 DDs in the squad got hit more often than low DD classes. The axe damage seems to be magic damage, followed by a telekinesis DoT that 1 shot the person if it's not purified after 12 seconds. It's a 2 separate attack since my purify weapon never actually auto purifies the DoT, while I've blocked the stun so many times with puri weapon.
-When boss throws axes, he will summon an elemental immune axe mob. It is best for a physical DD to do axes. Pick up the axe after the mob is killed. I've also done axes using my Devil Chihyu. He hits for 16k damage on a 10k HP axes, so he's doing pretty good job on killing axes. Pay attention to the blue shield. When blue shield appears, dispel the shield quickly so he doesn't heal for a lot of HP. Axes do roughly 500k damage on boss.

Rewards: 2 Shiny Flowsilver Coins, Old Book Page (OBP), and PoF (Page of Fate)

*To get OBP and PoF:
-After the boss is killed, kill all the chests throughout the room.
-Chest may contain OBP/PoF, mobs that look like chests, or a prank that turns you into a toad.

4. Amorea (fourth room)

*After you kill the third boss, go through hallway and kill all the mobs on the way.

Boss: Blossom Succubus
*Physical attack: yes
*Magical attack: yes
*Difficulty: medium
*Anti-aps buff: yes
*Special ability:
-Casts max HP buff, defense level buff, and patk/matk spark buff at the beginning.
-Casts reel-in to pull people to get close to her. Reel-in do quite some damage (2-3k damage) on me.
-Heal her HP to full if squad fails to interrupt her healing when yellow text appears. Usually, Barbarian/Assassin do the job to interrupt the healing. Casting Flesh Ream/Roar/Alacrity (Barbarian) and Knife Throw (Assassin) are proven to be effective to interrupt the healing. I usually cast Bramble Tornado, although I don't know if it actually interrupts since boss cannot be knockbacked. Bramble certainly interrupts regular mobs/PvP players/any boss that can be knockbacked. Psychic can also do the same thing with Landslide, Wizard can use Will of the Phoenix and etc etc.
-Will tell you to "stand together" or "stand dispersedly", shown on yellow text in the middle. Follow what she says to do. People who don't follow instructions will get one-shotted after 10 seconds since the text appears.
-Casts sleep debuff on a random squad member.

Rewards: 3 Shiny Flowsilver Coins

5. Hall of the Fallen King (fifth room)

*After you kill the fourth boss, go through hallway and kill mobs along the way.
*Kill more mobs when you enter the fifth room.
*5 mini bosses will appear: one is physical immune, one is elemental immune, and three others that can be damaged with both physical and magical attacks.
-At first, you must keep all bosses' HP around half. If there's one or more bosses that have way more HP than the rest, the bosses with lower HP will heal himself to full.
-Elemental immune boss (or so I believe) will cast a physical defense debuff that reduces your pdef to near 0 for HA classes and a flat zero for LA and AA classes. You must purify this debuff quickly since most of the mini bosses deals physical damage.
-Similarly, physical immune boss will cast a magical defense debuff that reduces your mdef to near 0 for AA classes (I had around 127 mdef, down from 35k mdef buffed) and a flat zero for LA and AA classes. This debuff isn't too major since the bosses use physical damage.

Boss: Tyrant Prince Mushi
*Physical attack: yes
*Magical attack: yes
*Difficulty: medium
*Anti-aps buff: yes
*Special ability:
-Casts max HP buff, defense level buff, and patk/matk spark buff at the beginning.
-AoE knockback that can push you inside blackholes around the room. To avoid getting pushed to a blackhole, simply don't stand in front of blackhole. Just watch where you stand in position to the boss. The best place to stand is standing in front of the wall, so if you get pushed, you're hitting the wall and you wouldn't get knocked very far. AoE seems to be low magic damage (only 500 damage on me). If you get pushed inside blackhole, you will die in one shot.
-Casts bleed damage on the tank. The bleed damage is similar as SoT/Aba BH bosses. Squishy classes will get one shotted from bleed damage, so be careful not to steal aggro.
-Gives everyone 3 sparks every 30 seconds or so. You must use up this spark by either casting skills that cost sparks/chi, or just simply triple spark. If you have a full 3 sparks when he gives you 3 sparks, you will die getting one-shotted.
-Go rampage when his HP is low. It will says in the yellow text. When he says "I AM HYSTERICAL!!", he will buff himself to 5 aps and can quickly kill even the tank. Barbarian should handle the aggro by using cornered beast in advance, and invoke when he buffs himself. Tank can also use expel (genie skill) or simply AD/IG/immune apoth for low-geared Barbarian/squishy tank. The aps buff can be purged.

Rewards: 5 Shiny Flowsilver Coins

Daily quest completion: 8 Shiny Flowsilver Coins (kill Century Golden Toad, Blossom Succubus, and Tyrant Prince Mushi).

Total: 20 Shiny Flowsilver Coins per day

Use Shiny Flowsilver Coins to craft:
-the tradeable Flowsilver Coins (usually to transfer to another character, or just to sell to other players).
-War Avatar Pack C (tradeable). A lot of people make this card pack and sell them in catshops for roughly 300k coins each. You can make 10 packs a day since you only need 2 Flowsilver Coins to craft it. Easy 3 mil a day.
-War Avatar Pack A (untradeable, unstashable) contains roughly 13% chance to get A card, 20% chance to get B card, and 67% chance to get C card. Cost 20 Shiny Flowsilver Coins + 120k coins to craft it. I usually make this box since I'm still collecting A cards.
-War Avatar Pack S (untradeable, unstashable) contains roughly 2% chance to get S card, 6% chance to get A card, and 92% chance to get B card. Cost 10 Shiny Flowsilver Coins + 10 War Avatar Catalyst (40 silver ea, 4 gold per pack) + 60k coins to craft it.
-OBP, PoF, warsong emblems

-----------------------------------------------------------GUIDE COMPLETES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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Flowsilver Palace
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