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 Blademaster Build

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PostSubject: Blademaster Build   Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:14 pm

Blademasters are the strongest melee damage dealers (DD) in Perfect World.


Str - This is your main stat, should be the highest.

Dex - This is your secondary stat, needed to equip weapons and armor.

Vit - This increases your HP and HP recovery rate, some people put into it to survive easier. Usually keep their Vit low (40-50) or don't put into it.

Mag - This is useless for a Blademaster.


Your build depends on which weapons you want to use:

Axe/Hammers have high damage, but are slow.

7 Str 1 Dex 2 Vit every two levels.


6 Str 2 Dex 2 Vit every two levels.

Sword/Blade are the medium so to speak, they do good damage and are fairly fast. If you go Sword, go one-handed and if you go Blades, go dual blades.

5 Str 3 Dex 2 Vit every two levels.

Fist/Claw are the fastest, but the lowest damage, later on more skills will make up for the lack of damage and they will be the second fastest attackers after Assassins.

5 Str 4 Dex 1 Vit every two levels.


Attack Tree:

Tiger Maw- Leave this at one, you will get better attacks soon.

Draw Blood - Deals bleed (DoT or damage over time) damage, get one point of it.

Stream Strike - Your only aggro skill, one point is plenty as you won't use this often.

Aeolian Blade - This will be your strongest skill for a long time and it stuns! Max it.

Sword/Blade Tree:

Mage Bane - Level one is enough, it's not really worth the cost. Hits 100% though.

Spirit Chaser - Ranged skill, level it slowly after your main attack skills.

Atmos Strike - This is your strongest non-chi skill, max it asap as it is one of your main attacks.

Myriad Sword Stance - Very good skill, but expensive, level it up when you have the spare points and coin.

Blade and Sword Mastery - Max this asap! Gives you more damage.

Polearm Tree:

Piercing Winds - Good bleed attack, get one of it immediately and level slowly after your main attack skills.

Farstrike - This is your main single target attack skill with long range, max it asap!

Meteor Rush - Necessary for AoE training, but expensive, level it up when you have points and coin to spare.

Glacial Spike - High damage, high cost. Get it when you can afford it.

Polearm Mastery - Max this asap! Gives you more damage.

Axe/Hammer Tree:

Drake Bash - Just one should be enough unless you really like it.

Highland Cleave - AoE attack, level slowly after main attacks.

Fissure - AoE, one point is enough.

Heaven's Flame - AoE, very expensive, level if you have the money. Good damage.

Axe and Hammer Mastery - Max this asap! Gives you more damage.

Fist/Claw Tree:

Vacuous Palm - Level one is enough for this skill.

Shadowless Kick - Cancels your enemies skill casting, one point is enough.

Cyclone Heel - This attack is amazing, it increases your speed and attacks monsters within 8 meters of you. This is your main attack, level it asap!

Drake's Breath Bash - Not really that good, some people like it. Expensive though.

Fist Mastery - Max this asap! Gives you more damage.


Tiger Leap - Take a leap forward, one point is enough.

Aura of the Golden Bell - Party defensive buff, max it.

Roar of the Pride - AoE skill that stuns, max it.

Leap Back - Take a leap backwards, again one point is enough.

Drake's Ray - Your first ranged skill although not very good, level it after your main attacks.

Ocean's Edge - One's enough, not really good.

Fan of Flames - This is either really good or really bad depending on which weapon you're using. Level it fast if you're Polearm, slow if you're Axe/Hammer, and leave it at one if you're Fist/Claw or Sword/Blade.

Drake Sweep - Another skill that depends on which weapon you choose: Axe/Hammer and Polearm should max this after main attacks while Fist/Claw or Sword/Blade only need one point in it for a long time.

Alter Marrow Magic - Increases magic defense, level it up to 3 fast then get it to 5 or 6 by lv70.

Alter Marrow Physical - Increases physical defense, get it up to 5 then level slowly and max by lv70.

Cloud Sprint - Increases your speed, level it slowly as you need it maxed by level 59.

Will of the Bodhisattva - Increases movement speed and prevents effects such as stun or paralyze.

Diamond Sutra - Self-heal, level it up to 5 fast then slowly until maxed.

Buddha's Guard - Used as a last resort, recovers 20% of your hp over 15 seconds and increases your and your party's defense by 1000%. Also a long cool down.

Smack - Used in some instances, but not necessary. Optional.

Flash - Sword/Blade only, high damage and long cool down.

Bolt Tyreseus - Fist/Claw only, high damage and reduces enemies' attack and speed by 30%, channeling time by 50% and freezes them and yourself for 5 seconds.

Dragon Bane - Get it if you have the spare points, used mostly in party with a cleric to purify you.

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PostSubject: Re: Blademaster Build   Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:55 pm

Long lists of skills.. Good luck getting the spirits for BM lmao..


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PostSubject: Re: Blademaster Build   Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:22 pm

Always confuse me o.o' wheres the autoassign in this game I NEED IT hehehe better C to writte all that he teach me
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PostSubject: Re: Blademaster Build   Tue May 14, 2013 2:26 pm

Gonna review some of the builds here:

*The STR/DEX/VIT requirement that are listed here are only applied to a single weapon-yielding BM. In the actual game, BM uses 2 or more weapons. The build is either pure STR or VIT hybrid (both are most common build). There are also LA BMs and whatnot, but I'm not gonna touch that area.

*Pure STR: 3 STR and 2 DEX per level until total DEX reaches 200 DEX, then rest to STR. Again as I stated in Seeker's forum, this is mainly due to T3 claw requirement of 193 DEX. We round up to 200 DEX for extra 1% crit.

*VIT hybrid: 3 STR, 1 DEX, 1 VIT per level until base VIT reaches 50 (level 45). You can go more than 50 VIT, but I see it as being pointless. Remember that you need to get as much STR as possible to wear axe and as much DEX as possible to wear fist/claw. After you get base 50 VIT, do the same as pure STR (3 STR and 2 DEX every level until total DEX reaches 200 DEX).

*Adding points to DEX doesn't have anything to do with equipping HA armors. HA armors have very little DEX requirement. You add to DEX to be able to wear the fist/claw (that's what you should look at).

*Max Heaven's Flame (HF) ASAP. It is very noticeable if you have crap level HF. Yes, it is expensive, but it's the main AoE attack that is beneficial for squad and yourself when you solo grind. Don't just max it if you have the money. Make it the priority.

*Adding more points in Diamond Sutra just burn your MP charm/pots and only differ slightly than level 1. Keep it at level 1.

*Level Tiger Maw again once you get the sage/demon version. Good to use in-between skill spamming. Why do I say this? Not all bosses are good with aps. Even if you are 5 aps with fist/claw, you are better off skill spamming at BH SoT boss, Sanzi the Netherlord, and minions in Incarcerate (full warsong). Those bosses cast an anti aps buff that makes aps damage (auto attack, melee) cut off by huge amount -> I believe it's halved damage but I never really test it.

*Stream Strike is a skill that generates aggro (like Barb's Flesh Ream). The reason why we leave it at level 1 is because adding more points to it doesn't increase aggro threat, not because we don't use the skill often.

*Highland Cleave and Fissure should be maxed after Cyclone Heel and HF. I don't get it why I should level it slowly according to this guide. AoE attacks are what makes BM different than aps Sin. BM has wide variety of AoEs. I'm getting tired of BM 1 vs 1 mobs in delta with fist and only HF as their AoEs. Seriously, use AoEs properly.

*Drake's Ray should be maxed by around level 90 or so when daily BH is BH 79. Increasing the skill point, increases the range. Crappy level Drake's Ray can't catch Sty quickly and sometimes, killed the puller or the healer. Please use this as the first skill to catch Sty. It's also useful to use this skill to finish off a running archer mob at low levels.

*Lastly, the first sentence of the original thread is wrong. Blademaster IS NOT a strongest melee class. The strongest DPS melee class is Assassin and the strongest DPH melee class is Seeker. If you're looking to hit high damage on a Blademaster or to kill boss fast, you're better off rolling a Sin for DPS or rolling a Seeker for DPH. Blademaster is the best melee CC class. BM doesn't have the DPS like Sin and BM doesn't hit as high damage as Seeker. BM is more of a support class with their stunlock and variety of AoEs with slow/stun/curse effect that contribute to DDs dealing more damage and to save the squishy from dying.

Might add more to this threat once I get to higher level and learn more about the skills...


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PostSubject: Re: Blademaster Build   

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Blademaster Build
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