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 Wanted: Guide for new Aba and Sot

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PostSubject: Wanted: Guide for new Aba and Sot   Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:59 pm

^What topic says.

I want to know how many bosses there are now, which quests for them (weekly/bh/fb) and how hard they are.
Also you cannot wine Aba and Sot anymore? D:
And anything else that might be relative.

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PostSubject: Re: Wanted: Guide for new Aba and Sot   Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:08 pm

Both Abaddon and SoT can have a max of 10 people in squad. At least 1 Cleric and another healer (Cleric/Mystic) are preferrable for these instances. BH Abaddon should have a minimum of two healers just in case the healer class is jailed (you don't want to fight boss without a healer). BH SoT is enough with just 1 healer (Cleric/Mystic).


boss: Leaf Rain Dryad
-after 30 seconds passed since boss first aggroed, he buffs himself with two red buffs (similar to barb's morai buffs) that increases his damage based on how much damage he takes. With that said, aps people need to stop hitting the boss. High hitting casters also needs to stop hitting. Seeker should never vortex at this boss. The red buffs disappear after about 5 seconds and he resumes the buffs every 15-20 seconds. One of the red buffs can be purged.
-boss can heal himself with IH. It is best for Psy to use Diminished Vigor/Archer to use Arrow Inferno to slow down boss heals. Veno can also helps with Soul Degeneration (usually if there's only 1 Veno in squad, she will just amp the boss). The IH heals can be purged as well.
-boss can cast mana leak (drains mp) that isn't bad. Cleric should be able to keep BB up even when getting mana leak. Make sure to hit mp pot button when you get this debuff.
-boss gives chi when he removes his red buffs and cast AOE, which is pretty handy for classes that used up lots of chi.
-boss casts a bleed damage to the person who first aggro the boss. The bleed damage can be purified and it isn't reduced by BB. Bleed damage is based on hp and pdefense (more so hp than pdefense), which brings barb as the best person to aggro the boss first, even if the barb only wears TT 90. Bleed damage can be blocked by AD/sutra/IG. Tidal protection might be able to block it as well (not 100% chance, so don't risk it). Mystic/Veno/Seeker Pets can also be a sacrifice to take the bleed damage.

pre-boss that need to be killed before getting to BH boss: Puppeteer
-has anti aps buff that reduces any melee auto attack damage (archer's auto attack isn't reduced since shooting with a bow is not melee attack).
-boss will jail a person with second highest aggro toward the boss (this is usually a triple sparking sin or BM, or cleric that puts up BB before boss is aggroed). First aggro will usually go to the Barb. I'd advise to not BB before boss is aggroed. You have a high risk of getting jailed and put your squad in danger.
-a person who got jailed will turn into a puppet of a said class. So for example, I'm jailed as a Psy. I will sit on my jail, while my place is taken off by a puppet Psychic. I can't do anything to kill puppet Psychic. My life depends on the mercy of my squad members. Squad members must kill either the Puppeteer himself (would eliminate the puppets) or the puppet Psychic. After the puppet is killed, I'm freed from my jail and can resume battle.
-people usually bring 2 clerics or 1 cleric, 1 mystic just in case the healer class gets jailed. Mystic is capable of solo healing Puppeteer when the Cleric gets jailed.
-Puppets have several skills they use. The skills do not have cooldown (means they can spam it if they want to), cost no sparks/chi. Puppets will shout what skills they would use before they use the skill. The attributes (physical damage/magic damage/buffs/debuffs) are the same as the actual skills. The skills are the following (from what I've seen, maybe more):
**Puppet Barbarian: Invoke the Spirit, Devour. Otherwise, he auto attacks.
**Puppet Venomancer: Purge Amplify Damage (as one skill). Otherwise, she uses Venomous Scarab. She always has Bramble Guard up all the times.
**Puppet Blademaster: Roar of the Pride, Heaven's Flame. Otherwise, he auto attacks with slightly higher aps than Barbarian.
**Puppet Wizard: Blade Tempest, Divine Pyrogram. Otherwise, she casts Gush/Pyro. (I admit I haven't fought Puppet Wizzy that much due to not many Wizzys around).
**Puppet Archer: Stunning Arrow. Otherwise, he auto attacks with bow.
**Puppet Cleric: Ironheart Blessing, Tempest. Otherwise, she uses Plume Shot. Ironheart Blessing can be casted on other puppets, which is why it's always best to take down a healer class first.
**Puppet Assassin: Headhunt. Otherwise, he auto attacks at about 4 aps (ugh yeah, that hurts).
**Puppet Psychic: Earth Vector. Otherwise, she uses Spirit Blast/Aqua Impact. She always has Soul of Vengeance up all the times.
**Puppet Seeker: Arme Nier, Gemini Slash. Otherwise, he auto attacks.
**Puppet Mystic: Break in the Clouds, Absorb Soul. Otherwise, she uses Nature's Vengeance. Break in the Clouds can be casted on other puppets, which is why it's best to take down a healer class first.

If you don't know what each skill does, look up: http://pwi.ecatomb.net/skill.php


Guide for each weekly walkthrough can be found here: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1604671

pre-boss: Mask of Grief
-can randomly one shot people who takes aggro on the boss (seems to be the same case as BH Leaf boss)
-boss randomly buffs one person with faction base buff (zerk buff) and IG buff. Both buffs are given to random squad members, sometimes a cleric in BB can get it too. Seems to be given to a person with low dps output (not necessarily the lowest, but low enough compared to other squad members).
-can heal himself (cannot be prevented by Venomancer's Soul Degeneration, cannot be lowered by Psychic's Diminished Vigor/Archer's Arrow Inferno, cannot be purged since the boss doesn't have any heal icon buff. In other words, it's an instant heal much like Cleric's Wellspring Surge/Mystic's Break in the Clouds/Wizard's Morning Dew). A yellow text icon will appear on the screen when boss is about to heal himself. If you PvP, you will know that channeling an instant heal can be interrupted by interrupt skill such as Barbarian's Flesh Ream/Alacrity of the Beast, Blademaster's Shadowless Kick, Mystic's Demon Absorb Soul (not 100% chance of success), and many more. The interrupt skill also works to interrupt the boss' heals.

pre-boss: 4 Puppets
-follow the fake Borobudur boss. He will show you where the puppets are. Either of these three:
**Bridge Battle: Puppet Assassin, Blademaster, Psychic, Cleric
**Thorn Mundan's place: Puppet Barbarian, Seeker, Mystic, Venomancer
**Flower pond: Puppet Wizard, Puppet Archer, Puppet ??, Puppet ?? (rarely get this one)

boss: Borobudur Dungeon Lord
-has anti aps buff (do I need to explain again?)
-can heal himself, need to be interrupted by interrupt skill
-summon 2 minions, Borobudur Evil and Borobudur Good. When he summons Evil or Good (both can be present at a same time if squad neglects to kill Evil), you only need to kill Evil. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT kill Good or boss will heal himself. Borobodur Good has very low hp (~5k hp) and is a 1 shot by even an r8 caster. So, do not AOE when Good is present. Evil is elemental immune. It is a physical class's job to take down Evil as fast as possible.
-summon a bazillion of physical immune mobs that does physical damage. Casters, please, DO NOT AoE them and let them stay there. Clerics in BB can tank those physical immune since they hit very low damage (if you die from these mobs, you have no business doing weekly in the first place). Barb can always roar the mobs as well.

FB and Cultivation

Another reason that people doing Abaddon is for FB and lvl 99 demon cultivation/Celestial Demon/Celestial Sage.
Bosses are still on the same place before and after update. They also have same hp and level.

Complete list of Abaddon bosses can be found here: http://pwi.ecatomb.net/boss-fb9.php#fb1

boss: Thorn Mundan
attributes: fire
immune to water damage

boss: Gaurnob Cloister Guard
attributes: metal
immune to metal damage

boss: Monoblat Dracoboa
attributes: fire
immune to fire damage

boss: Peachblossom Ritualist
attributes: wood

Another side of notes:
You can kill Thorn Mundan, Gaurnob, and Monoblat in the future Abaddon (they are next to Borobudur boss after you return from the past Abaddon). Peach only available in past Abaddon. If someone is doing FB 99 Demon Culti, it is advisable to kill all bosses in past Abaddon since you also need to tab and kill Peach afterwards. There is no pillar tab in future Abaddon.


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PostSubject: Re: Wanted: Guide for new Aba and Sot   Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:30 pm

Seat of Torment


boss: Lord of Captivation (located at Nightmare Gate)
-has anti aps buff
-can heal himself, similar to Leaf in Abaddon. Heal takes IH icon. The heal can be purged, slowed down by Venomancer's Soul Degeneration, Psychic's Diminished Vigor, or Archer's Arrow Inferno.
-has a frontal melee AoE that does physical damage (kind of like how Assassin's Toxic Torrent and Blademaster's Fan of Flame AOEs are). The range is short (probably less than 10 meters). This AOE will not hit anyone next to or behind the boss. It is advisable that Barbarian or whoever tanks the boss do not point boss's face to a squishy BB Cleric. Cleric needs to set up BB next to or behind the boss (if you have less than 6k HP buffed, you need to do this).
-has a long range AoE that would hit even an Archer from max range. This attack is magic attack and hit about 1k damage on a TT 90 geared casters.


The weekly for SoT is quite frustrating with random squads. It is even more frustrating when you bring in squishy characters who need their cultivation done. I would not advise running weekly with random people, eventhough you have previously squadded with them before.

Guide for weekly walkthrough can be found here: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1610931

SoT is divided into three areas. You can teleport to move to different area in the dungeon. You can do any area whenever you want (doesn't need to be in order). Although, it is advisable to do Queen of Agony before any other bosses.

Area 1: Hell Trap

pre-boss: Boozy Instructor
-not much to know about this boss except that sometimes he launches a hard attack that would 1 shot people.
-kill him to open the gate to proceed to the weekly boss

boss: Trap Master Fierce
-summon blue balls (not BB) that moves around in clockwise direction. The balls basically put the boss in the center of the rotation. When you get hit by the balls, you will get stunned (stun can be avoided by using vacuity powder/any anti stun skill).
-hit a long range physical attack as long as you are inside the ball (or within the range). I'm not quite sure if the boss can move or not. He is basically pretty static at his place, so I assume a not/barely moving boss. This physical attack hit for 9k damage (not under BB). BB is needed for this boss, obviously. A strong Cleric with high HP are more preferable to BB (10k+ hp buffed Cleric) if the squad is average. BB can be interrupted by stuns from white balls, so be ready to bring it back up.
-summon more color balls that coming from him. The ball does damage/debuff corresponding to the ball colors throughout Hell Trap (white ball stuns, red ball does damage).
-need to be killed fast or colored balls would dominate the battle scene.
-it is pointless to kill the balls since they keep respawning. Just focus on killing the boss.
-when squad is wiped, it is hard to fight him back since the colored balls do not reset (blue, white, red) when boss resetting his HP to full. Therefore, you have to deal with blue ball stuns when you come back to rebuff (happened to me before).

Area 2: Nightmare Gate

pre-boss: The Three Towers (I never pay attention to the towers name).
**Towers that immune to metal and fire (physical DDs are advisable to kill this tower). Located on the east side of the map
**Towers that immune to water and earth (physical DDs, Mystic, Cleric, Venomancer may kill this tower). Located on the middle side of the map.
**Towers that immune to physical damage and wood (Psychic, Wizard, Archer, Seeker, and Cleric needs to take down this tower). Located on the west side of the map. I've done this tower on Mystic, but the dps isn't impressive (yes, Absorb Soul, Mistress, and Craggy works. No amp for Absorb Soul since Nature's Vengeance hits a "resist").

The point of killing these towers are so that Hellfire can be damaged by those elements. Failure to kill any of the towers would result Hellfire being immune to certain elements.

boss: Hellfire Abomination
-don't look at ecatomb.net for stats on this boss (or pwdatabase) since PWI changes the stats and HP on this boss.
-needed for lvl 99 sage cultivation/Celestial Sage/Celestial Demon
-hits ~4k metal magic attack AOEs on a full T3 caster with no BB (metal mdef = 17k)
-summon minions that have lots of HP and basically unkillable. Minions deal physical damage (~9k damage on a full T3 caster with 6k pdefense, no BB). Make sure that Barbarian uses Roar, Seeker uses Blood-Thirsty Blitz (or any AOE skills), or Blademaster's uses any AOE skill to regain control of the minions. Minions are most likely to attack the Cleric in BB when they spawn since BB heals, and the safety of the Cleric is needed to ensure no squad wipe.
-summon energy star that creates a trap when it is killed. Someone strong that isn't a Barbarian or the tank for boss (e.g. Seeker or Blademaster) needs to lure the unkillable minions to the trap.
-Hellfire will have a debuff coming from the energy star that lets him takes more damage overtime (the debuff is the same debuff as Turret's debuff in Territory Wars). This debuff really helps to kill him faster.

Area 3: Bloody Courtyard

Throughout this area, there are a lot of requiem crystals and wild flowers. Each squad member needs to dig the crystal and flowers (or have someone tanky/a non-healer class to have all the crystals and flowers). Why do I say someone tanky and a non-healer class (no Cleric/no Mystic)? Because the crystals and flowers ALWAYS drops when you die. It is best if the crystal holder never die so he/she can keep quick spamming crystals on squad members. Also, you cannot use crystals when you are doing a continous channeling skill (e.g Cleric's Regeneration Aura, Seeker's Yataghan Vortex, Wizard's Dragon Breath, Archer's Barrage of Arrows, Blademaster's Blade Tornado). Therefore, the Cleric should never own the crystal since he/she cannot use it when in BB. When I run this, we assign the crystal/flower holders to a tanky BM or a non-vortex Seeker.

Avoid the walking dogs on all cases. Do not get close to the dog since they auto aggro. They also moves very slow. Sin can stealth past the dogs. Crystals and flowers are only available on dog's paths.

pre-boss: Purgatory Demon-Surya
-can do a massive amount of damage. Yellow text appears on the screen when he is about to launch a powerful attack.
-need to kill him to open the gate to the weekly boss

boss: Queen of Agony, Xipher
-summon wild dogs that are unkillable without the flowers. Use the digging flowers on the dog (simply right click on the flower when tabbing on the dog) to remove the invoke buff on the dogs so the dogs are killable.
-use requiem crystal when Queen about to launch her powerful attack. It would say to use crystal (in yellow text) in the middle of the screen. You need to select on any squad member, then right click the crystal. The buff will lasts for 10 seconds and applied to the whole squad members. Selecting yourself doesn't work (yes, I've tried this). Her powerful attack is similar to Slasher boss in FC (Runewolf boss), meaning she would scream about 3-5 times before resuming normal attack (a timed triple spark/sutra/AD/IG would block her attack as well. Generally, I would IG the boss if BB is down (from my experience, without BB up, I still die from the attack).
-Cleric's Regeneration Aura can be interrupted by this boss. Just bring it back up whenever possible.

**Important note: Crystals can be used for other areas (other bosses). There is a reason why Hellfire does so much damage, because people need to grow a brain and use crystals from Bloody Courtyard instead. You can farm as many crystals as you want (crystals keep respawning after Queen is killed). Just don't go out of the instance (loses all crystals when you go out, dying would drop crystals on the ground next to your dead body). Spamming crystals on Hellfire makes him bearable for a TT 90 squishy characters to complete their FB 99 Sage cultivation. (Precise timing is needed to spam the crystals, someone that lags a lot is advisable not to own the crystals).

FB and Cultivation

All bosses needed for culti are changed during the update. So, I'm not gonna refer to ecatomb or pwdatabase for stats.

boss: Rancid Venerator (Hell Trap)
-he is located at the Voidweaver's old place

boss: Torturess Venerator (Nightmare Gate)
-she's located on the parallel path with Hellfire.
-can heal herself similar to Mask of Grief (Abaddon). Heals need to be interrupted by interrupt skills. Heals can't be purged or slowed down.

boss: Infernal Spikewing (Bloody Courtyard)
-he's located at the same place as he was before the update
-has a towerling in front of him. A sin can solo kill the towerling.
-teleports one of squad members to a room behind him. The room contains a bloody flower that deals low damage. You can just get back to your squad after being teleported (similar to jailing in Abaddon, except you can walk back to your squad after being teleported). This is may not be a serious issue, but would be serious if you only have 1 healer and he/she is being teleported. It's always safe to bring two healers to weekly SoT and Abaddon.

boss: Hellfire Abomination (Nightmare Gate)
-already explained on weekly


(may add more if I find something new)


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PostSubject: Re: Wanted: Guide for new Aba and Sot   Sat Jan 18, 2014 4:29 am

Which teleport to Leaf Rain Dryad?

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PostSubject: Re: Wanted: Guide for new Aba and Sot   Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:40 pm

Just find the NPC that looks like a Zeal genie. Click "to Leaf Rain Dryad" after you go the past Abaddon.


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PostSubject: Re: Wanted: Guide for new Aba and Sot   Wed Feb 26, 2014 2:55 am

Something I may add here:

I know you've done BH SoT numerous times. However, please be careful not to stand right on boss's face when you aren't under BB. Sometimes boss aoe stuns and knocked out BB. Then, he throws aoe melee phys dmg. The aoes deal about 6k dmg+ when not under BB (cut to half with BB). Today, our cleric died 1 shotted from boss (she has 6.2k hp buffed). She has to run back to the boss and it took quite a while for me, another psy, and wiz healing. Good thing only 1 other person dies, and 17k hp barb lives just well with the heals.


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PostSubject: Re: Wanted: Guide for new Aba and Sot   

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Wanted: Guide for new Aba and Sot
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