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 Warsong Guide

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PostSubject: Warsong Guide   Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:09 am

Basic guide:
-This guide is meant to reflect a full run, not just the Bounty Hunter runs.
-Will need updated information from others who have attempted or done runs.
-Need the names of bosses for water and wood.

Links, guides and other tid- bits:
Have a guide with teams that worked in Warsong? Have other useful information to offer about the instance? Post a comment, questions, or links below and it will be credited and included should the information prove to be useful and related to Warsong.

First off, I want to point out this guide reflects the Warsong instance before it was re- vamped. Many of the mobs that are now stun- able, were not. If you have information that will help bring this guide up to date, please keep me informed here. Also, keep in mind, this is the set- up we used. It is, of course, not limited to this squad only.

Items Recommended:
Gold or Platinum Guardian Charm;
High recovery MP food;
High recovery HP food;
Charm of Defense (50% reduced magic damage. Used like a pot with fast recovery);
Mystic Armor Charm (50% reduced physical damage. Used like a pot with fast recovery);
Highest level attack charm equal to your weapon;
Well- refined and sharded armor, accessories;
Equipment with resistances toward the element you will be soloing.

Squad Members:

Blademasters should have at least 10k HP unbuffed, axe-build for the most available AoEs. Clerics can handle the bosses if they have at least 4k HP unbuffed. Barbarians are recommended to have 15k HP unbuffed.

The Break- down of Warsong:
Before you begin Warsong, you will need to pay a total of 12 mirages; meaning 2 per squad member. As the squad leader, you are given the option to skip stage one or complete it. Completing it gives you a choice of an attack or defense blessing. You also get a pill that reduces all damage taken, but lasts 15 minutes once used. If you want to do a complete Warsong run, you will need to successfully defend all of the reincarnations from the wraiths. Even if you save all the others, but one falls, you will be one point short from facing the final boss.

I.- Helping Clearstream -

If you chose to help Clearstream, head up the path toward the tree and hang a left. You'll be teleported to a platform. Wait for your teammates to arrive before talking to her - taking her quest triggers Incacarate to spawn and begin attacking. Cleric can use Chromatic Healing Beam here - Regenerative Aura is a waste with how low the boss hits everyone with the ideal squad. After a bit of damaging the boss, he will be sealed and leave behind yellow jade. Pick it up and anyone who receives it can talk to Clearstream again to have a hint pop up. Jump over the edge and you'll be teleported to the start.

Be careful not to walk into the portal that will send you back to Sanctuary.

Again, head back up the path toward the tree, this time taking a right down a path that will teleport you to another section of the map. You'll run down a slope and see mobs of each element guarding an NPC with a quest named Blazing Star. Have the barb run in and everyone grab the quest. Regenerative Aura will be easiest to cast here.

Tip: Sometimes the mobs will blow up, dealing massive damage. They will let you know in common chat saying "Let's die together!" Move a bit away, knock- back or have yourself immune to damage to avoid the hit.

After the first wave, another wave will spawn. Take this down until the quest starts there are no more mobs to kill. Talk with Blazing Star and jump over the edge or run through the portal in the back to be teleported to the start once more. Speak with Ginring to activate the next portion of Warsong. Be sure to claim your pill and blessing. I suggest attack for all the party members besides the cleric.

II. Defending the Incarnations and the Pavilions

Fire: Wizard with fire resistant armor
Metal: Archer
Water: Blademaster
Wood: Blademaster
Earth: Barbarian and Cleric

Defending the sections of Warsong is what I gather soloing delta waves would be. Expect a lot of charm ticking and potion use. Blademasters will have to be weary of the mobs trying to suicide and take you down with them; they can hit over 5k. Earth will also be a challenge for the cleric and barbarian. All I can recommend is the barb staying in human form and use Slam to knock- back the mobs that will try and suicide.

You will need to grab aggression of the Heads - they cannot die and hit hard. If any of the heads have Increased Attack or Sacrificial Assault, it's sometimes easier to just restart the instance. You can, however, stun them, seal them, knock them back and even sleep them.

If you die, hurry back to your pavilion or there is a high chance it will fall. You have only so much time to take out all 180 mobs. If the mobs vanish before you kill them, you saved the pavilion, but were not awarded the full points. You will need a total of 722 points minimum to face the final boss. You know you will have it when the quest is titled "Leading the Way."

If you are kicked to Sanctuary at any point during Warsong, you will lose your blessing and pill! You can use you pills here or at the bosses - whichever you feel you will need it more. If you decide to save the pill until the bosses, clear out all the mobs FIRST.

III.- The Heart of the City -

Each element is split off into their own section along with a boss at the end. If you got the top score, you will see there are far less mobs to kill than normal. You will also see that most of them happen to be the more annoying ones to take out. The mobs aren't too much of a problem to take out; though, keep in mind water will use genie skills dissolve and occult ice as well as elemental weakness. Wood mobs will use extreme poison.

Fire's Boss: Cannonfist Orclord
Here is the beefed up version of TT's ape. Barbarian will tank with cleric spamming Ironheart and, probably, throwing in Stream of Rejuvenation. There is a nice long hallway just before the boss's platform; lure him to one corner as you fight him. He will hit hard, stopping only to summon his flesh beatles. They spawn right where he was pulled from - do not attack them, they will explode or vanish with time, around 20 seconds. As I said, Cannonfist will have stopped attacking, so pour on the damage to him before 20 seconds are up. His attack is very long range, so if you did not move away fast enough, chances are you are either dead or have mana burn. Fight him on the other end of the corner and wait for him to stop attacking and keep track of the time. He does not always announce that he has spawned the beetles. Rinse and repeat.

Metal's Boss: Snakefist Guardian
One of the more annoying bosses in Warsong, this boss deals more damage the longer you fight him, NOT dependent of his HP. You CAN kill this boss with minimal charm ticking. Cleric will set up Regenerative Aura and everyone is to pouring on their most damaging attacks. Use your Charms of Defense; his most damaging attack is magic. Use every genie skill available to amplify damage or pour on damage as well - you will see his health fall quickly. That's all there is to him.

Earth's Boss: Shadowskull Lich
This guy is deceptive. Barbarian will tank, cleric must be at max distance or face the high chance of being one shot. Lich splits four times; the first two times, they're a piece of cake; he dies, turns into a group of other mobs, each with the same add-ons like Sacrificial Assault, Increased Life, etc. Group them up and AoE them. The third time Lich pops up, however, he starts to show his turn colors. The skill, Frenzy, pops up and he makes a purple channeling animation- this is the skill that can one shot certain members of the squad. The fourth version is an even stronger version of the third. Pour on the damage and hopefully he will die before he even channels the attack.

Wood's Boss: Pestilent Destroyer
Aside from a random aggro attack that reduces your speed to 1 m/s, the barb can tank this guy with Ironheart or Regeneration Aura. He seemed like the easiest of all the bosses in Warsong.

Water's Boss: Obscure Reaper
This boss can make anyone cry; if you thought Snakefist was bad, this guy is worse. Things to keep in mind while fighting this boss:
-He has an AoE Occult Ice.
-He has a single target Occult Ice that is random aggro.
-If the barbarian, blademaster, or anyone else encounters this boss at melee distance, they will probably get hit for 35k+ damage.
Have your wizard or archer tank; a barbarian can tank if his weapon gives him range. The risk with this is, if the boss moves into melee range from random aggro and the barbarian takes aggression back, he will die. Chromatic Healing Beam the party when you can and keep spamming Ironheart on the tank. Badge of Courage will break out of the stun portion of occult ice. Having a genie that grants immunity to water damage will make this boss much easier.

The Final Boss: The Incacerate
Once all the other bosses have fallen, and you have Leading the Way as your quest title, you will be given the option to encounter Incacarnate by the reincarnations that have spawned where each of the bosses fell. Take the quest and you'll be teleported to a platform where Incacarate wanders. Pull him toward the platform - as his HP drops, he will spawn all the other bosses once more. The final boss is no different than when you fought him in the very beginning and once he dies, he will drop Warsong Inscriptions. You need 80 of them to make one Warsong belt as well as the fragments.
As for the bosses that spawned, they were weakened versions that were more an annoyance and easily AoE-able. They dropped nothing extra and gave no extra experience.

Go back and talk to one of the incarnations and choose to take your prize. You'll be taken to a room where you attack a box. If you're lucky, you will get something good; take out the boxes until you get your prize.

Stolen from: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=661482

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PostSubject: Re: Warsong Guide   Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:39 pm

*Add Psychic to take down Metal*

Also, the guide is kind of old.. We would prolly have a sin in a squad anyways.. So, the squad of 2 BMs, barb, cleric, wiz, and archer are kind of old..

BH is Snakefist (in WC people usually yell for Lf> BH Snake, you know it's Warsong, meaning Metal).. No, no one cares to do BH 2 (which include Cannonfist).. Also, no one doing full runs anymore so just be prepared to do Metal boss I guess lol..

Another suggestion is to let Wood pavillion dies and keep the rest alive.. People say the run goes faster..



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Warsong Guide
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