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 Wedding Guide

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PostSubject: Wedding Guide   Wedding Guide EmptyThu Aug 22, 2013 2:06 pm

I've been to several weddings (friends and guildies of mine) so I know what to do as a guest. Butttt, I never have a wedding on my own. Since, I'm going to get married soon, I'm gonna post wedding guides stolen from other site Wink 

*First guide:

This guide includes preparation before a couple is actually married. Remember that a couple is married before they actually have the wedding ceremony. This will grant xxx's husband on top of the groom's name (xxx is the name of his wife) and the name of the spouse when he presses C (character info), is the name of his wife. Similarly, yyy's wife on top of the bride's name (yyy is the name of her husband) and the name of the spouse when she presses C (character info) is the name of her husband. A red text will show up on the system message that can be viewed by anyone online in the server: yyy and xxx are getting married! Perfect World wishes you two a lifetime of happiness (<< something like this, I can't remember exact text).

*Second guide:

This guide includes what to do as a guest. I've been a guest numerous times, so I'm just gonna post my own guide as a guest.

What to Do as a Wedding Guest

1) What to do before coming to a wedding:
-Make sure you have wedding invitation in your bag. This is important since without this, you can't enter the wedding ceremony.
-Make sure you take a note of when the wedding takes place (date and time).
-Be at foyer before the wedding ceremony. Go to foyer by clicking on the NPC: Eldest Matchmaker in West Archosaur (same NPC to make wines from tokens).
-Have at least 3 slots empty in inventory (for reward box and guest corsage).
-Make sure your quest list isn't full. I'd advise 18/20 is the maximum quests you can have (or 28/30 if you expand your quest lists).
-Make sure you have at least 20k coins for guest corsage.

2) When the wedding starts
-Right click on wedding invitation to enter the ceremony place.
-The first NPC on the right side will have some quests for you. ONLY take the guest corsage quest. Pay 20k coins for a guest corsage (1 hour timer). You need this corsage to get the guest's reward at the end. Just keep the corsage in your inventory.
-Come to the middle of the map just behind the benches. DO NOT come to the altar. Altar is reserved for groom and bride (lol doh!).

3) When ceremony begins
-Groom/bride will take quest and begin ceremony once the guests are inside.
-There's a quest that tells you to "Wait". I suggest don't move, chat, buff, or do anything when you're supposed to wait (just don't click on anything on your keyboard). Most often than not, this "Wait" quest fails and wedding is glitched cause people just run around or yell in normal chats and etc etc.
-Wedding Crashers will spawn. These mobs do not hit hard (well hell, my lvl 5x BM came to a wedding before and they couldn't even kill me). Kill those mobs for contribution points.
-Once all Wedding Crashers are eliminated, Jealous Ex boss will spawn from the entrance and walk towards the altar where the groom/bride are. As the story goes.. Jealous Ex tried to steal the bride from the groom. Kill Jealous Ex for contribution points. People usually just kill Ex right at spawn point. I don't know what happen if the boss gets to the bride 0.o
-Bride takes quest to throw bouquets. Someone (not the bride and the groom) needs to dig 1 Real Bouquet to start the contri counts. Bouquets will spawn on the ground (just behind the benches) and the guests can farm contribution and work their ways on the wedding ranking.
**Bouquet Ribbon = +30 contribution points
**Bouquet: Petal (I don't know the exact name, but it's with Petal in it) = +50 contribution points
**Real Bouquet = +500 contribution points
-You need at least 100 contribution points to get any reward at the end.
-Guests can summon more Jealous Ex for higher contribution points. Each summon costs 6.8 mil, so it's either the guests will pay for it or the bride/groom can give money to a trustable guest and tell the guest to summon more.
-Reward is based on contribution points (30k, 60k, or 100k). A red text will show up when contribution reaches 30k, 60k, and 100k (or you can do your own math and add up everyone's contributions).

4) When ceremony ends.
-Groom/bride will end ceremony. Typically, 5 minutes before the altar is closed, wedding should be ended.
-If the wedding isn't glitched, every guest who has at least 100 contributions gets a reward. So far, I've gotten mirages, hypers, and random dyes (hypers and dyes are untradeable). Hypers are also unstashable as well if I remember correctly, but dyes are definitely stashable (cause I stashed my dye from Psy to BM).
-Says "congratz" to Bride and Groom and "thank you" for inviting you to the wedding ceremony (common courtesy doh!).
-Get out from altar, to foyer, then to West Arch.

~~Happy Marriage~~


Wedding Guide Tag-Jinae
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Wedding Guide
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