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 Grinding Guide

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Grinding Guide Empty
PostSubject: Grinding Guide   Grinding Guide EmptyTue Nov 01, 2011 1:58 pm

Post where you like to grind along with recommended levels and any other things that might be helpful.

Flying and underwater monsters give a bit more exp.

Grinding: http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Grinding_mobs
More Grinding Suggestions: http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/The_Grinder%27s_Guide...to_Grinding!
AoE Zhenning: http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/AoE_Zhenning

To get us started, I stole this:

Level 37 – 44:
Native Vipion level 41, flying poison mob. Location: North of Swiftwind Tribe.

Level 45 – 52:
Evolved Vipion level 50, flying poison mob. Location: Around the Elf, Untamed and Human starter towns.

Level 53 – 57:
Vipion Revolutionary level 54, flying poison mob. Location: City of Misfortune.

Level 58 – 62:
Foxwing Supreme level 60, flying magic mob. Location: North of Tusk Town, or around the starter towns for non-aggro. Best is north of Broken Bridge Village.

Level 63 – 64:
Vampiric Nightstalker level 62, flying magic mob. Location: Village of the Dreaming Cloud.

Level 65 – 70:
Minion of Alucard level 68, flying magic mob. Location: Swamp of the Wraiths, around the Altar of Disbelief.

Level 71 – 74:
Carrion Vulture level 72, wood element flying magic mob. Location: Fragrant Hills, north of Sanctuary.

Level 75 – 82:
Mothran Dazzlewing level 80, wood element flying magic mob. Location: Lake of Woe, west of Dream Weaver Port.

Level 83 – 90:
Ultrafin Supreme level 88. Location: Sea of Isolation. Fish parties work the same as the butterflies.

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PostSubject: Re: Grinding Guide   Grinding Guide EmptyTue Nov 01, 2011 3:57 pm

*Gonna do solo job when no one can party with me*

*Farming rep for rep hoaring*

Grinding on flying and underwater mobs are kind of a bit slow if you soloing.. First of all, unless you have max swim mastery (for untamed), tide form/essential sutra (psychic's essential sutra, not wizzy's sutra), you swim/fly real slow to just get to 1 mob.. In addition, the distance is kind of a bit off both sky and underwater.. Compared to facing mobs in land, you will see that you need closer distance to hit sky mobs/underwater mobs with the same range as if you would hit them on land.. Melee attacker don't really notice the difference of range, however range attacker does.. So if you're an archer, you might wanna consider the distance of 5 meters again to not get penalty..


Grinding Guide Tag-Jinae
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Grinding Guide
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