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 Psychic Guide Version 2

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PostSubject: Psychic Guide Version 2   Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:17 pm

Mel wants me to make a new one based on my own experience.. Fine, I'll do it...

Psychic Guide
1. Psychic Characteristic
2. Pros and Cons
3. Ability Points and Relation to Armors
4. Skills (Sage vs Demon Included)
5. Psychic in PvE and PvP
6. Psychic and Soulforce
7. Psychic vs Other Classes Comparison
8. Level 100 Skills (Morai and Chrono)

1. Psychic Characteristic

Class: Psychic
Race: Tideborn (some people call it fish)
Elements: Water and Earth
Specialty: range magic Damage Dealer, DPS-er caster, crowd control
Secondary ability: party purifier (sage), mob puller
Hometown: Dragonfang Village
Home city: City of Raging Tides
Weapon used: Soulsphere
Armors used: Arcane armors
Ornaments used: Physical defense ornaments, magic rings

2. Pros and Cons

-High damage spell
With Black Voodoo, you basically get a free +22 attack level (deal 22% more damage)
-Fastest channeling among casters
Your spells basically ranging from 0.3 secs to 2.1 secs with most of the spells are under 1 second channeling. Fast channeling gives you advantage in 1 on 1 PvE and PvP. Fast channeling means you don't have to worry about getting those expensive channeling equips.
-A bulky tank and a mob puller with White Voodoo
With +66 defense level, mobs/opponents deal 66% less damage on you.
-Crowd control with AoE rotation
Choose from Aqua Cannon, Sandburst Blast, Glacial Shards, Earth Vector, Red Tide, Crystal Light and Stone Smasher to AoE mobs.
-Party purifier with SAGE Bubble of Life
SAGE version of Bubble has 100% chance to purify, helps your Cleric to do the purify job.
-High soulforce Psychic is deadly in PvP
Some of Psychic's skills are soulforce based. Psychic gains the most advantage with high soulforce.

-Very squishy with Black Voodoo
While Black Voodoo gives +22 attack levels, it also reduces your defense level by 11. Psychic with Black Voodoo on, takes 11% more damage and it's very easy for opponents to take down the Psychic.
-Low HP
Just like any other casters (except Venomancer), Psychic has the lowest hp in the game.
-Lowest physical defense
With arcane armors and no physical defense buff, Psychic has the lowest physical defense among any other classes. Even lower with Black Voodoo on.
-No instant heal skill (exception: SAGE Soul of Retaliation)
Bubble of Life is the only heal you have. It is a slow tick heal, although it heals a lot of hp. Use Second Wind (genie skills) to restore hp instantly. Better yet, equip an hp charm for yourself.
-Long cast time on each spell
You should be happy with the fast channeling, but the casting time is what makes Psychic, a caster. Casting time of a Psychic is slow and cannot be improved by any means.
-The only caster with no MP recovery skill
Even with sage/demon skills, Psychic has no MP recovery skills. Not necessarily the biggest MP spender in the game. However, sage/demon version of certain skills cost a lot of MP. The only way to restore your MP is to use MP pots or MP charm. You won't get all your MP back with a Cleric buff.

3. Ability Points and Relation to Armors

STR - only need it to equip sphere and armors. Sphere always requires less STR needed than arcane armors of the same grade. So better yet, just look on the STR needed for the armors.

DEX - pretty much useless, although I have to admit that critical hit on a Psychic is very deadly.

VIT - gives +10 hp for every 1 point of VIT. Some people put on VIT for survivability. I personally won't put it because you will lose points that supposedly go to MAG. Plus, just put citrine gems to your armors for the maximum hp increase.

MAG - improves magic attack, mp recovery, and max MP. This is your main stat. You should get as much point as you could on MAG. Ideally, 500 total MAG should be obtained at level 100.

Pure MAG build:
1 str 9 mag every 2 levels. Add str until you reach 54 str (if your end game is r8) and 55 str (if your endgame is r9)

MAG/VIT build:
6 mag, 1 str, and 3 vit every 2 levels. good for survivability at low levels, but you will be sacrificing damage.

Light Armor build:
6 mag, 2 str, 2 dex every 2 levels. Not recommended, simply because end game equips are all arcane. The best and the OP-est r9 gears are also full arcane.

As a Psychic, your endgame armors should be either the following:
*full rank 8 (top, bottom, boots, and gloves)
*full rank 8 recast
*full rank 9
*full rank 9 recast
*Nirvana arcane armors G13
*Nirvana arcane armors G15 (second recast)

*rank 8 sphere (Psychic Souldrill)
*rank 8 sphere recast (Wish of the Ancestors: Eon)
*rank 9 sphere (Miracle Soulsphere)
*rank 9 sphere recast
*Nirvana soulsphere both G13 and G15 (Nethersong Soulsphere)

4. Skills

Source: http://www.ecatomb.net/skillpwi.php

Priority on maxing skills:
1 = a must MAX, update right away
2 = secondary skills, must be MAX, but not right away
3 = a so-so skill, might be useful in some situation. MAX it if you want
4 = a junk skill, waste of spirits and money to max. Although, if you have a lot of money and spirits, max it if you want.

Water Tree
-Aqua Impact
The very first skill that you have. Use it as an opening move to slow down mobs so they'll never touch you. SAGE slows down even more, while DEMON only works in PvP. SAGE wins in both PvE and PvP. Priority to MAX : 1
-Black Voodoo
Buff that boosts your damage, also makes you very squishy. Must update this right away since you need to kill mobs before they get to you. SAGE gives more attack level, while DEMON decreases the defense level loss. Both can be situational. Although for me, SAGE wins here. Priority to MAX : 1
A DoT skill that slowly kills the mobs. Beneficial to take down a high HP boss, but pretty useless against mobs and low HP bosses. SAGE provides more damage, while DEMON reduce the duration by a lol 3 seconds. SAGE definitely wins here. Priority to MAX : 4
-Bubble of Life
Party Heal Over Time skill. Useful to heal your squad members when boss deals AoE damage. SAGE has 100% chance to purify, while DEMON shorten the cooldown time. SAGE obviously OP here. Priority to MAX: 2
-Aqua Cannon
Self-centered AoE with low AoE range. Deals very high damage for an AoE. Useful to take down magic mobs that likes to spread around you instead of sticking their butts on each other. Have to be combine with Psychic Will (level 59 skill) or Absolute Domain (Genie skill), otherwise you are looking for death. SAGE has a chance to freeze, while DEMON lets you deal more damage. DEMON wins here since freezing mobs that already surround you is pretty useless. Priority to MAX: 2
-Glacial Shards
A good opening move besides Aqua Impact. The freeze is not as reliable as you think however. More often not working than it is working. Don't rely much on the freeze. SAGE increases the freeze duration, while DEMON increases the chance to freeze. DEMON wins here since you don't need a prolong duration of freeze before you kill the mobs. You kill mobs fast or you die. Priority to MAX: 2
-Empowered Vigor
Combine with any heal skill/any HP or MP pots, Empowered Vigor increases the amount of HP and MP healed. Use it on your tanker (the receiver of the heal) so you makes the healer job easier. Combine with HP/MP charm, HP/MP charm ticks faster. SAGE decreases the cooldown on HP charm, while DEMON heals more HP. Both SAGE and DEMON are situational since if you're a charm user, that means SAGE is beneficial more for you. If you use it on a healer (Cleric and Mystic), they will benefit more from more hp healed from DEMON. Priority to MAX: 3
-Disturb Soul
Much more of a PvP limited skill. The skill itself is junk. It doesn't do jack even against fellow casters. In PvE against bosses, it's pretty useless since most of the time, the boss use physical attack on the tanker anyways. SAGE decreases the cooldown time, while DEMON slows down the channeling more. DEMON wins here. Priority to MAX: 4
-Tide Spirit
Much more of a life-saving skill. Combo with Absolute Domain/Psychic Will --> Tide Spirit --> Town Portal to escape from a squad wipe. Pretty much useless in any case since you have fast channeling already. The skill does nothing more and it costs 2 sparks to use. SAGE increases the duration of the channeling, while DEMON gives +20% crit hit for 15 secs. Both SAGE and DEMON are situational to use. Priority to MAX: 4
-Red Tide
AoE skill that costs heavy sparks (2 sparks). The bleed damage is pretty deadly, even when you use it in white voodoo. Arguably not the best since triple sparking + aqua cannon/glacial shards/sandburst blast rotation deals more damage than this skill alone. SAGE has 50% chance to cost 1 spark, while DEMON has 1.2x soulforce bleed damage. DEMON definitely wins here since 50% to cost 1 spark is not reliable. Priority to MAX: 4

Earth Tree
-Spirit Blast
the very first skill you have as a Psychic. Rotates it with Aqua Impact for 1 vs 1 situation. SAGE gives 20% chance to gain 30 chi, while DEMON provides more damage. Both SAGE and DEMON are very attractive since Psychic desperately needs chi, while at the same time, Psychic needs to deal more damage to kill mobs fast. Priority to MAX: 1
-White Voodoo
The opposite of Black Voodoo, but not quite. Useful when you face a bad situation, quickly switch black to white voodoo. Level 1 White Voodoo gives +36 defense level, so it's already gives so much boost. Can't be used together with Black Voodoo. SAGE gives more defense level, while DEMON gives more channeling speed. We said that channeling is useless for a Psychic, so SAGE wins here. Priority to MAX: 2
Compare to other classes' knockback skill, Landslide has a short cooldown and actually has superior damage compared to the 2 main spells, Aqua Impact and Spirit Blast. Use it if you see the mobs are near and you need that extra time to buff/bubble of life yourself/sparking/psychic will/tide spirit to escape and etc. Knockback doesn't work in PvP. SAGE increases the casting range by 3 meters, while DEMON increases crit hit chance by 50% for 4 seconds. DEMON definitely wins in PvP. Priority to MAX: 1
-Sand Trap
Same as Torrent, except Sand Trap has earth element. Stacks with Torrent DoT damage. Pretty useless against mobs, but might be useful against high HP bosses. SAGE increases the damage, while DEMON decreases the cooldown. SAGE wins obviously. Priority to MAX: 4
-Diminished Vigor
The opposite of Empowered Vigor. Use it on your opponents to slow down their healing. Cannot be used with Empowered Vigor. Overall, better to use Empowered Vigor instead. So, this skill is pretty useless. SAGE increases cooldown time, while DEMON decreases HP healed. Both are situational (as explained in Empowered Vigor section). Priority to MAX: 4
-Sandburst Blast
The earth version of Glacial Shards. Sandburst Blast decreases opponents' accuracy. The debuff is useless, but the damage is more than what Glacial does. SAGE increases AoE range by 2 meters more, while DEMON has 20% chance to lower earth resistance for 8 seconds. Both are situational. Priority to MAX: 2
A long channeling skill that is used to kill magic resistance mobs. Soulburn deals physical damage equal to your soulforce. SAGE increases the duration by 2 seconds more, while DEMON reduces cooldown time. SAGE wins here. Priority to MAX: 3
-Earth Vector
The damage isn't great. Use this mainly to stun your opponents/mobs. Great to kill increased life mobs. More of a PvP skill than PvE. SAGE has 50% chance to cost no spark, while DEMON increases the range to 8 meters. Both are situational, SAGE benefits more in PvP when sparks are tight, while DEMON provides better mobbing. Priority to MAX: 1
-Psychic Will
Very great skill to save your butt from debuff/any physical attack. This skill always purifies and gives you immunity after. SAGE increases immunity duration, while DEMON has 20% chance to cost no spark. SAGE wins here, since DEMON is chance based. Priority to MAX: 1

Soul Tree
Before I talk about each skill in this tree, do note that all soul skills are affected by soulforce. Without a good soulforce, the skills are pretty much useless and might as well leave it at level 1.

-Soul of Vengeance
Reflect a certain percentage damage to your opponents. Everytime, they hit you, they receive a physical damage from Soul of Vengeance. Soul of Vengeance reflect all direct damages that are done to the user (both physical and magical damage) except DoT damage. Every reflection cost MP (no MP lost if SAGE). I would say that this skill is kind of helpful when you solo grinding/solo questing. DO NOT use this skill to buff your tanker (barb/BM/seeker) or even a sin. Each reflection cost MP and those heavy armor users don't have MP like you. It is useful to kill magic resist mobs. Also, don't use this skill on yourself if you're in a squad. It's hard to get aggro off mobs if you keep reflecting Soul of Vengeance. SoV can't be purged, buff lasts for 10 mins, buff would not disappear if you log out/d.c/die. SAGE cost no MP lost when reflecting damage, while DEMON reflects more damage. SAGE wins in PvE while DEMON wins in PvP. Priority to MAX: 3
-Soul of Stunning
When opponents hit you, they have certain chance to get stunned. Chance of success is based on soulforce. Stun duration is also soulforce based. Self-cast only. I'd say this skill is totally PvP based since most bosses can't be stunned. This skill can't be purged. SAGE increases duration time based on soulforce, while DEMON increases fixed stun time by 1 second. SAGE wins obviously. Priority to MAX: 3
-Soul of Silence
When opponents hit you, they have certain chance to get sealed/silenced. Chance of success is based on soulforce. DO NOT put this on anybody when you squadding (including yourself). Silence annoys melees, e.g. BM gather mobs together so he can HF. You hit before BM and mobs attack you instead. Some mobs are sealed and they run away by themselves, causing chaos to the mobs that are already gathered. I will be pissed if I'm the BM and some psy ruins my pull. This skill is also PvP based. I personally use this when I solo, but I plan on stop buffing myself with it because silence and soulburn doesn't go together (You'll see what I mean when you have over 5% silence chance). This skill can't be purged, lasts for 10 mins, and doesn't disappear when you die/d.c/logout. SAGE increases silence duration, while DEMON gives greater chance to silence. I personally prefer SAGE version since 5 seconds more can net me 2 more spells on my opponent. Priority to MAX: 3
-Soul of Retaliation
When opponents hit you, they have certain chance to get reflected damage and debuff status that they put on you. You also receive less damage. SoR is particularly helpful against tough hitting bosses when you are squadding. You should max this when you have the money. This is the most expensive soul skill, but also the best in my opinion. Have this buff on you all the time when bossing. SAGE version heals you, while DEMON version reflects and absorbs more damage. SAGE and DEMON are situational use. Priority to MAX: 2

-Aqua Spirit
Masteries for all water spells. SAGE version gets 5% more water damage, while DEMON version increases critical hit chance by 1%. SAGE has more consistent damage. Priority to MAX: 2
-Earthen Spirit
Same description as Aqua Spirit, except Earthen Spirit is earth damage. Priority to MAX: 2
-Tide Form
Transform yourself into a fish. Increases defense level and swimming speed. Pretty much useless for a psy since you can't use any spells when transforming into a fish. Priority to MAX: 4
-Essential Sutra
Increases flying speed. The only usefulness of this skill is when you do Territory Wars or PK and you need to escape quickly from your opponents. Otherwise, it's pretty much useless. Priority to MAX: 4
-Crystal Light
A straight-line water spell that hit multiple mobs in line. Slow down enemies. Pretty much the advanced version of Aqua Impact. Useful as an opening spell. Priority to MAX: 2

5. Psychic in PvE and PvP

*PvE including: FB/BH (Call of Duty/Bounty Hunter), Grinding/questing 1 vs 1 and AoE wise in World Map and OHT (Old Heaven's Tear), TT (Twilight Temple), FC (Frostcovered City), Delta (Valley of Reciprocity), Cube of Fate, Lunar, Warsong City, Palace of Nirvana, Phoenix Valley, Cave of Sadistic Glee, Momaganon, Lothranis, Morai (Endless Universe), Nine Trials, and many more
*PvP including: TW (Territory Wars), duel, PK (Player Killing), certain rooms in Cube of Fate, and some events like Theater of Blood

PvE level 1-30
Welcome to Perfect World International Game. You start as a naked fish in Dragonfang Village. Just follow what to do in your quests. Just questing should get you enough from lvl 1-30. If you look at the world map, you are in the southeast part of the map. There are 3 islands where Tideborn resides: Broken Dream Island (where you start off, where Dragonfang Village is), Shattered Cloud Island (places too high for your level, so don't go swimming there), island where Raging Tides City and Palace of Nirvana are. As a Psychic, your HP will always be terribly low. Tips in fighting mobs (only 1 vs 1 here since you won't get any AoE skills until level 29):

1. only take out mobs your level or below (mobs with white-named are mobs around your level, mobs with green-named are mobs way below your level).

2. combo skills (this is what i did when i was lvl 1-30):

***Combo 1: Aqua Impact --> Spirit blast --> Aqua Impact
*Why start with Aqua Impact? Because Aqua Impact provides ~90% chance to slow down mobs so they never get to you. Give you more time to launch more spells.
*Why do I have alternate between Aqua Impact and Spirit Blast? Aqua Impact cannot be spammed. The cooldown time is long, give you enough time to do Spirit Blast instead. Spirit Blast cannot be spammed as well.

***Combo 2: Aqua Impact --> Spirit Blast --> Aqua Impact --> Landslide --> Aqua Impact/Spirit Blast
*Sometimes you face tough mobs to kill (e.g. Increased Life mobs). They manage to get to your face before you even kill them. Use Landslide to knock them back. Give you more room to launch more spells. Please avoid any Magic Resistance mobs. They are too tough for you to kill.

PvP (level 1-30)
The only PvP you can do is duel. Since Raging Tides area are full with sins and psys, some might ask for duel. If you see any other classes other than Sins or Psys ask for duel, please avoid them. They could be those people level 100+ doing Nirvana instance or level 40+ people doing Goshiki quests. Not a good match for a lvl 1-20 to fight lvl 40+. Don't be discourage if you lose in a duel, it's a good practice. Example combo for PvP:
Cast Soul of Vengeance on yourself --> Aqua Impact (to slow sins) --> Torrent and Sand Trap to slowly take out their HPs --> Aqua Impact/Spirit Blast
*Do note: Aqua Impact slow is sort of useless against another Psy since Psy is range. They don't need to go to you to hit you. They have the same range as you do.

PvE (level 31-60)
Keep doing your quests, you should level up in no time. Bounty Hunter starts at lvl 40. Do those everyday if you can. Bounty Hunter and Phoenix Valley are a great way how to play a Psychic in a squad. It's different on playing solo and play in a squad. In a squad (instances), most mobs will 1-2 shot you and you can't kill them like you do in the World Map. That's why you need a designated tank (barb/BM/seeker). They will take the damage instead of you. Psychic is a DD-er, but Psychic is also responsible for squad support. You have Bubble of Life to heal your squad members. Use it on a boss that does AoE damage, such as Farren Sereneti (BH 39). Cast Empowered Vigor on your tank. When you DD, please control your spell rate. Psychic is known to steal aggro from the tank at early levels (said Mel Mel). Don't just blatantly spam your Aqua Impact and Spirit Blast. Control your spell rate. If you accidentally steal aggro, stop attacking and go in White Voodoo. Give tank sometime to regain aggro back, then you can switch to Black Voodoo and attack again. DO NOT put Soul of Vengeance and Soul of Silence on anyone including yourself. Most people don't like to lose 100 mp per SoV reflect/hard to get aggro off and have mobs run away from sealed SoS.

Hey, you have AoE skills now, should you use them? Depends on the situation. Aqua Cannon is very dangerous to use, need to be combined with Psychic Will or Absolute Domain (Genie skills). Glacial Shard is a good way to freeze mobs. I have to say that the freeze is unreliable. I'm more heavily dependent on slow from Aqua Impact. Please don't take more than 2 mobs at a time, you gonna die. Keep upgrade your weapon. Try to 3-4 hits white-named unbuffed mobs.

PvP (level 31-60)
You can go on PK mode now, should I switch to PK mode? The answer is NO. Most people who PK are those level 90+. You gonna get 1 shotted if you PK since level 30. You also have a chance to drop gears if you die from PK. If you want to PvP, do duel with other people instead. Example of PvP combo:
Cast Soul of Vengeance and Soul of Silence on yourself --> Put on Soul of Stunning if you wish -->Put Empowered Vigor on yourself/Diminished Vigor a Cleric or a Mystic/Disturb Soul on a Wizard --> Glacial Shard (to freeze melees) --> Spirit Blast/Aqua Impact
*Landslide would not knockback other people in PvP, so be wary of that.
*Soulburn doesn't work in duel. Exclusive only to PK and TW.

PvE (level 61-90)
Basically you just need to level up your skills. You learn barely any skills pass level 59. Level 59 skills are the last main skills you gonna have. You start noticing that quests don't give you enough exp to level up as they are used to. Start grinding or doing BH everyday. I don't recommend to buy heads in FC if Psychic is your first high-level character. You need to learn how to cast spells properly, don't steal aggro from tank. At this point of leveling up, you might be responsible for pulling mobs as well.

What to do when pulling mobs:
White Voodoo --> Empowered Vigor on yourself --> Bubble of Life --> running to group of mobs (Holy Path (Genie Skill)/speed apoth helps), but don't hit them --> run back to your tank (Seeker vortexing, for example) --> Psychic Will/Absolute Domain --> Don't do anything, just stay there until Seeker get ahold of the mobs --> now you can AoE with Glacial Shard, Sandburst Blast or Aqua Cannon

What to do as AoE DD-er in a squad:
*Let Barb do Ream + Roar, then launch your AoE
*Let Seeker Vortex for at least 10 seconds, then launch your AoE
*Let BM do Heaven's Flame, then launch your AoE
*Let Sins do Subsea Strike, then launch your AoE

Control your spell rate. It's important not to steal aggro!

PvP (level 61-90)
Duel and duel. Yup, boring? Nothing you can do against people way higher level than you. Duel is a good practice before PK, as PK is a good practice before TW. Now, you have access to Crystal Light and Essential Sutra. Use Crystal Light as a start off skill to slow down your opponents. Use Essential Sutra to fly escape. Be creative of your combo, don't let others guess what you gonna do next!

PvE (level 91+)
Well yup, FC time. BH starts to not giving you exp that you used to. Go to FC, hypers on heads. Please if you can, don't spend money on buying heads. Go with a squad that's around your level. Work together as a squad. It's SAGE/DEMON time as well. Whichever you choose, it doesn't matter, it's your preference. You can always change it at level 100 (with the use of gold). SAGE provides defense/constant damage/balance/faster chi gaining, while DEMON provides more critical hit/more channeling/harder hitting skills.

At level 95, you can enter Morai and choose from Luminance, Shroud, or Corona. You can join 1 and quit one, and join another. It doesn't matter. Quit and joining require fair amount of coins, so don't switch too often. Plan what skills you want to get first.

At level 100, do BH again. BH starts to give you reward that fills in cash for you. Do Cube of Fate for the chance of finishing it and get Page of Fate or to get Cube Pendant. Do FC to level up if you wish. Go to Caster Nirvana to farm cannies/raps to sell for money or to make Nirvana weps/armors. Most Caster squads require you to be at least r8, so be wary.

PvP (level 91+)
The real PvP begins. You can start to go on PK mode if you wish. Just be careful that you have a chance to drop your current gears/anything in your inventory when you die unless you have Safety Lock on/Guardian Scroll with you. PK is a good practice for group PvP, TW.

If you are lucky, your guild might be one of those guilds that does PK training for TW. You can join them. Organized PK is the best in my opinion. Psychic is very good in TW as Psychic can take a gank of opponents. Also, Psychic can mob opponents really well if the opponents are close together.

6. Psychic and Soulforce

Soulforce calculation: (quoting myself from another thread)

Quote :

Soulforce = level * (level + 50) + bonus from refining

*Level refers to character's level

For example: lvl 32 psychic with 0 bonus in refining
*Soulforce = 32 * (32 + 50) + 0 = 2624
*Soulburn damage = soulforce = 2624
*Level 1 soul of vengeance reflects 8% damage of soulforce = 8% * 2624 = 209 (rounded down)
*Level 1 soul of stunning = 1 second duration (every 5,000 soulforce increases the stun duration by 1 second)
*Level 1 soul of retaliation reflects and absorb damage by halved soulforce amount
= 2624 / 2 = 1312
*Level 1 soul of silence (not sure how the calculation goes, gonna try that at level 39). But the rough number = 1.57% success rate

Skills affected by Soulforce:
-Soul of Vengeance
-Soul of Stunning
-Soul of Silence
-Soul of Retaliation
-bleed damage from Red Tide
-Veil of Shadow (level 80 Morai skill)

7. Psychic vs Other Classes

should be renamed as Psychic vs Other casters. It's hard to compare with physical attack classes since casters have no attack speed like physical attack classes do.

*Psychic vs Wizard
-pros: faster channeling, higher defense level, higher attack level, higher damage per second 1 on 1, can pull group of mobs, can purify squad members (SAGE only)
-cons: lower damage per hit, no genie combo like Wizard does, no constant channeling AoE spamming, less physical defense and earth resistance, burn more MP than Wizard

*Psychic vs Cleric
-pros: higher damage per second, faster channeling, higher defense level, higher attack level, can purify squad members (SAGE only), higher damage per hit
-cons: can't take down a group of poison mobs due to cooldown on purify skill, less physical defense and magic defense, can't constantly spamming heal like Cleric, less variety of debuff compared to Cleric, can't sleep opponents like Cleric, can't purify as quick as Cleric does

*Psychic vs Venomancer
-pros: higher damage per second, faster channeling, higher defense level, higher attack level, can purify squad members as well as healing squad members (purify is SAGE only), higher damage per hit
-cons: less physical defense (if Veno is fox), burn more MP than Veno, no strong debuff like Amp and Purge, lack the ability to instantly heal HP and MP, no pets like Veno

*Psychic vs Mystic
-pros: higher damage per second (outside Caster Nirvana), higher defense level, higher attack level, faster channeling, can pull group of mobs
-cons: lack instant heal skill, no summons and plants to help in battle, have more trouble killing other casters compared to Mystic

8. Level 100 Skills (Morai and Chrono)

Morai skills:
-Telekinesis (Luminance): active DoT damage, enemy target
-Spirit Phalanx (Shroud): active buff and debuff at the same time, active heal, any target
-Psionic Link (Corona): active buff, friendly target
-Veil of Shadow (Luminance): active buff, friendly squad

*Order of getting in my opinion: Spirit Phalanx -> Telekinesis -> Psionic Link
*Order to join: Shroud -> Luminance -> Corona
*Veil of Shadow book is tradeable

Chrono skills:
-Sandball Clash: active damage, enemy target
-Stone Smasher: active damage, enemy target AoE

*Order of getting in my opinion: Sandball Clash -> Stone Smasher


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PostSubject: Re: Psychic Guide Version 2   Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:10 pm

New skills lvl 100 (Morai):

*Shroud of Shadow: active buff, squad

*Summon: miscelenaeous, target must be in squad


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Psychic Guide Version 2
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