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 Mystic Guide Version 2

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PostSubject: Mystic Guide Version 2   Sat Apr 21, 2012 11:51 am

Mystic Guide

1. Mystic Characteristic
2. Pros and Cons
3. Ability Points and Armors
4. Skills (Sage and Demon Included)
5. Mystic in PvE and PvP
6. Mystic and Summons
7. Mystic vs Other Casters
8. Level 100 Skills (Morai and Chrono)

1. Mystic Characteristic

Class: Mystic
Race: Earthguard (in my opinion, it's a hybrid of human and fairy, immortal race)
Element: Wood
Specialty: range magic Damage Dealer, healer, crowd control/chaos
Secondary ability: pull a mob with summon
Hometown: Spire of Awakening
Home city: Tellus City
Weapon used: Magic (Glaive, Pataka, Magic Sword, Wand)
Armors used: Arcane armors
Ornaments used: Physical defense ornaments, magic rings, channeling ornaments

2. Pros and Cons

-high damage per hit with Absorb Soul
-can kill other casters easy
Absorb Soul goes through defense level at the cost of unaffected by attack level. Absorb Soul also goes through any damage absorbing skills.
-summon damage is affected by attack level
So, if you have +30 attack level from Jones Blessing, your pet does too.
-summon damage doesn't get penalty against lvl 150 mobs, making you a powerhouse against them
-pro healer, can heal as well as Cleric, faster healing than Cleric does
Cast Verdant Blessing + use Vital Herb and Healing Herb together is sufficient enough for you to heal and DD at the same time
-high physical defense with stack up Verdant Blessing + Vanguard Spirit (Cleric buff) + Aura of the Golden Bell (BM buff) + Energy Leech-Devil Chihyu
-high critical hit with Lucky Break and/or Energy Leech-Devil Chihyu

-low hp, low speed just like any other casters (except Veno)
-can't purify well like Cleric does
-only can constantly AoE DD at certain period of time
Cragglord only lasts for 20 secs (23 secs if SAGE).
-can't take a gank of mobs all hitting at you. No immunity skill, only absorbing damage skill. Absorbing damage skill won't hold against 20+ mobs at same time, provided you don't OHKO them.
-very slow channeling on Absorb Soul, you feel the need of getting expensive channeling equips
-use tons of MP pots when DD-ing and/or solo healing

3. Ability Points and Armors

STR - only need it to equip weapon and armors. Weapon has about equal or less STR needed compared to armors.

DEX - pretty much useless, you have 100% chance to do critical hit damage at level 100. Don't even need DEX for anything, not even critical hit.

VIT - gives +10 hp for every 1 point of VIT. Some people put on VIT for survivability. I personally won't put it because you will lose points that supposedly go to MAG. Plus, just put citrine gems to your armors for the maximum hp increase.

MAG - improves magic attack, mp recovery, and max MP. This is your main stat. You should get as much point as you could on MAG. Ideally, 500 total MAG should be obtained at level 100.

Pure MAG build:
1 str 9 mag every 2 levels. Add str until you reach 54 str (if your end game is r8) and 55 str (if your endgame is r9)

MAG/VIT build:
6 mag, 1 str, and 3 vit every 2 levels. good for survivability at low levels, but you will be sacrificing damage.

Light Armor build:
6 mag, 2 str, 2 dex every 2 levels. Not recommended, simply because end game equips are all arcane. The best and the OP-est r9 gears are also full arcane.

As a Mystic, your endgame armors should be either the following:
*mixture of rank 8 and TT 99 gold (Archangel): top, bottom (r8); boots and gloves (TT 99)
*full rank 8 recast
*full rank 9
*full rank 9 recast
*Nirvana arcane armors G13
*Nirvana arcane armors G15 (second recast)
*mixture of rank 8/rank 9 and Nirvana: top, bottom (r8/r9); gloves with -6% channeling (Nirvana)

*rank 8 wand (Verdant Soul Staff)
*rank 8 wand recast (Verdant Soul Staff: Eon)
*rank 9 wand (Verdurous Wand)
*rank 9 wand recast (Verdurous Scepter)
*Nirvana weapons:
-magic sword G13 (Evanescence-Nirvana), made from TT 99 gold
-magic sword G13 (Leaf of Buddha-Nirvana), made from Neon Purgatory (Lunar)
-wand G13 (Aftermath-Nirvana), made from TT 99 gold
-wand G13 (Immortal Indulgence-Nirvana), made from Neon Purgatory (Lunar)
-glaive G13 (Petals of Destruction-Nirvana), made from Neon Purgatory (Lunar)
-glaive G13 (Counter Destiny-Nirvana), made from TT 99

*Plus.. The corresponding G15 of the above weapons
*Not going to list pataka here. Pataka has unstable damage and look stupid (in my opinion) when a Mystic holds it.

4. Skills

Source: http://www.ecatomb.net/skillpwi.php

Priority on maxing skills:
1 = a must MAX, update right away
2 = secondary skills, must be MAX, but not right away
3 = a so-so skill, might be useful in some situation. MAX it for SAGE/DEMON version.
4 = a junk skill, waste of spirits and money to max. Although, if you have a lot of money and spirits, max it if you want.

Wood Tree
-Nature's Vengeance
Basically your spammable attacking skill at bosses. Pretty much the spammable spell at your early levels. This skill is maxed early, so don't be surprised when you see the damage doesn't increase much when you upgrade your weapon. SAGE gives a chance to recover chi, while DEMON deals more damage. SAGE/DEMON are pretty balance for this skill, depends on your playstyle. Priority to MAX: 1
-Swirling Mist
DoT skills to help you kill bosses. Pretty much useless against non-boss mobs. SAGE deals more damage, while DEMON has a chance to provide wood amp. Again, SAGE/DEMON are pretty balance, depends on what you want. Priority to MAX: 3
-Absorb Soul
Another attacking skill to go along with Nature's Vengeance. Absorb Soul does a pretty constant damage due to unable to be critical hit. Absorb Soul is considered a wood attack that does 0 damage, followed by a DoT non-elemental damage. This skill also does a truckload of damage even when non-critical. SAGE gives more chi, while DEMON has 80% chance to interrupt channeling. I say DEMON wins here cause you don't spam a 5 sec Absorb Soul to gain chi. DEMON channel interrupt works at bosses, makes it handy against mage bosses. Priority to MAX: 2
-Gale Force
Your main self-centered AoE skill. The damage isn't super-high, but it's the fastest spell you can launch (yes, faster than Nature's Vengeance, just look at channeling and casting time). The range is also huge, 14 meters. SAGE slows down enemies, while DEMON increase freezing chance. I'm not sure the % chance of gale force to freeze at lvl 10, cause it's not written in the skill itself. But from my guess is that, DEMON has 75% chance total to freeze mobs. Again, DEMON wins here since silence + freeze together help you to mob better. Priority to MAX: 2
-Bramble Tornado
Your knockback skill. The only knockback skill that actually knockback your PvP enemies. Good to use against physical attack mobs, melee classes, or to screw up caster's channeling. SAGE has a chance to cost no chi, while DEMON knockback 1 extra meter. I personally say both are kind of junks. The chi of bramble is only 30, it's nothing really. Knockback 1 extra meter doesn't help you to fit in 1 extra spell anyways. Priority to MAX: 4
Another AoE skill that does a truckload of damage. Damage doesn't get reduced on lvl 150 mobs since it's summon based. Thicket cannot be critical, so the damage is pretty constant. The silence/freeze chance are far more reliable than Gale Force (maybe close to 90%). Do note that Thicket doesn't have a range, so if you gonna AoE, the mobs have to stick together. SAGE provides more damage, while DEMON has a chance to amp. I say depends on your playstyle for SAGE/DEMON. SAGE version benefits yourself when you do AoE training, while DEMON benefits your other DD's in the squad. Priority to MAX: 1

Healing Tree
-Break in the Clouds
Your spammable and fast heal skill. Good to heal yourself, your tanker, or anyone who steal aggroes from the tank. This skill is very fast. I manage to heal myself right before a mob is going to KO me (had 300 hp left). SAGE version has a chance to purify, while DEMON gives more chi. Personally, SAGE wins here. The purify is the main attraction for support Mystic. Although, purify is not reliable (only 25% chance), so don't try to be a hero and solo heal BH 69.
Priority to MAX: 1
-Falling Petals
Basically a heal DoT buff that you stack on a person/yourself before the person/you get attacked by others. Falling Petals heal ticks on when you get direct damage, whether it's physical or magical. DoT damage would not tick Falling Petals. SAGE recovers mp, while DEMON buff lasts for 4 minutes. For me, the recovering mp is kind of useless since mp pots are cheap. DEMON 4 minutes buff is far more useful, especially if you squadding with a bunch of impatient DDs who steal aggro. You can't really heal DDs when they steal aggro, otherwise you get aggroed next. Falling Petals can save their butt from dying for a few seconds until they realize they get aggroed and need to stop DD-ing. Priority to MAX: 2
Res yourself and others. If you die, you lose a lower % exp compared to if you don't have the buff and just return to town. Res is a buff so you need to cast it on all the time, especially on yourself. SAGE decreases the % exp lost by 95%, while DEMON res yourself with 100% HP and MP. SAGE is better here since you need all the exp you can get, especially at higher levels. Priority to MAX: 1
-Comforting Mist
AoE heal. Not your only one, but this one's heals instantly for a lot of HP. Pretty slow channeling. I don't use this skill much due to another AoE heal that has better heal per second. SAGE decreases mp cost, while DEMON has a chance to purify. DEMON wins here since party purify is rare (only DEMON Mystic and SAGE Psychic have party purify, as far as I know). Priority to MAX: 2

Mobile Summon Tree (Pet Tree)
-Devil Chihyu
Your physical DD pet. Good to use for simple questing, grinding, killing mini bosses. He is very squishy so don't rely on him to tank for you. SAGE decreases mp cost, while DEMON gives more chi. Both SAGE/DEMON effects are kind of junk, so doesn't matter which one you choose. Priority to MAX: 1
-Storm Mistress
Your magical DD pet. Good to use for mobbing, magic tanking. She is squishier than Devil, so don't rely on her to tank much. She also does more damage per second than Devil (if you keep spamming Luna Blade). SAGE/DEMON effects are the same as Devil. Priority to MAX: 2
Defensive and buffer pet. Good to use for supporting your squad or if you wanna be the tank instead of your pet. She does no damage literally, so don't command her to attack. SAGE/DEMON effects are the same as Devil. Priority to MAX: 2
Basically all the previous three pets combined. Cragglord has super strong HP, defense, high attack, and can mob as well. The strongest of all your pets. Sadly, he only lasts for 20 secs (23 secs for SAGE). Use him wisely since he costs 2 sparks as well. SAGE lasts for 23 secs, while DEMON has a chance to cost 1 spark. SAGE wins here for longer duration and consistency. Priority to MAX: 2

Pet-Related Tree
-Heal Summon
Basically Break in the Clouds version for your pet. Same animation, channeling, and casting time as Break. Priority to MAX: 1
Transfer MP to your summon with the cost of your own MP. Since "Descent" Patch, pet is summoned with half MP. This skill is not useless however. Some people won't bother to re-macro pet skills everytime they resummon. Cragglord doesn't need this since none of his skills cost mp. Priority to MAX: 4
-Energy Leech
Leech your pet to give you buff. Buff varies according to pet. Devil gives physical defense and crit hit buff. Mistress gives magic attack and magic defense buff. Salvation gives the advanced version of Aegis Sphere and Falling Petals status. Cragglord cannot be leeched. SAGE has a longer freeze immunity duration, while DEMON gives extra speed for few secs. SAGE wins here for immunity to freeze. Priority to MAX: 3

Static Summon Tree (Plant Tree)
-Punishing Sting
DD plant. The only plant that does damage actually. The damage isn't very good, so it doesn't really help at bosses. Priority to MAX: 4
-Befuddling Creeper
Debuff plant. Debuff includes lower magic defense, lower physical defense, slower channeling, and slower attack speed. Basically the best debuff plant for PvE against bosses or mobs. Priority to MAX: 2
Another debuff plant. Debuff includes lower movement speed, lower physical attack, and lower magic attack. I find that the physical attack and magic attack debuff are really short. It's not worth my time to max this skill. Priority to MAX: 4
-Listless Blossom
Another debuff plant. Debuff includes sleep. The sleep chance is not 100% however, so be wary. Good to use for PvP. PvE wise, kind of useless. Priority to MAX: 3
-Healing Herb
Your first healing plant. It heals every 2 seconds and heals very little. Priority to MAX: 3
-Vital Herb
The next healing plant after Healing Herb. Vital only lasts for 30 seconds (screw the description in ecatomb). There's a 5 second period minimum where Vital won't appear, so this is why you need Comforting Mist and Healing Herb maxed. Vital Herb heals for a lot of HP, even more for tank due to HP recovery. Heals every second. You can summon Vital Herb + any other plant in the plant tree. I usually just stack on Vital and Healing for more HP healing, while I DD the boss. Priority to MAX: 1

-Verdant Shell
Physical defense, water defense, and wood defense buff. Stacks with Energy Leech-Devil Chihyu, Cleric's Vanguard Spirit, and BM's Aura of the Golden Bell. SAGE version gives more physical defense, while DEMON gives more evasion for certain seconds. Do note that evasion in the description works like this: 20% chance of all time you have this buff on, your opponents will hit "miss" on you. It's not based on your evasion stat in character's info. SAGE is better obviously for consistency. Priority to MAX: 1
Blow-up your plant for higher chance to debuff. Healing Herb and Vital Herb cannot be lysed. I find that the debuff works 100% of the time when you lyse a plant, so this skill is pretty reliable to use. Priority to MAX: 2
-Wood Mastery
Masteries for all wood attack. I'm not sure if Absorb Soul is affected by this. SAGE provides more mastery, while DEMON provides more critical hit chance. SAGE wins for consistency. Priority to MAX: 2
-Rapid Growth
Gives faster channeling for all your spells. Buff and increase magic damage stack with Demon Spark and Cleric's Heaven's Wrath (RB). Cost very low chi, good to use everytime it cools down. SAGE has a chance to remove cooldown, while DEMON gives -10% channeling more for the total of -30% channeling (the description in ecatomb is wrong. I check DEMON Rapid Growth book and it's indeed says -10% channeling more). DEMON wins for consistency. Priority to MAX: 3
-Clear Thoughts
Recover MP. Works like this: Recover your current MP + another 2k MP. So, when you have 2k MP left, you recover (2 * 2k MP) + 2k MP = 6k MP. Cooldown is horribly long. This skill doesn't make you not using MP pots at all. For the cost of ~2 mil coins, this skill is not worth to get since MP pots are cheaper. Priority to MAX: 4
-Nature's Barrier
Reduces damage taken but you are immobilized. I never seen anyone using this skill. You can combine this skill with Energy Leech or Absolute Domain (Genie) to remove the immobilization part. Priority to MAX: 3

5. Mystic in PvE and PvP

*PvE including: FB/BH (Call of Duty/Bounty Hunter), Grinding/questing 1 vs 1 and AoE wise in World Map and OHT (Old Heaven's Tear), TT (Twilight Temple), FC (Frostcovered City), Delta (Valley of Reciprocity), Cube of Fate, Lunar, Warsong City, Palace of Nirvana, Phoenix Valley, Cave of Sadistic Glee, Momaganon, Lothranis, Morai (Endless Universe), Nine Trials, and many more
*PvP including: TW (Territory Wars), duel, PK (Player Killing), certain rooms in Cube of Fate, and some events like Theater of Blood

PvE level 1-30
Welcome to Perfect World International. You are choosing a class that is capable of DD and healing at the same time. Does that make you overpowered? It's up to you what you feel of this class. You choose this class for a reason, whether to trying out a new class or because you love Mystic obviously. Mystic is a very versatile class. So much combo you can do with this class. Anyways.. on with the story.. You start at the area where a huge fissure happens. The balance of Perfect World is ruined and you are responsible to restore everything back in place. When you start, you have no memory of who you are. You probably think that you used to live as a normal human, but now you gain a third-eye and you have some power. At level 1-30, you will basically just do your quests. It should get you to 30 in no time. Mystic is very easy early on, can solo everything even your own level 29 culti at level 29. Combo attack to use:

***Combo 1: Send Devil -> Nature's Vengeance spam --> Heal Devil, keep him alive
*Why use Devil and not Mistress?
For simple questing, Devil is a better tank than Mistress does.

PvP level 1-30
Just duel basically. Only accept duel from another Mystic or a Seeker. If it's another class, chance are they are higher than level 20, doing quests around Tellus area. Not a good match if you fight too high level opponent. Example combo for PvP:

***Combo 1: Falling Petals on yourself --> Send Devil --> Nature's Vengeance --> Absorb Soul
*Be careful not to Falling Petals/Break in the Clouds your opponent. Check your PvP setting.
*Chance are your opponent could care less of your pet. They going to attack you consistently. Use Devil's Skull Slap to stun your opponent before doing Absorb Soul. That should keep them out from doing anything.

PvE level 31-60
Keep doing your quests. BH starts at level 40 also. Note that, most people around these levels require you to be a healer in the squad (said Mel Mel). I personally never asked to be a sole healer in any BH that I ever done. I always have a Cleric in a squad. Playing a Mystic is different when soloing and when in a squad. You notice that when soloing, you just send pet to attack a mob and then you attack the same mob as your pet. In a squad, your healer role comes up. Some combos that you can do when playing in a squad:

***DD Combo: Falling Petals on yourself --> Befuddling Creeper --> Lysing --> Nature's Vengeance Spam. Use Devil as the pet since your Mistress is probably not high enough level/not maxed yet.
*Control your Nature's Vengeance spam rate. I personally don't press my Nature's Vengeance key all the time. One, it's going to break my keyboard button if I do that. Two, you're going to steal aggro if you do this. Personally, I never steal aggro from tank because of Nature's Vengeance spam. But, I don't really press the button the whole time.

***Healer Combo: Falling Petals on Tanker and yourself --> wait until Barb uses ream/tanker attack for at least 5 secs --> heal with Break in the Clouds --> by this time, Falling Petals tanker again --> Put down Vital Herb + Healing Herb together. Use Salvation's Aegis Sphere on the tank.
*This should give you more or less equally able to solo heal BHs (if you have to be a solo healer). I personally do not recommend to take on the challenge to solo heal unless you are familiar with the instance and familiar with playing a Mystic in a squad. DO NOT solo heal BH 51. The last boss, Wyvern, needs purify. You need a Cleric in your squad to purify the tanker. Be careful not to heal aggro cause you are squishy and can't tank bosses.

Also, always Res buff everyone in the squad. Even if the MP cost is tedious.

PvP level 31-60
Still dueling. You can switch to PK mode, but that's just going to get you killed. Most people who PK are level 90+. You are going to get one-shotted from those people. You have new access to second part of the skills. Most notably PvP skills are Energy Leech, Bramble Tornado, Rapid Growth, and Thicket. Example of PvP Combos:

***Combo 1: Send Devil --> Use Devil's Skull Slap --> Nature's Vengeance --> Listless Blossom --> Lysing --> Rapid Growth --> Absorb Soul
*This combo will pretty much 1 shot any caster. The idea is to stun lock opponent with stun from pet and sleep from plant.

***Combo 2: Thicket --> Nature's Vengeance's Spam
*This combo stun lock opponent with Thicket. Requires 2 sparks to use Thicket, so be wary of that.

***Combo 3: Use Salvation's Aegis Sphere on yourself --> Gale Force --> Bramble Tornado --> repeat Combo 1
*This combo works better against melee characters. Gale has a short range, so it's not possible to use this on an opponent that also attacking from range. The idea is to seal/freeze melee and push them away. Give you some time to do Combo 1.

*Always Falling Petals on yourself before dueling
*Check your PvP setting, make sure you don't accidentally heal your opponent.

PvE level 61-90
Harder BH comes by. Please refuse any offer on solo heal BH 69. You need a Cleric to purify at the last boss, Polearm. You also start noticing that bosses hit harder and you need to drop Vital Herb + Healing Herb to AoE heal. I personally prefer those 2 herbs compared to Comforting Mist. Comforting Mist has slow channel and higher chance to get interrupted compared to summoning Herbs. Herbs going to die often, but it's OK. It's better than having no herbs put down on the ground and see yourself and/or your squad members die. Combo for DD and healer is still the same.

You can also start doing Archosaur event for farming DQ items. Mystic is very good at killing lvl 150 mobs. I'm 2 hitting those mobs with level 10 Nature's Vengeance and level 10 Storm Mistress. Use Nature's Vengeance once and Luna Blade once for each mob. Be wary, these mobs hit hard. Sacrificial Assault hits as high as 2.2k physical damage. I recommend at least to have 2.5k HP. Also, just take 1 mob at a time. Don't try to mob or else you die.

PvP level 61-90
Still the same old duel. This time, your skills are stronger. You notice how often Thicket seals and freeze together. So does Gale Force freeze/seal occurs more often. The combo is not so much different than when you were level 60 and under. Be creative of your PvP combo is important! Don't let opponents read your mind Smile

PvE level 91+
By this time, you should already do your culti lvl 89. Congratz, you are now a Sage Mystic or a Demon Mystic. Whether to choose to be Sage or Demon, it depends on your preference.

Sage focuses more on conserving MP (notably all the summons, Comforting Mist, Falling Petals, Celestial Eruption). Early levels, you might be grudging over your MP costs. Mystic is a mana burner. If you wanna get rid of the mana burner status, you'll probably more attracted to be a Sage. Sage also focuses more on having more defense (notably Celestial Eruption, Verdant Shell). Sage has a single fast purify skill, Break in the Clouds (faster than Cleric's purify, but more unreliable). Sage attacking power is moderate and more constant.

Demon focuses more on greater channeling speed (Demonic Eruption, Rapid Growth). With Demonic Eruption and Rapid Growth together, you have a free -55% channeling for as long as those two stick together. Compared to Sage, you have the advantage of having -25% channeling more from Demonic Eruption and -10% channeling more from Rapid Growth. Which means that Demon has an extra -35% channeling advantage over Sage. Demon also focuses on amplifying damage (notably Swirling Mist and Thicket), as well as a stronger Nature's Vengeance damage. If you're going mostly PvP, you'll probably more interested to be a Demon.

To level up, simply do FC. People specifically looking for a Mystic or a Cleric as a healer in FC. Good for you if you learn how to play a healer role in BHs, now apply it to FC.

PvP level 91+
You can start going on PK mode now. You don't need to be godly or anything to defeat a rank 9. All you gotta do is use your skills properly. Remember that most r9 people shard with JoSD on their equips. This is at your advantage because Absorb Soul bypass defense levels, making those JoSD useless. Try killing a caster for a practice.

You can also do TW if your guild does one. Essentially, you can fly and kill people on the ground with Absorb Soul and still does full damage. Support your squad members with the help of Vital Herb and Comforting Mist. Don't have pet out to kill enemies. Pet is very squishy, just summon pet and leech them for buff. To kill a group of enemies, use Lucky Break --> Gale Force. This should send them freeze/seal together. Knock Cata Barb with Bramble Tornado. Try more variation in TW. Mystic is a unique class. You are not restricted to be a certain role. Adapt to the situation.

6. Mystic and Summons

Summons are things that make Mystic a one-man army class. Mystic can summon herbs, debuff plants, and pet.

Maximum number of summons that can be out at one time: 4
*1st summon: pets (Devil Chihyu, Storm Mistress, Salvation, or Cragglord)
*2nd summon: plants (Punishing Sting, Befuddling Creeper, Spidervine, Listless Blossom, or Healing Herb)
*3rd summon: Vital Herb
*4th summon: Thicket

Some info about summons:

Devil Chihyu, Storm Mistress, Salvation, Cragglord

For math lovers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjWJBqePFkradFVaQUNLNzF6SzF5dFNvYXhCZTZGOGc&hl=en#gid=5

Credit to: violetvalor

Some things to note:
-summon stats are affected by attack level
-summon stats HP, MP, pdefense, elemental resist are affected by the Mystic's gears
-summon stats physical attack/magic attack are affected by the Mystic's weapon only. Meaning that a Mystic who has 50 vit, 50 dex, 50 str, 200 mag has the same summon stats as a Mystic who has 5 vit, 5 dex, 50 str, 290 mag as long as they both have the same levels and they have the same weapon refinement, same range magic attack on weapon, and same sapphire sharding.
-summon stats are not affected by buff (e.g. Verdant Shell won't make your summon's pdefense, water defense, and wood defense higher)
-summons have equal level with the Mystic's level
-summon stats movement speed and attack rate are not affected by the Mystic's gears. It depends on the level of the summon.
-summon can be sacrificed with the skill "Energy Leech". Different summons give different effects:
*Devil Chihyu: increase physical defense and critical hit chance
*Storm Mistress: increase magic attack and magic defense
*Salvation: stronger and longer duration Aegis Sphere and Falling Petals
*Cragglord: cannot be leeched
-Energy Leech can be used even without the summon presents. The only thing that works is the anti-stun and anti-freeze. No buff from summon if there's no summon to leech.


Some things to note:
-plants do different debuff or buff, depending which plants to use
-the skill "Lysing" can be used to guarantee 100% chance of debuffing
-Lysing cannot be used on Healing Herb
-Lysing can be used without any plant's presents, but it only does 1-2 damage.
-all plants' HP/pdefense/mdefense (if there's any pdefense/mdefense for plants) depend on the level of the skill
-all plants are tagged with "evasion status", which has certain chance to evade any incoming attack (including both physical attack and magic attack). The evasion status is the same status as DEMON Verdant Shell
-all plants last for 1 minute maximum and cannot move coordinates

Vital Herb

Some things to note:
-Vital Herb is a special healing plant that can be summoned with the rest of other plants.
-Vital Herb is your best AoE heal. Comforting Mist doesn't heal as much as Vital Herb.
-Vital Herb only lasts for 30 seconds maximum and have 35 seconds cooldown. Eventhough it lasts for 30 seconds, Vital Herb will still healing for 1-2 seconds more until it disappears.
-More often than not, Vital Herb got knocked down from hard-hitting AoE bosses before 30 seconds is up. So, prepare Rapid Growth + Comforting Mist combo if you solo healing.
-Vital Herb cannot move like the rest of other plants.
-Vital Herb is tagged with "evasion status" like the rest of other plants.
-Vital Herb stats depend on the level of the skill.
-In case you don't notice it clearly, Vital Herb heals certain amount of HP + HP recovery. So, that means everyone in your squad will not gain the same amount of HP healed. HP recovery for Barb and HP recovery for Cleric are different for example.


Some things to note:
-Thicket is a special plant that is in Wood Tree (not in the Plant Tree like the rest of other plants).
-Thicket and Punishing Sting are the only plants that do damage.
-Thicket only appears for 1 second, then it disappears. You can see the timer on the left-top, same type of timer like the rest of other plants.
-Just like pets, Thicket damage does not get reduced on level 150 mobs.
-Thicket consist of 4 plants surrounding a target and everything within melee range of the target. The description does not tell you that Thicket actually does AoE damage with no range, but I'm telling you now that Thicket indeed does AoE damage.
-Thicket damage is not affected by the skill "Wood Mastery" even if it says that Thicket deals wood damage.
-Thicket cannot cause critical hit.
-Thicket always hit 4 times, each hit is the same number.
-Thicket chance to seal and freeze are affected by the level of the skill. The seal/freeze chance are close to 85-90% (skill description doesn't say it, but I used Thicket many many times on pulls and that's what I got).

7. Mystic vs Other Casters

*Mystic vs Wizard
-pros: faster channeling overall (except Absorb Soul), heal faster, can purify a target (SAGE Break in the Clouds) or squad (DEMON Comforting Mist), higher dps on level 150 mobs, have summons to aid in a battle
-cons: lower damage per hit, no genie combo like Wizard does, no constant channeling AoE spamming, burn more MP than Wizard

*Mystic vs Cleric
-pros: faster channeling, heal faster, higher dps overall, have summon to aid in a battle
-cons: have weaker heal per hit, purify from SAGE Break in the Clouds is not 100% chance like Cleric's purify, sleep debuff is not 100% chance like Cleric's sleep debuff, Falling Petals can't be stacked like Ironheart Blessing

*Mystic vs Venomancer
-pros: faster channeling heal pet, heal pet is maxed early, can heal everyone not just pets, can purify a target (SAGE Break in the Clouds) or squad (DEMON Comforting Mist), faster channeling on skills overall, higher water defense/wood defense
-cons: pet is not as strong as Veno's pet, pet can't tank bosses well (often times, Mystic is the tank, not the pet), burn way more MP than Veno

*Mystic vs Psychic
-pros: higher physical defense/water defense/wood defense, have a single target heal skill (Break in the Clouds), heal faster, have summon to aid in a battle
-cons: slower channeling overall, doesn't have attack level/defense level buff like Psychic, DEMON Comforting Mist is not 100% chance purify like SAGE Bubble of Life, no damage immunity skill like Psychic does

8. Level 100 Skills (Morai and Chrono)

Morai skills:
-Transfusion (Luminance): enemy target debuff, PvP skill, steal opponent's HP based on soulforce between the user and the target
-Invigorate (Corona): squad buff, increase the damage from skills (normal auto-attack is not affected by this skill), buff cannot be purged, buff is removed when you travel out or into an instance, buff has no effect in PvP
-Verdant Blessing (Luminance): squad buff, increase the amount of healing received and reduce the cooldown on HP/MP charm, does not stack with Empowered Vigor (Psychic's skill), same icon as Empowered Vigor, cannot be purged
-Mass Ressurection (Luminance): squad buff, party res buff version of SAGE Ressurection, note that the cooldown is 15 minutes so gather all squad members first then buff
-Mystical Eye (Shroud): self buff, PvP skill only, only detect a stealthed opponent and force out certain opponents out of stealth within certain range (doesn't show you where the stealthed character is, just the list of igns; also doesn't make you able to target the stealthed opponent)

*Order of getting in my opinion: Mass Ressurection/Verdant Blessing -> Invigorate -> Mystical Eye
*Order to join: Luminance -> Corona -> Shroud
*Transfusion book is tradeable

Chrono skills:
-Lucky Break: self buff, make all your attack deals critical hit (100% chance of success) for the next 10 seconds. Lucky Break won't make all summons, Thicket, Absorb Soul, Swirling Mist does critical hit damage.
-Swinging Cloud Dance: target heal, also gives temporary max HP buff to a target. Note: max HP buff has the same icon as Barbarian's Beast King Inspiration, most likely cancel the Barb's skill.
-Weeping Breeze Dance: active single-hit damage, basically an advanced version of Nature's Vengeance, also reduce target's max HP

*Order of getting in my opinion: Lucky Break -> Weeping Breeze Dance -> Swinging Cloud Dance


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PostSubject: Re: Mystic Guide Version 2   Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:08 pm

New skills lvl 100 (Morai):

*Sublime Transfusion: active debuff, target

*Gaia's Blessing: active buff, squad


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PostSubject: Re: Mystic Guide Version 2   Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:33 pm

You Forgot to mention that its Hard to fine Fashion for Males Mystic. D:
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There are no male mystics.

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PostSubject: Re: Mystic Guide Version 2   Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:44 am

Im a Male Mystic...i think..
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Fashion is totally subjective.. It doesn't have anything to do with this guide.. This guide is about skills, PvE, PvP, and tips how to play a Mystic.. Just the basic necessary stuff..

In response to Deino:
Deino, perhaps you should customize your character more instead of just going with basic customization.. Fashion is only helpful if you customize more of your character..


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Mystic Guide Version 2
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