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PostSubject: Morai   Morai EmptySat Jun 15, 2013 8:29 pm

New Features Added in the Descent Expansion

New Map - Morai
Map: https://i.imgur.com/CWeJp.jpg
Teleport Map: https://i.imgur.com/LGL2F.png
A new world of Morai is now accessible from the Spirit Loyan NPC in Elysium village. You have to be level 95+ to enter. The new map is roughly the size of the Earthguard lands added in the Genesis Expansion. After you complete the discovery quest you can enter Morai through the Morai Guide found in major cities.

Joining an Order
There are 3 orders headquartered in the new map you can align yourself with to gain access to new equipment, items, and skills.
Order of Corona
Located in Corona Sanctuary in the South East of Morai. To join talk to Corona King Kisian and pay a 200k fee.
Order of Shroud
Located in Shrouded Temple in the North East of Morai. To join talk to Shroud Prophet Mogo and pay a 200k fee.
Order of Luminance
Located in the Nexus of Luminance mid North of Morai. To join talk to Luminance Lord Gugg and pay a 200k fee.

Once you join an order you gain a new title above your name and the sigil of your order appears next to your portrait.
Acquiring Prestige and Influence
Joining an order is the first step to acquiring new gears and skills. Each order has their own Prestige and Influence that is particular to that order. Both are acquired through daily and weekly quests.
You can check how much Prestige and Influence you have by pressing the Order button in the character information window.
Gaining prestige with an order unlocks access to new items and equipment which you acquire by spending influence and coins.

Divine Quests
Each Order has their own divine emissary. Before talking to the Emissary you have to pick up a Divine Order of Longevity from your Order's leader. This is what lets you get quests from the Emissary. You can pick up 2 white Divine Quests per day or 1 purple Divine Quest (same total prestige either way).
White Quest = 20 Prestige / 10 influence
Purple Quest = 40 Prestige / 20 influence

Hour Quest
Once a day you can pick up a timed quest from the Lieutenant of your Order. This quest must be completed in one hour and awards 25 prestige and 10 influence.
Wraith Slayer Missive
The leader of your order will offer you a Wraith Slayer Missive. For a squad with at least 1 member from each of the other orders and the squad leader can pick up a Wraith Slaying quest from the order leader.

Completing this quests gives 60 Prestige and no influence. This can be done once per week and resets early Monday at midnight server time.

Saturday Public Event
There is a weekly public event every Saturday at 6:30 PM server time available from your Order's Lieutenant. Collectively 300 mobs have to be killed followed by a boss. Every order has their own separate public quest.

You need a minimum of 100 contribution points to get the award of 80 prestige and 30 influence. Everyone that does this minimum or better will receive the same reward regardless of rank.

Command Badges
When you have reached 580 prestige you can buy a badge from your Order's Chief for 150 influence to help you acquire prestige faster. There are 3 grades of badges available: +80%, +50%, and +20%. These badges only work in a particular order and choosing a badge type will make that type unavailable for the other 2 orders.
Leaving an Order
To leave an Order you have to talk to the leader of that order. Once you leave you sacrifice 5% of your accumulated prestige and influence with that order and can not join another Order for 1 day. You cannot leave another Order for 7 days after you leave an order.

New Instance - Endless Universe (Thanks go to Suaver - RT for this section)
A new instance is accessible in Morai called Endless Universe accessible from the Altar of Shades. You can enter this instance with a 10 person squad! This is a ONCE a day instance.
You must enter Morai, and complete the complete list of YELLOW Legendary quests. If you're having problems finding them, check your Available Quests section of your Quest Log.

Upon completion of the last quest on the chain, you will be asked to visit the Elder of 1000 Streams. When you do, be sure to pick up the Purple quest from him. Reenter Morai and follow its chain. It will bring you to the entrance npc of the new instance. Be sure to have "[Tuc Su Toxin]" in your inventory. Do NOT enter the instance until you have assembled a squad for this. It's once per day, and you will not be allowed back in if you leave after entering once. You're ready to find a squad. You MUST have at LEAST 8 people in order to start this new instance.
Click here for a walkthrough of the new instance
At the end you are rewarded with either 360k xp or a chest with a chance of holding the new G13 PVE gear.
New Equipment
The new equipment available in Descent has two new stats not seen in other equipment
Slaying Level - Increases damage done to monsters (but not players)
Warding Level - Reduces damage taken from monsters (but not players)

The benefit from these do not simply add with normal attack levels. The benefit multiplies. So if you get +30% damage from normal attack levels and +40% damage from slaying levels, together you won't have +70% damage (addition) but instead you will have +82% more damage since 1.3 * 1.4 = 1.82.
Slaying Damage Amplification = 3 * Slaying Level / ( 300 + Slaying Level )
Warding Damage Reduction = Warding Level / (Enemy Level + Warding Level)

In general this gear comes with low base stats but the Slaying Levels and Warding Levels make them pretty good for PVE. The refinement bonus is pretty good but due to the low base stats these are probably unsuitable for PVP.

The new equipment comes in 3 grades, this gear can not be traded or account stashed..
G12 - You get this set for free from the yellow discovery quest. The weapon comes with +45 Slaying Level.
G13 - Obtainable from the final Chest in the Endless Universe instance
G13 weapon = 3% chance, G13 armor = 17% chance. The weapon comes with +50 Slaying Level.
G15 - You can get this gear from your order. The full set is unlocked after obtaining 5,000 prestige. This gear comes with random stats that you can reroll by buying reroll mats with influence. The quality of the random adds is pretty high, it's on par with Nirvana G15 but don't expect to see any -interval anywhere (except for a -.05 set bonus). All of the weapons come with +60 Slaying Level.

The G15 gear is spread out across the 3 Orders. (credit to Korren for information here)
You unlock more and more of this gear as you accumulate Prestige.

G15 Boots = 2000 prestige requirement + 250 influence cost + 5.25m coin
G15 Wrist = 2500 prestige requirement + 250 influence cost + 5.25m coin
G15 Helm = 4000 prestige requirement + 340 influence cost + 7.14m coin
G15 Pants = 4500 prestige requirement + 340 influence cost + 7.14m coin
G15 Chest = 5000 prestige requirement + 340 influence cost + 7.14m coin
G15 Weapon = 5000 prestige requirement + 900 influence cost + 17.64m coin
Order of Corona
G15 Arcane Armors
G15 Daggers, Bow
Order of the Shroud
G15 Heavy Armors
G15 Arcane Weapons
Order of Luminance
G15 Light Armors
G15 Pole/Sword/Axes (No Fists / Claws)
New Skills Added in the Descent Expansion
How to Buy Skills
The "cheap" skills can be bought from the "basic" supply NPC near your order's leader. They are available under the Tier 1 sales tab when you have 40 prestige and cost only 15 influence + 105k coins. You can get this the first day! You can use an alt to acquire these skills fast if they are from an order you are not otherwise interested in. They all have a level 80 requirement.

Other skills come from the "advanced" supply menu from your order's "lieutenant" under the Tier 2 tab. These skills take much longer to get. They require 3,500 prestige and cost 675 influence (no coins). It will a few 6 weeks of Divine Quests / other dailies for that order to acquire these books and they can not be traded or account stashed. These have a level 100 requirement but still only require the level 79 cultivation.

The last set of skills can be found in the final reward from completing Advanced Endless Universe. Each book has a 0.2% chance to come from the final chest. These books are random but all are tradable.

Other Things You Can Buy From Your Order
180 prestige - 10 order teleport scrolls for 5 influence
Can teleport you from anywhere in the main map to your order's HQ
580 prestige - Command Badge to gain prestige faster for 150 influence
Can gain prestige at +80% / +50% / 20% rates. One type per order.
1500 prestige - trade in for XP / SP / Rep 5 influence at a time up to 20 times a day (only useable if you have 1500 prestige or more in your current order)
Corona - 22,600 Spirit
Shroud - 100,000 XP
Luminance - 80 reputation
2500 prestige - Exclusive Shard for 90 influence + coin (tradeable)
Corona - Exclusive Sapphire Shard - mattack +42 or mres +57 (1.575m coin)
Shroud - Exclusive Garnet Shard - pattack +42 or pdef +70 (1.575m coin)
Luminance - Exclusive Citrine Shard - HP +65 (3.675m coin)
3000 prestige - Baby pet for 340 influence
Corona - Little Dino
Shroud - Lovestruck Guppy
Luminance - Crystalspine Garuda
5000 prestige
Special Unicorn Mount - 980 influence + 9.24m coins
Corona - Red Cosmos
Shroud - Yellow Cosmos
Luminance - Purple Cosmos

Exclusive Rune - 10 influence and 1 coin
Corona - Exclusive Sparkle Rune - Max Phys Attack +130 for 60mins
Shroud - Exclusive Flood Rune - Max Mag Attack +130 for 60mins
Luminance - Exclusive Citrine Rune - HP +245 for 60mins
Other Stuff
Changes to Existing Skills
- Seeker squad buffs will no longer consume a mirage
- Quid Pro Quo can no longer transfer the "Decrease Maximum HP" debuff
- Absolute Domain genie skill is no longer an AOE
- 5% damage decrease to 4aps and 5aps (confirmed), "20% accuracy decrease" (unobserved)

Treasure Hunter
There is a new Treasure Hunter chinmei NPC that has appeared in South Archosaur and other cities. Pay him 88k and he will give you a treasure map. Click the map to see a spot somewhere in the world with a red X. If you find this spot a chest will appear that you can dig and summon a mob. If you are having trouble finding the spot in-game you can try looking for it on this large map: http://ecatomb.net/carte/world2-hd.jpg

The summoned mob has a chance to drop a higher level map or rare materials for g12 / g14 ornaments (crafted at the Treasure Hunter). The mob gets progressively harder with higher and higher level treasure maps up to map level 5. The 5th mob is difficult and you may need a squad to help you kill him but he drops the rarest and most expensive mats.
10 man squads
The squad limit has been raised to 10 but not for old instances. The only real instance that supports 10 people is the new "Endless Universe".

You can also have 10 man squads in the world map, in shared maps like Lothranis and OHT, and in TW.
New Veno Rare Pet.
There is a new rare pet in Morai that is a very good DD pet, second only to a pheonix. It's a bone dragon called "Derjan's Ancient Hatchling" patrols the area (354 538), (346 528), (362 544) in the area called "Derjan's Rest". The respawn time is 24 - 48 hours and the pet can not be traded or account stashed (so it's unlikely it will be camped).
Lucidgold / Lucidsilver Envoy
There is a new daily with a chance at some incredible prizes. To start it you must talk to the new Envoy NPCs found in starting areas / arch.
Talk to the Lucidsilver envoy between 8:00pm and 9:00pm server time for a free Lucidsilver Chest after a 30 minute wait. Talk to the Lucidgold envoy between 9:00pm and 10:00pm for a free Lucidgold Chest. These chests have a small chance at some incredible prizes.

Lucidsilver Chest: http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/quest/26120
Lucidgold Chest: http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/quest/26121
Some of the items you can win:
- Platinum Charms
- Mounts
- Scroll of Tome
- Lunar Insignia Ornament
- An Ultimate Soulgem Pack http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/quest/24910
New Loading Screens
New Login Screen

Not quite done with this but will add more stuff laters.
So any changes that you guys noticed, anything in the patch that should be elaborated? Any new bugs?

One thing that is noted is that the slaying level items gained from the morai order people is equipped in same spot as jones blessing.
New Things
Some new items gained from orders are equipped in jones blessing slot.
Fairy Boxes now require a key to open, obtained from doing your BH1. You get 6 keys from 1 BH. So if you have an alt to open boxes, make sure you are doing that alts BH.

Aurora NPC has a quest cap of 10, at the moment is something that is going to be limited time only.
New Gear Slots for Morai Items
Abba boss has a reverse BP buff that heals it the more damage it takes, also allows it to deal greater damage. Buff looks like two red circles. You can purge the healing buff, but not the anti-aps buff.
Genesis Music replaced fly with me again.

New Vile:Snakeguardian Boss turns people into frogs, during which time you are unable to cast skills. Also casts absorbing array, so it absorbs some of the party's heals. BB is not cancelled when you are turned into a frog. True form for barbs however is cancelled.

Warsong appears to be more difficult in the following way:
Originally Posted by Kerona - Sanctuary
They increased difficulty in soloed Pavilions, definitely. The head now has a random purge and 1 shot (hit r9 full vit barb for 47k, so really, 1 shot 1 shot) so you MUST kite it. Some of the mobs now random buff themselves and it seems a few more do a suicidal explosion which can be nasty for any melee.

The bosses are the same, though.
Originally Posted by bladerunnerdm
it's not the hexadhead please fix this in first post...

the monsters have a 5~10% chance to cast a skill on dead (maybe depending on class):
Originally Posted by jabq
They already had that before as well. If you killed mobs when they spoke, they dealt massive damage upon death, now is the same. Just seems the time when the speak is shorter, could be the same, but I am too distracted to notice.
Cooldowns on various skills. (Thanks Kerona)
7. Skill Adjustments:

Venomancer (we THINK)
Natural Synergy CD reduced from 180 to 120 seconds.

Battousai CD reduced from 6 seconds to 4 seconds (includes sage demon versions)

Blade Master:
Upgraded Blade Tornado increased damage from 200% to 450% and reduce Cooldown from 300 seconds to 180 seconds.

Upgraded Time reversals CD reduced to 45 seconds from 60 seconds.
Ice Prison skill cooldown reduced 180 to 120 seconds.

Purple Dance no longer reduces HP.
Upgraded Purple Dance adds HP (based on level).

Cooldown of DQ drop skill reduced to 20 seconds.
Fixed additional stealth levels gotten from squad stealth skill.
Originally Posted by Saethos - Raging Tide
Blademaster: Surely you mean Sword Cyclone?

ALSO our marrows have been lowered to 10 seconds from 15
Originally Posted by Grushdeva - Dreamweaver
Seekers voidstep has had its cooldown reduced from 180 sec to 90 as well.
Originally Posted by KingCrash - Dreamweaver
Seeker's Last Stand has had it's channel made instant now.
Player info allows you to see player level

Advanced AU requires a new set of yellow quests to be completed in order to do. You should get a pop up while in Morai in order to start the quests. When you talk to an NPC to turn in a part, talk to them again if no new quests pops up as the next step doesn't always appear in available quests.

Mystics/Veno gets notice when summons/pet enter/leaves safe zone.

Crystalspine Garuda got a size increase.
Exclusive Garnets are called sage/demon ones now. Appears to still give the same item.

Advanced Bosses in Lunar and Snake drop untradeable molds. Everyone in squad however gets a badge for facing the boss. You will need two of any given mold + certain number of badges to craft the new gear.

New gear slots are for new items that increase your prestige faster. These items have a set amount of extra prestige that they give you.

Mirage Guards added to BH51
Firecrag Grotto's first big room has experienced the following change:
Originally Posted by Mayfly - Dreamweaver
It's 2 Florafangs (one at either end) with 4 flower adds each. The charmeca flowers are completely passive unless attacked. The Florafangs (and any flowers that have been killed) will quickly respawn when killed, but they are avoidable.
Various Changes to Trophy Mode in Lunar
Kerona's Guide to Advanced Endless Universe
NPC at Order HQ gives 2 week time limited fashion for 240k+influence.
Wizard Slaves in Morai has decreased HP from 59876 to 49876

Client is crashing to desktop more often: Reference this post
Originally Posted by SylenThunder - Sanctuary
I kind of skimmed over the pages but didn't see this mentioned....

elementclient.exe has been broken. The memory leak that the client has suffered for ages is worse. When the client CTD's without error, the process will lock and not get cleared from running processes. It sometimes requires a complete reboot to resolve this as killing it is ineffective.

Plus, the client CTD's considerably more than it did before last weeks update, and most of the time it doesn't even show the "report Bugs" window, or anything in the error log. (I've seen more Report Bugs in the past week on my systems than I have in the past two years.)

On low-end to mid-range video cards, there is a much higher percentage of graphical glitches and neither the card manufacturer or the driver version seems to make any difference.

I'm speaking from 25 years of software coding and hardware experience, I have 10 different systems that I test this on in various environments. I have delved into the actual code of the server and the specific client files for over a year now, I've even submitted code fixes to the dev's.
Stolen from: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1295271
Stolen from: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1362921

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."
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PostSubject: Re: Morai   Morai EmptySat Jun 15, 2013 8:29 pm

Skills Details
This is complete information about all the new skills added except for some MP values.

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."
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PostSubject: Re: Morai   Morai EmptyThu Jun 20, 2013 2:08 pm

Some corrections since the info you posted are from ages ago:


-Telekinesis IS affected by attack and defense levels. Also has a chance of dealing 1.5x damage (non-crit) with 2 times the critical hit chance of the user. 
-If Spirit Phalanx is casted on a vortexing Seeker, BB Cleric, DB Wizzy, and BoA Archer make them stop channeling. Haven't got any info about whether Spirit Phalanx will break BM's Sword Cyclone/Blade Tornado since BM who channels BT is immune to freeze/slow/sleep/stun that comes with the skill. Although Spirit Phalanx DOES NOT prevent stun by using anti stun skill/apo in advance such as fortify, AD, vacuity powder.
-Summon doesn't need to be hotkeyed. All you gotta do is right click on the squad member on the squad list and click on summon.
-I don't have Shroud of Shadow yet. But, Veil of Shadow is pretty junk and only good to look for its animation. Basically, it gives new buff that makes you untargetable by enemies (PvP only I believe) and the character goes into stealth mode (invinsible character).
-I don't have Psionic Link so I can't say much about the skill.


-Mass Ressurection has 15 minutes cooldown. A revived person with this buff would revive with 50% hp and mp and -5% exp out of the supposed exp lost if the person didn't have res buff and just ported to town.
-Invigorate buffs loses whenever you switch map/instances. For example, going from Archo to OHT and vice versa will cause you to lose Invigorate. Invigorate stays when you port in between the same instance. For example, going in between rooms in TT 2-3.
-Verdant Blessing doesn't make hp/mp charm ticks faster. Gonna have to confirm this since I don't wear charm in ages.
-Mystical Eye lists the stealthed players nearby. The list is 50 meters aoe range, but only force stealth anyone with same level or under inside 25 meters aoe range. Not sure if Mystical Eye will force same lvl sin using demon/sage shadow escape out of stealth or not.
-Transfusion/Sublime Transfusion. It's kind of a junk skill imo. I used it against a cleric in NW, but I barely heal anything (yes, the cleric heals as well). The spark cost isn't worth it. Might as well just 2 shot the cleric with NV -> AS.

**When you get to level 95, a yellow quest will pop up that tells you to go to Morai. You can't use the teleporter in Archo and other main cities yet. You need to fly to Elysium Village and starts from there first.

**You don't need to do this quest to join orders. All you need is go to the order you want (Luminance, for example). Click on M and check where is Nexus of Luminance. Fly there and talk to the leader or whatever. Pay 200k to join Luminance. Once joining, you can't leave for 1 week (it's calculated based on 24 hours x 7). Once you join, you can do the daily quests consist of: 1 timered quest (1 hour timer) and 2 white divine order quests or 1 purple divine order quest. The timered quest give mystical pills and reflective shard.

**Timered quests for Luminance (either of these three, everyone in Luminance gets the same timered quest for that day, just like BH):
-Wizard Slave (kill 20) --> pure magic mobs, runners. Don't use melee pet to kill as they keep running.
-Glimmering Specter (kill 20) --> pure melee mobs. Just use plume shell and WoP on cleric. For Veno, it's a no brainer. They fly low so just attack from the ground (you won't get damage reduction attacking from ground).
-Crimsonbull (kill 3) --> pure melee mini boss. Need to kill 3 of them. Just tank with pet, they don't hit hard.

**Divine Orders:
-purple: Valiant Mastiff (kill 10) --> pure melee mobs
-white: Felsutra Page, Dantas Key, Travelogue (farming quests, need to farm 5 each)
-white: Noctilucent, Iridiscent Beetle, Hellish Bat, Sadistic Wraithguard, Virulent Wraithguard (mob kills)

If I were you at level 95, I just pick easy farming quests. If somehow you don't get a choice to do farming, pick the mob quest closest to Nexus of Luminance. I usually do 5 of the mobs above. Virulent is a poison magic mob, so it might be easy for cleric. Noctilucent and Sadistic are pure melees (maybe better for Veno). Hellish Bat are flying magic mob (again, they fly low so you can attack from the ground). Iridiscent Beetle are pure melee-no auto aggro mob (you can sit next to it and not getting aggroed by mob as long as you don't attack it).


Morai Tag-Jinae
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PostSubject: Re: Morai   Morai EmptyThu Jun 20, 2013 3:46 pm

Lists of possible quests in Luminance, Shroud, and Corona:

-Base: Nexus of Luminance
-Timer quests: Wizard Slave, Glimmering Specter, Crimsonfin Bull
-Divine Orders purple: Valiant Mastiff
-Divine Orders white: Noctilucent, Iridiscent Beetle, Hellish Bat, Travelogue, Felsutra Page, Dantas Key, and many more

-Base: Shrouded Temple
-Timer quests: Wraith Flower, Dire Buzzard, Venom Shadow
-Divine Orders purple: Barksteel Dryad
-Divine Orders white: Metallic Plates, Felforce Shards, Lifeforce Shards, Rakshasa Deathlord, Rakshasa Concubine, Dragonscale Landshark, and many more

-Base: Corona Sanctuary
-Timer quests: Warrior Slave, Crimsonfin Warrior, Fiendish Buzzard
-Divine Orders purple: Deceptive Fairy
-Divine Orders white: (can't remember on top of my head. Haven't been in Corona for months).


Morai Tag-Jinae
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