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 Morai Expansion (level 79 and 100 Chrono Skills)

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PostSubject: Morai Expansion (level 79 and 100 Chrono Skills)   Thu Sep 19, 2013 2:28 pm

We might or might not get this in PWI, but just take it as a precaution for now:

Level 79 Skills
*Must be at least level 79 and have minimum cultivation "Aware of the Void" to learn the skills (level 79 culti done).
*I'm not sure whether the books are tradeable/stashable or not.
*Need a minimum of 7000 prestige to get the skill.
*Need a minimum of 30 influence to buy each skill.

-Blademaster: Smack, Bolt of Tyreseus, Dragon Bane
-Cleric: Wings of Protection, Guardian Light
-Assassin: Condensed Thorn, Healing Trance
-Mystic: Nature's Barrier, Clear Thoughts

-Wizard: Elemental Shell, Soporific Whisper, Undine Strike
-Venomancer: Feral Concentration, Myriad Rainbow (fox), Myriad Rainbow (human)
-Psychic: Tradewind, Crystal Light

-Archer: Elven Alacrity, Blessing of The Condor
-Barbarian: Violent Triumph, Untamed Wrath
-Seeker: Arme Nier, Last Stand

Level 100 Skills Chrono
*must be at least level 100
*must have either Celestial Sage or Celestial Demon as the cultivation to learn the skills
*I'm not sure whether the book is tradeable/stashable or not (most likely not).
*Must have a minimum of 7000 prestige to buy the skill.
*Must have a minimum of 500 influence to buy each skill.

-Wizard: Manifest Virtue
-Archer: Awaken
-Barbarian: Clean Sweep
-Venomancer: Arcane Antinomy
-Psychic: Sandball Clash
-Seeker: Duelist's Glee
-Mystic: Lucky Break
**None for Blademaster, Cleric, Assassin**

-Blademaster: Flash
-Archer: Blood Vow
-Cleric: Elven Boon
-Barbarian: Ancestral Rage
-Seeker: Rewinding Gesture
-Mystic: Weeping Breeze Dance
**None for Venomancer, Psychic, Wizard, Assassin**

-Blademaster: Buddha's Guard
-Wizard: Elemental Invocation
-Cleric: Seal of the God
-Venomancer: Fossilized Curse
-Assassin: Blood Frenzy, Spell Cutter
-Psychic: Stone Smasher
-Mystic: Swinging Cloud Dance
**None for Barbarian, Archer, Seeker**


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PostSubject: Re: Morai Expansion (level 79 and 100 Chrono Skills)   Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:14 am

This would make getting 79 and 100 skills easier, that's for sure.

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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
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PostSubject: Re: Morai Expansion (level 79 and 100 Chrono Skills)   Wed Oct 02, 2013 3:30 pm

It is confirmed that it's in the patch. The list of the books can be viewed at the NPC on each order (NPC that sells basic supply). Both level 79 and 100 Chrono skills are TRADEABLE. So, it is best to just put each character on different order since getting 7k prestige is going to be around 4-5 months of doing Morai everyday.

Basically, what you need:

1) Item from "Venus" quest. This quest is available from any Order Leader NPC (the NPC that gives Divine Emissary and Wraithslayer Missive quests). If you're a Luminance, you can pick up the quest from Shroud/Corona/Lumi Leader. You don't have to go to Lumi everytime to pick the quest. This quest is only available if you have a minimum of 5k prestige on at least one of the orders.

The item is untradeable (I believe it's unstashable as well). All you gotta do is talk to a roaming NPC in Morai called Deity Messenger. He walks back and forth between Candlelight Village and just outside Corona Sanctuary. Finishing "Venus" quest gives you 20 influence.

2)-3 White Scrolls needed for each level 79 skill (cost 10 influence each). Scrolls are untradeable and unstashable.
-50 White Scrolls needed for each level 100 Chrono skill.

**Free level 79 or 100 Chrono books**

You can get a random skillbook from a new quest. This quest has a requirement:
-Minimum level 95 and have finished morai yellow quest. The reason for this is because you need to be able to enter EU (Endless Universe). You are only able to enter EU once a day with an item called "Tuc Su Toxin". To get the item, you need to complete morai chain quest up until you have to talk to 1k Elder (who gives you a level 95 morai wep).
-Minimum cultivation of either Aware of the Myriad (level 89 Sage) or Aware of the Void (level 89 Demon). The reason for this is because you need to go to SoT and Aba as part of the quest chain.

*Quest starts from PWI Billboard Notice. The quest is totally soloable. Don't be scared of doing SoT or aba because all you need is just go to the entrance of each instance and talk to NPC. You need to kill some power balls (blue/red/yellow). No boss needed.
*There's a mini boss inside EU that you have to kill. Boss deals around 900-1k magic damage on my self-buffed 7k hp mystic. You can kill this boss with a squad. I just went in with both characters and solo him on mystic. Reminder: you can only enter EU once a day. So, go in with all characters and kill just 1 boss for all characters. It'll give you credits for all characters.
*Skillbooks are random, depending on your class. You can get either level 79 or 100 books. Myself, I get Stone Smasher on Psy (Chrono skill) and Swinging Cloud Dance on Mystic (also Chrono skill).


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PostSubject: Re: Morai Expansion (level 79 and 100 Chrono Skills)   

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Morai Expansion (level 79 and 100 Chrono Skills)
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