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 Tips on How to Choose the "Best" Class

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Tips on How to Choose the "Best" Class Empty
PostSubject: Tips on How to Choose the "Best" Class   Tips on How to Choose the "Best" Class EmptyMon Jul 30, 2012 12:25 am

Many people asks me:
*Which is the best class in Perfect World International?
*Which is the most fun class?

I answer: NONE

Yes, that's right. There is no such thing as the best class in Perfect World. The most fun class for one person is different than the other person. What you think is the most fun class for you may be different than other people. The "best" class for you is the class that you enjoy playing the most.

When people ask me those questions above, I can only give some tips on how to choose the class that fits for you. Be honest to yourself. In the end, you decide.

1. Playstyle

Ask yourself these questions:

*Do I prefer a physical user or magical user?
For physical user, unless you play a Seeker, people will always tie you up with aps (attack speed). Think carefully whether you want an aps character or not. Magical user will always be tied up with channeling. Also, there is a trend that the physical users that generally whack their melee attack or shoot arrows will keep continue attacking even after you use one of your skills. Think whether you want to play like this. The magical users will not continually shoot out regular attack. But be mindful, the mages really dependent on their own spells, which means MP burn.

Physical users: Blademaster, Barbarian, Archer, Assassin, Seeker
Magical users: Wizard, Venomancer, Cleric, Psychic, Mystic

*Do I prefer melee or range?
Generally all the magical users can be considered as a "range character" except for Fox Veno. Their range may not match the range of Archer. But their range is close to Archer. Archer, from the name itself, is a physical range character. I would say Seeker has a mid range, although most of their skills are still melee. Remember that as a melee, it means that you have to go right on the mobs' face to even deal damage to them. This also means that your HP will be depleted fast cause you take so much damage, and possibly a high repair bills as well. Magical users have very low and close to zero repair bill at lower levels. Even at my level, level 90, I only have 40k repair bill to fix my Psy's sphere for 2 days of continously killing mobs. I fix my armor once a week because I barely got hit and they barely lose duras anyways. Magical users have very low repair bill, but also very low HP and defense. High chance that you will die a lot. So think about it.

Melees: Blademaster, Barbarian, Assassin, Seeker (these classes are able to receive bloodpaint)
Range: Wizard, Venomancer, Archer, Cleric, Psychic, Mystic (these classes are unable to receive bloodpaint)

*This class is weak! This class sucks. You said to me that all classes are balanced? That's nonsense!
This is a common misconception. It's not the class that is weak and sucks. I'm telling you, it is you who can't handle the learning curve of the class. All classes are created to be balanced on their own ways at the end. What makes a difference is the learning curve of each class. The classes aren't created with the same difficulty. Some classes have a short learning curve, what you call an "easy" class. Generally, a lot of people start out with whatever class. Just like you before you read this thread. You think that this and this class is interesting and you just play it. Turns out that your class dies a lot and deals weak damage. You get frustrated and quit, or you try a class that has a short learning curve. This is perfectly fine for a beginner. Once you get the grasp of the game, try to go back on your first character that you find interesting but has a high learning curve. See if you manage to play it better than when you are started.

Since I only play Psychic and Mystic in depth, I'm only going to give the comparison between the two:

Generally, they both have a similar learning curve. I would say that Psychic's learning curve is very short in the beginning. The class is very easy for a starter. If you are interested to start as a Psychic, it's just a matter of hours going from level 1 to level 30. I guarantee that you will be pleased of a Psychic's fast channeling, high damage, and kills mobs before they even get to you. Then, the curve gets higher and higher. At higher level, you either die a lot or you realize that you need HP charm to save your life (please note: this is a view from someone who starts out as a Psychic and do not have experience in playing 90+ high level characters, nor have a budget to gear up the Psychic. No powerlevel Psychic). In terms of 1 vs 1 mob, it is still very easy. Mobbing can be tricky and this when the curve is high. You just have to get the timing right on certain skills. This is really hard especially when your buffs last under 10 seconds. It took me a couple kill to understand a mob' pattern and to time my buff and debuff correctly. Most often than not I mis-time my buff and mobs die longer or I end up dying.

Mystic has a higher learning curve in the beginning compared to Psychic. First of all, you won't have your pet until level 7 and did the quest. Mystic kills slower on your own. Although you have heals to back you up, the heal won't do much at level 1 or 2. And healing means not killing. After you have your pet, everything will be an easy mode from level 7 to 30. I would say the learning curve drops from here compared to level 1 to 7. Your pet can tank mobs at those levels. As you progress, the learning curve gets higher. It is especially high when you have the pressure to solo heal. But. don't make it as a burden. Enjoy the flow, learning from experience. For soloing mini bosses or TT solo bosses, it can be done very easily. It's easier to do it on a Mystic than a Psychic since my Mystic is not even HP/MP charmed.

2. Budget

Think how much you would spend on a character. If a character needs an extremely good gears to excel, think whether you can afford to do it. If budget is an issue to gear up your favorite character, make another character that is a money maker to gear up your fave or merchant for your life. If you can afford with real life money, then think how much dollars you want to spend to gear it up. Whatever the reason, don't give up on your character because you can't afford and you don't make an effort to afford.

3. Follow your Heart

You are freely to play all the classes on your own wish just to find which class is the "best" for you. You can also do like what I did. Instead of trying each class, I spend ~10 days looking up guides and skills, maybe some playstyle and animation. Watch some vids would be good as well. Decide which class fits for you. This always works for me. So, I don't have so many characters just ending up ditching them all but 1. Hard to find the cool IGNs too with so many characters.


Tips on How to Choose the "Best" Class Tag-Jinae
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Tips on How to Choose the "Best" Class
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