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 Tips and Tricks

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PostSubject: Tips and Tricks   Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:51 pm

Post tips and tricks that will help you play the game more effectively.
Will update.

After completing a dungeon, you want to leave right?
Everyone leaves party, but the leader of the party is unable to leave this way. Some nice person from the party should invite the leader into their party, this way the leader can also leave easily without the hassle of walking back or using town portal.

Need chi and don't want to spend time spamming skills or maybe you have no spammable skills?
Duel with a friend without weapons to raise chi.

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PostSubject: Re: Tips and Tricks   Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:53 pm

Duel without a weapon? Normal attack works that way?

I thought u gotta equip some kind of weapon to attack..

My tips:

Want to save money? Avoid using Teleport Master too much
Just fly to your next destination.. Flying is totally free..

Feels that you are too slow at killing mobs your level?
-Check your ability points (your stats) might screw up
-Make sure you fight a white-named mobs or green-named mobs.. Yellow and orange mobs are too high levels for you..
-Your weapon needs an upgrade

Why my Genie won't attack?
Check the Genie's stamina bar.. You might run out of it.. Feed the Genie with Yiyuan Stones or higher grade stones.. Buy grade 1 or 2 weapons and decompose it at blacksmith..

I need more coins. How do I get more coins?
-Farming instances (TT/Nirvana/Caster Nirvana)
-Farming DQ items.. Either NPC them for DQ points or sell to Catshops..
-Charge Zen (aka cashshopping)
-Farming herbs and ores.. Sell them over in AH or Catshops..
You need to do either one of the above.. If you don't do any of the above (e.g. doing FC heads all the time, BH all the time, leeching vortex all the time), you won't have any money..

I need more spirits. Will I get more later on?
Yes, you will have too much spirits at the endgame..

I screw up my stats!! OMG!! I have 117 str as a cleric and I'm only lvl 50 =/
-Buy the reset note to reset your stats (cost gold)
-Start over your character
-Convert to light armor/heavy armor cleric (not recommended)

I make a character in Lost City server, but I want to play with my friends in Raging Tide. Can I transfer my character over to RT?
Unfortunately, no.. You will have to make a new character in the new server..

Is it worth my money to keep raising my crafting skills?
No, unless you plan on making Nirvana equips.. They cost too much and might as well buy the easy-go crafting skills in cash shop (when they are on sale)..

Are there any benefits from getting married in the game?
-Marriage Quest (MQ) gives nice exp.. Only available for married couples..
-Wedding Candies for your lovely r8 gloves and boots..
-Your spouse's name will be forever on top of your head (unless you divorce your spouse ;o)

What is the best class in this game?
There is no such thing as the "best" class.. Every class has its own pros and cons.. Certain classes excel at certain instances, while others don't.. Play a class that you enjoy the most..


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Tips and Tricks
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