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 Mystic Comparison with Other Mages

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Location : NY
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PostSubject: Mystic Comparison with Other Mages   Mon Oct 17, 2011 1:02 am

Basically, Mystic isn't just Veno + Cleric (at the beginning, it looks like it).. Later on, they are more like Wizard + Psychic.. So, Mystic is basically a class that takes a little bit of skill from other mage without being able to be as good as if it's pure summoner (Veno), pure healer (Cleric), pure mobbers (Wizard), pure nuker on 1 vs 1 (Psychic).. Several reason might comes up on why you play Mystic.. If you like all mages but too lazy making them all, then Mystic is for you..

Comparison skills:

*)Main attacking, 1 vs 1 skill
Mystic - Nature's Vengeance
Veno - Venomous Scarab
Cleric - Great Cyclone

*)AoE + freeze effect
Mystic - Gale Force
Cleric - Siren's Kiss
Veno - Noxious Gas (only the damage)

*)Knockback skill
Mystic - Bramble Tornado
Psychic - Landslide
Wizard - Will of the Phoenix
Veno - Lucky Scarab (only the damage)

*)Ultimates AoE
Mystic - Thicket
Wizard - Black Ice Dragon Strike and Mountain's Seize

*)Element masteries
Mystic - Wood mastery
Cleric - Metal mastery
Wizard - Fire mastery, aqua spirit, earthen spirit
Psychic - Aqua spirit, earthen spirit

*)Single target healing, no cooldown
Mystic - Break in the Clouds
Cleric - Wellspring Surge
Wizard - Morning Dew

*)Huge HP healing
Mystic - Falling Petals
Cleric - Ironheart Blessing

*)AoE party heal
Mystic - Comforting Mist
Cleric - Chromatic Healing Beam
Psychic - Bubble of Life

*)Revive on the same spot with reduced exp loss
Mystic - Ressurect
Cleric - Revive

*)Elemental resistance
Mystic - Verdant Shell
Cleric - Vanguard Spirit/Magical Shell
Wizard - Stone Barrier

*)Reduce channeling
Mystic - Rapid Growth
Psychic - Tide Spirit

*)Pet healing
Mystic - Heal Summon
Veno - Heal Pet

Source: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1016301


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PostSubject: Re: Mystic Comparison with Other Mages   Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:30 am


I lol'd at Great Cyclone being main attack, it's got a huge cooldown, I only use it once cuz it slows enemies. My main attacking skill on cleric is Plume Shot which has no cooldown, so I can spam it.

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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

PostSubject: Re: Mystic Comparison with Other Mages   Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:37 pm

Plume Shot is the purple magic arrow? ;o

Well then, Nature's Vengeance = Plume Shot in that case.. Nature Vengeance is spammable.. I think it falls slightly lower damage than plume shot, but faster channeling.. Maybe the person doesn't play a cleric or even doesn't play a mystic (just comparing skills and whatnot)..

Idk what Great Cyclone does then.. Huge cooldown? Mystic doesn't have skills similar to that, but we have an attack that does such a huge damage for such a long channeling (around 5 secs channeling or so).. Didn't really see the damage, but I was able to 2hko lvl 19 mobs with 1.7k hp.. Nature vengeance to initiate attack and bring weakness to it, then do absorb soul for high damage..


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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

PostSubject: Re: Mystic Comparison with Other Mages   Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:00 am

More of the difference after comparing with Mel Mel's veno and cleric:

1)Mystic - Veno:
*Mystic's pet cannot be unsummoned.. The only way to make your pet disappear is to kill your pet.. Veno's pet can be unsummoned and it's a fast one..
*Mystic's pet has no exp, while Veno's pet has exp.. This makes Mystic's pet always equal to the Mystic's level, while Veno's pet might be different level than the Veno's level..
*Mystic can only choose their pets based on what's available. In order of availability: Devil Chihyu (level 7), Storm Mistress (level 23), Salvation Emerges (level 33), Cragglord (level 59). To tame the pet, a Mystic has to do quests and get skill books. Quest will involve killing the respective pet (with buffed hp compared to regular mobs, same level).. Veno can choose certain pets and tame them like Pokemon.. Weaken then catch..
*Mystic's pet requires spirits to upgrade to the next level, while Veno doesn't..
*Mystic doesn't need to feed their pets and doesn't need hay to expand their pet bag (Mystic doesn't need pet bag for our pets).. Veno needs to feed the pet and expand pet bag for more pets..

2)Mystic - Cleric:
*Mystic heal skills draws aggro to the user eventhough the Mystic only heals themselves or their pet.. Cleric heal skills doesn't draw aggro if they only heal themselves.. Both heals from Mystic and Cleric draw aggro if they choose to heal companions..


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PostSubject: Re: Mystic Comparison with Other Mages   

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Mystic Comparison with Other Mages
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