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 v.96 AfterShock Update Notes

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PostSubject: v.96 AfterShock Update Notes   Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:42 am

Ultimate Explorer
· Lv.120 Cygnus Knights who have made the advancement to Chief Knight and completed the Empress's Grace quest can create an Ultimate Explorer through Empress Cygnus in Ereve. One Cygnus Knight can create one Ultimate Explorer. After creating an Ultimate Explorer, a Cygnus Knight cannot create another one, even if the first Ultimate Explorer that was created is deleted.
· You will choose a class of Explorer, and a Lv.50 character will be created. NOTE: You cannot create a Dual Blade Ultimate Explorer.
· You must have an empty character slot in order to make an Ultimate Explorer.
· The skin color of your Cygnus Knight carries over to the Ultimate Explorer they create.
· Ultimate Explorers share a Cash Inventory with regular (non-Dual Blade) Explorers.
· Ultimate Explorers have a max level of 200.
· Ultimate Explorer’s receive the skill Empress’s Might, an Empress’s Fine Set of equipment, and a Successor medal.
· Empress’s Might: [Max Level: 1] Allows the character to equip items that have a level requirement up through ten levels higher than the character, if the character meets the other stat requirements.
· Empress’s Fine Set: Includes a hat, a robe, gloves, shoes, and a weapon. Talk to Empress Cygnus upon reaching Lv.70 to upgrade to the Empress’s Brilliant Set.
· Successor: HP.MP +200 / ATT, Magic ATT+2 / Speed, Jump+10. This medal includes the name of your Cygnus Knight. For example, if Cygnus Knight Mihile created an Ultimate Explorer, that Ultimate Explorer would receive a medal named Mihile’s Successor.
· Ultimate Explorers also receive a Cygnus Knight skill corresponding to their job. The skill level increases automatically every ten levels, and each has a Max Level of 5. These skills are Mihile’s Soul Driver (Warriors), Oz’s Flame Gear (Magicians), Irena’s Wind Piercing (Bowmen), Eckhart’s Vampire (Thieves), and Hawkeye’s Shark Wave (Pirates).

Cygnus Knights update
New skills:
· Empress’s Blessing: [Max Level: 24] Your other characters in the same world receive a buff based on the level of a Cygnus Knight you have in that world. For every 5 levels your Cygnus Knight gains, the skill levels up and gives an additional +1 to ATT, Magic ATT, ACC, and Avoidability. This skill does not stack with Blessing of the Fairy. You will receive a buff from whichever skill is the highest level.
· Empress’s Shout: [Master Level: 1] HP/MP permanently increase by 20% when this skill is obtained. It is received upon completion of the quest Empress’s Grace, which is available to Lv.120 Cygnus who have made the advancement to Chief Knight.
· Empress’s Prayer: [Master Level: 1] An active buff the increases ATT and Magic ATT for two hours. It also enables a Cygnus Knight using it to hit monsters that are considerably higher in level than they are. The buff does not disappear when a character dies, and it cannot be canceled by monster skills. It requires 24 hours of play time to recharge. It is received upon completion of the quest Empress’s Grace, which is available to Lv.120 Cygnus who have made the advancement to Chief Knight.

Explorer update

Explorers can obtain Empress's Might and the Cygnus Knight attack skills that Ultimate Explorers receive by reaching lv. 70 and going through the 3rd Job Advancement. Empress's Might can be obtained by completing a quest from your 1st job instructor. The Cygnus Knight attack skill available to your job can be received from the corresponding Cygnus Knight job instructors. Warriors go to Mihile, Magicians go to Oz, Bowmen go to Irena, Thieves and Dual Blades go to Eckhart, and Pirates go to Hawkeye. The quest for the attack skill you obtain can be repeated every ten levels in order to raise the level of the skill.

NOTE: The drop rate for the items to complete these quests is very low. This is by design.

Von Leon

· Lion King’s Castle
Lion King’s Castle is a new area for Lv.120+ characters. It has strong monsters and its own set of quests. Parties receive bonus EXP for defeating monster, 50% extra for each additional party member for a max of 250% extra EXP for parties of six. It can be reached through the portal to Desolate Moor, in Sharp Cliff 4, in El Nath’s Dead Mine.
· Von Leon Expedition [Level Requirement: Lv.120+]
Characters that have completed certain quests in Lion King’s Castle can participate in a 6-30 player expedition to fight Von Leon, the Red Lion King. Von Leon and his minions are extremely powerful, so come well prepared, and be mindful of the cooldown on potions while in the fight. Characters can enter the fight once per day. Dying during the fight does not spell the end: Characters resurrect nearby and can quickly jump back into the fight. There is a one hour time limit on the fight, and there is a three minute time limit to start the fight from the moment your expedition enters Von Leon’s audience room.
· Von Leon equipment
Von Leon equipment for all jobs is available for purchase from Murt in Lion King’s Castle. To obtain the currency to purchase the equipment, you must obtain Lion King’s Medals from defeating Von Leon, and you must collect Purification tokens dropped by Von Leon, the monsters in Lion King’s Castle, and Ani. Apply the Purification tokens to the Lion King’s Medals in order to eventually turn them into Noble Medals (apply 50 Purification Tokens) and Royal Medals (apply 100 Purification Tokens.) Noble medals can be used to purchase Von Leon gloves, shoes, and capes, and Royal Medals can be used to purchase Von Leon hats, overalls, and weapons. NOTE: This equipment is untradeable.
· Von Leon Set effects (effects stack with each other)
o 4 pieces: All Stats +4, Weapon DEF +100, Magic DEF +100, ACC +100
o 5 pieces: All Stats +6, ATT +10, Magic ATT +10, Weapon DEF +150, Magic DEF +150, Speed +10, Jump +10
o 6 pieces: All Stats +10, HP +10%, MP +10%, Weapon DEF +200, Magic DEF +200, 30% of a target's Weapon/Magic DEF is ignored when attacking them, 5% chance to inflict Lv.3 Ice
o 6 pieces class-specific set bonuses: Marx Von Leon set (Warrior): STR +4, DEX +4 / Alma Von Leon set (Magician): INT +4, LUK +4 / Fox Von Leon set (Bowman): STR +4, DEX +4 / Nox Von Leon set (Thief): DEX+4, LUK +4 / Cora Von Leon set (Pirate): STR +4, DEX +4
· Ani Raid [Level Requirement: Lv.70+]
At the top of every hour from 10am-10pm server time, an invitation will be sent to all eligible players to join the raid again Ani, faithful subject of the Red Lion King.
o Upon accepting the invitation, you will be immediately moved to a waiting room, where you will be automatically placed into groups of up to fifteen.
o Some maps may restrict the invitation’s function.
o The difficulty of Ani will be automatically adjusted based on the make up of the group.
o Groups will be formed without regard to existing party or expedition formations.
o Up to 150 characters per world can participate per day.
o Each hour’s raid recruitment will end when the timer in the waiting room reaches 0.
o Daily raid recruitment will automatically end once capacity is reached.
o Characters can participate once per day.
o The fight with Ani has a twenty minute timer.

Master Monsters

The Master Monsters are new boss monsters. Each has quests associated with it. The quests to fight the Snow Witch begin at Lv.57 with Scadur’s Advice (El Nath), the quests to fight the Bamboo Warrior begin at Lv.100 with Shadow Ghost of the Herb Field (Herb Town), and the quests to fight Richie begin at Lv.135 with Attack of the Zombies (El Nath). Parties receive bonus EXP for defeating a Master Monster, 30% extra for each additional party member for a max of 150% extra EXP for parties of six.

Guild Revamp
· Characters can now create a guild by themselves without having to create a party.
· You can easily go to the Hall of Heroes for guild management through the NPC Lea, who has been placed in each town.
· A character must be at least Lv.10 and not currently belong to any guild in order to create a guild.
· The guild creation fee has been lowered from 1.5 million mesos to 100,000 mesos.
· The guild emblem creation fee has been lowered from 5 million mesos to 500,000 mesos.
· Guild deletion and guild emblem deletion are free.
· The cost of adding 10 spots while having 30 or 40 slots has been reduced to 1.5 million mesos.
· The cost of adding 5 spots while having 50 or more slots has been reduced to 2 million mesos.
· GP has been changed from the old guild point system. It now functions as guild EXP.
· The contributions of each of the guild members will accumulate into GP.
· Accumulating GP will raise the guild level. Higher guild levels will yield different types of guild support benefits.
· The GP obtained by each guild member is counted toward the level of contribution for that guild member.
· The amount of GP that each guild had prior to the change has been reduced to 1/10 the original amount.

How the GP is accumulated

· Every time a guild member plays the game for an hour or longer.
· Every time a guild member levels up.
· When a guild skill is purchased.
· When new guild members are added.

Guild Levels

· The guild level increases when the GP accumulated by the guild member activity surpasses a certain level.
· The guild level will automatically increase if the goal is reached.
· You can use guild-only skills according to your guild level.
· When a guild member withdraw from the guild, the specific guild member's GP will deducted.

Guild Skills

· These are exclusive skills for guilds. There are different types and levels of skills available depending on a guild’s level.
· When the guild level reaches a certain point, a guild can learn guild-only skills.
· As the guild level increases, a guild can learn and obtain better guild skills.
· Guild skills expire. The expiration date can be extended on them by paying certain amount of money.
· All the guild members have access to buy or extend the expiration date on guild skills.
· Active skills are applied to all guild members.

Types of Guild Skills

· Increase Accuracy and Avoidability of guild members.
· Increase EXP received by guild members when hunting monsters.
· Increase Weapon DEF and Magic DEF of guild members.
· Increase the ATT and Magic ATT of the guild members.
· Increase the Speed and Jump for the guild members.
· Increase Crit Rate for the guild members.
· Regular guild benefit: A special potion is provided every Monday. This skill does not expire.

The guild UI has been revamped.

1 - Shows the guild name, guild level, current GP, and GP required to reach the next level.
2 - Shows the player's own level of contribution and the related ranking.
3 - The guild master entrust function has been added. Only a Guild Master can use this feature.
4 - Displays the guild level, accumulated GP, the total number of guild members, and the guild ranking.
5 - Displays the guild member ranking based on the guild contribution level.

New Feature

Elemental Wands and Staffs have had bonus and reduction attributes restored when using elemental attacks. The bonuses have been restored at a rate that is reduced from their bonuses before Big Bang.

New World Map features
Search: Find specific maps and monsters.
Search Monster Recommendations: Find monsters near your level.
View Entire World/View Other Regions: Quickly change which area of Maple World you’re viewing.
Boss monster names are now included in the list of monsters when hovering over maps they’re in.

MTS: Rex's Green Earrings, Rex's Red Earrings, and Rex's Blue Earrings are now able to be posted

Maker Skill item drops removed
Items that were used with the Maker skill but are not needed for quests have been removed.

7th Day Market Removed

Time Limit on Horntail and Zakum
A time limit has been placed on clearing Zakum’s Altar and Horntail’s Cave. This does not affect Chaos Zakum or Chaos Horntail.
Zakum’s Altar: 50 minutes
Horntail’s Cave: 1 hour 15 minutes

More channels for Zakum, Horntail, and Targa/Scarlion
Zakum can now be fought in channels 4, 5, 6, and 7.
Horntail can now be fought in channels 8 and 9.
Targa and Scarlion can now be fought in channels 10, 12, 13, and 14.
The channels for Chaos Zakum and Chaos Horntail remain the same.

New Events!

Evolving Ring II [03.10 – 04.03]: A second evolving ring event is running! The Evolving Ring II is a separate item from the previous Evolving Ring—you cannot level up your ring from the previous event, you must level up a new ring.

The Evolving Ring II is a blank ring that can be upgraded once per day a maximum of 17 times. On the final day of the event, the ring in your inventory will evolve into a tradable ring.

o Talk to Gaga in major towns to get a level 0 ring. Stay logged in for an hour to evolve the ring into a level 1 ring. Remember to not log out until your level 0 ring has reached level 1, otherwise you’ll have to start again.
o Log in every day and ask Gaga for an upgrade. Hold the item that he gives you for an hour, and then return to Gaga to increase the ring by 1 level. Logging out before the one hour mark will cause the item to disappear and you'll have to start again.
o The ring must be in your Equip inventory in order for it to gain a level.
o When your ring levels to 17 or on April 3rd, Gaga can make the current version of the ring become tradable. This does not apply to users who start the event on this day.

Golden Temple [02.23 - 03.22] (continuing from v.95)
The Golden Temple will continue to be available until 3/22. Premium Golden Tickets will be on sale in the Cash Shop until 3/15, giving an extra week for players to open and use any tickets they have left in their inventory.

Mardi Gras [03.02 – 03.15] (continuing from v.95)
Collect Bead Necklaces from monster drops and turn them in to Gaga for a feather, then turn feathers in to Gaga to receive a Mardi Gras mask. The quests are repeatable once per hour. The masks expire after five days.

Bug Fixes/Changes/Known Issues

· Battle Mages can now apply points into Body Boost.
· Using the Soaring skill no longer causes the game to crash in the Dragon Rider lobby and PQ.
· Meso Explosion damage is now applied properly to large groups of monsters.
· The Dirty Treasure Map and Lazy Daisy’s Egg can now be removed from a character’s item inventory by talking to Jack in the top floor hallway of the Nautilus and selecting the appropriate option.
· The Blue Balloon NPC in Stage 8 of the Dimensional Crack party quest has been moved up so parties of three can access him regardless of which platforms they’re required to stand on.
· The invisible platforms in Perion, Ludibrium, and Aqua Road were removed.
· The Hime Hair remains visible when ducking.
· Players with Windows 7 machines and dual core processors will no longer be disconnected during boss fights or after being logged in for a long period of time. These players may notice momentary lag when first entering a boss map.
· Players should no longer experience a long pause before the client launches.
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PostSubject: Re: v.96 AfterShock Update Notes   Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:43 am

omg its finally come!! LHC!!!

Looking for party Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: v.96 AfterShock Update Notes   Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:31 am

yay! I can get my evolve ring now Razz
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PostSubject: Re: v.96 AfterShock Update Notes   Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:36 am

[Update2] The maintenance will last another 1 hour. We apologize again for the inconvenience.

[Update1] The maintenance will last an additional 1 hour. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Dear Maplers,

AfterShock has hit Maple World! To prepare for this earth shattering occasion, we will need to perform a game update on March 9th, 2011. The update will last approximately 7 hours.

- When -
Pacific: 10:00 PM - 5:00 AM Wednesday, March 9th, 2011
Eastern: 1:00 AM - 8:00 AM Thursday March 10th, 2011
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PostSubject: Re: v.96 AfterShock Update Notes   Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:53 am

[Update3] The maintenance will last 1 more hour. We are very sorry!......
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PostSubject: Re: v.96 AfterShock Update Notes   

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v.96 AfterShock Update Notes
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