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 v. 100 - Chaos: Age of Triumph Update Notes

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PostSubject: v. 100 - Chaos: Age of Triumph Update Notes   Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:57 am

v. 100 - Chaos: Age of Triumph Update Notes

New Content

Battle Mode - Capture the Flag
Requirement: Lv.30 or above
* Capture the Flag is a new, Global MapleStory-exclusive match type in Battle Mode, which takes place through Battle Square. Talk to Maximus to get there. He is in most towns.
* Talk to Crawson in Battle Square to compete in Capture the Flag.
* 6-12 players can compete.
* A match lasts up to 10 minutes.
* The first team to successfully capture and score with the opposing team's flag three times wins, ending the match (in the Legend tier, your team must score five times to win).

Battle Mode Gameplay - also in Capture the Flag
* Battles begin after the minimum number of participants has entered the map.
* To leave a battle map before a battle is over, click the Leave Room button that is located where the Cash Shop button normally is at the bottom of the screen.
* Different effects will appear depending on the damage.
* When your HP reaches 0, you will revive in the safe area and start the battle again after five seconds.
* You are restricted from using regular potions and other items in your inventory while in battle maps.
* Unique items regularly spawn in battle maps. Picking them up immediately uses them.
* Game rules, stats, and skills are modified.

Silent Crusade
Requirement: Lv.36 or above
* Characters Lv.36 and higher will receive a light bulb notification above their heads for the Silent Crusade quest.
* Accepting the first Silent Crusade quest teleports you to Perion where the quest chain begins.
* The Silent Crusade is a secret group in Maple World that specializes in eliminating especially powerful monsters.
* The quest chain will have you battle Master Monsters that are as low as Lv.36 and as high as Lv.119.
* You will hunt many existing Master Monsters as well as several all new ones.
* Existing master monsters that show up in Silent Crusade have been removed from normal hunting fields and placed in their own unique maps.
* You can access the Master Monsters by going to the map where they normally appear and clicking on the new Master Monster Portal there. You must be in a party to enter, though you can be in a party of one (Type /makeparty in the chat bar).
* Additional Master Monsters unrelated to the Silent Crusade storyline have also been moved from their regular maps to special maps that can be reached by going through the Master Monster portals.
* After defeating a Master Monster then exiting its map, you must wait an hour before entering its Master Monster Portal again.
* Over the course of the quests, you will receive the assistance of an NPC who your character will become romanticly involved with: Starling for males, Crow for females.
* Completing the quests earns you rings, EXP, and Silent Crusade coins..
* You trade in your Silent Crusade coins for higher ranking medals which open up better items for purchase in the Silent Crusade Supply Box NPC.

Crusader Codex
* All characters will be given a Crusader Codex. It will be automatically equipped and cannot be unequipped. It starts with the stats +1 STR/INT/DEX/LUK.
* The keyboard shortcut to open the Crusader Codex is the [N] key by default.
* Collect cards dropped by enemies in order for their information to be displayed in the book.
* Navigate through the pages of the book by using the tabs on its right side or by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the pages.
* The tab for Master Monsters and bosses will appear after you collect a card from one of them.
* Cards you haven’t collected are grayed out. Clicking on one of their these cards will show a picture of the enemy, its name, and its general location in Maple World.
* Clicking on the image of a card you have collected will show additional information, including it HP and MP, its level, its type, and all of the items that it drops.
* You only need to collect one of a type of card to have it fully recorded in the Crusader Codex.
* Collect all the cards in a set to complete that set and unlock the Set tab in the codex. For example, collect the cards from a Snail, a Blue Snail, a Red Snail, and a Shroom to complete the Victoria Island Friends set. Most sets are based on the region of Maple World where all of the enemies in it can be found.
* Some cards are in multiple sets, allowing you to complete those sets faster.
* Completed sets have Set Effects, which give you bonus stats. Click on a set in the codex to see its effect, which is displayed below the set's score.
* You can switch to another completed set's Set Effect by clicking on that set in the codex then clicking the Use Set Effect button.
* You can see which Set Effect you currently have by hovering over the Crusader Codex in your Equipment Inventory, or by going to the Set tab in the codex.
* Each set is worth a certain score. As you obtain higher scores the base stats of the Crusader Codex will increase. Higher scores will also unlock medals.
* There are neither sets for nor cards to collect in Masteria, Singapore, or Malaysia.

Soaring Mount
Requirement: Lv.120 or above
* Several existing mounts and some new mounts can now fly if you obtain the Soaring Mount skill.
* Characters Lv.120 or above will receive a light bulb notification of their heads with the Let's fly in the sky! quest from Matada.
* Matada is in Crimson Sky Dock. To get there, go to Minar Forest, travel to The Forest That Disappeared, then take the portal at the bottom right.
* Completing this quest requires 50 million mesos.
* After completing the quest, you will have the Soaring Mount skill.
* To activate the skill, press an arrow key and the jump key together. You must be on a mount that can fly for the skill to activate.
- Level 1 : 1 second
- Level 2 : 5 seconds
- Level 3 : 15 seconds
- Level 4 : 30 seconds
- Level 5 : 45 seconds
- Level 6 : 60 seconds
- Level 7 : 120 seconds
- Level 8 : 180 seconds
- Level 9 : 300 seconds
- Level 10 : continuous flight

Four Passenger Mount
* Up to four players can ride in the Highway Patrol Car, which can be obtained through the Mount Gachapon (see the Cash Shop section for Mount Gachapon details).
* Double click the Highway Patrol Car icon in the Use section of your item inventory in order for it to appear in your Skill Inventory.
* To activate the Highway Patrol Car skill, double click it in your Skill Inventory. It can also be assigned to a hot key.
* To add passengers, be next to the player you wish to add, right click them, and select the option to allow them to ride.
* The other player must confirm that they wish to be a passenger.
* Passengers will dismount if they jump or use the left or right arrow.
* If the HP of a player reaches 0 while riding, that player will dismount.
* All riders dismount if the driver cancels the skill.
* The driver can force any passenger to dismount by right clicking them and selecting the kick option.
* All riders' pets will return to their inventories upon activating the skill or upon accepting the ride request.
* You can remain riding together through portals. A message will be displayed if a passenger has yet to arrive. Passengers will dismount if the mount is too far from the portal by the time they arrive in the map.

EXP Booster Preview
As a way of saying thank you for your patience through the recent downtime, all players are receiving one free EXP Booster per Cash Inventory. Be sure to check your inventory in the Cash Shop to retrieve it! See the Cash Shop Update section below on how to use it.


Chaos Warrior Challenge - 06.29.2011 - 08.14.2011
Requirement: Lv.10 or above
Talk to Gaga to participate. To receive a prize, characters Lv.40 or below must reach Lv.80, and characters Lv.41 or higher must gain 40 levels. The prizes include:
* Explorer: Explorer's Cruelty Ring, Explorer's Critical Ring, or Explorer's Magical Ring
* Resistance: Resistance Lux Ring (cannot be stacked with a Resistance Ring)
* Cygnus Knight: Holy Wing Earrings
* Aran: Lilin's Aura Ring (cannot be stacked with a Lilin's Ring)
* Evan: Onyx Dragon Glasses
* Dual Blade: Blood Mask
Each is a unique item which can move one time within an account. If you have one of the items on a character, that character can no longer participate in the quest.

Battle Mode Boom Up Event - 07.20.2011 - 08.16.2011
Battle Points earned from 11:00 AM through 6:00 PM Pacific will be multiplied by 1.5.

Battle Mode Support Event - 07.20.2011 - 08.16.2011
Requirements: Lv.30 or above and 2nd job advancement completed
* Complete a series of Battle Mode-related quests to earn prizes. Speak to Rosette in Battle Square to begin.
* Honor of your class: After completing the Battle Mode...Begin! quest, accept a quest from the appropriate NPC for your class. Explorers - Dances with Balrog / Dual Blades - Lady Syl / Cygnus Knights - Neinheart / Resistance - Claudine / Aran - Lilin / Evan - Mir
* Prizes include Gallant Emblems, a temporary ring, pendant, belt, and shoulder accessory, and a random permanent version of one of the accessories.

Nova New World Events - 07.20.2011 - 08.19.2011
The Nova world is now open for brave adventurers and intrepid explorers. New world events for Nova settlers include:
* Pioneers of Nova: Accept the quest from Cassandra, reach at least Lv.70, then talk to her again to complete the quest. Reward: Nova Bandana - Lv.70, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +18, Weapon DEF/Magic DEF +180, ACC/AVOID +25, untradable
* Teo's Nostalgic Reminiscing I: Accept this quest from Teo in Lith Harbor. Complete it and earn 100,000 mesos.
* Teo's Nostalgic Reminiscing II: Accept this quest from Teo in Lith Harbor. Complete it and earn 200,000 mesos.

Returned Friend Event – 06.29.2011 - 08.31.2011
If you haven't logged in to your account since May 29, 2011, you will receive the following gifts by visiting the Cash Shop:
* Hair Style Coupon (VIP)
* Face Coupon (VIP)
* 1.5x EXP Coupon
* Ring Box - Double click it to receive a Returned Friend Ring. After three hours have passed while it is equipped, it will change and gain stats. It will disappear if you log out before it changes.


08.10.2011 - 09.14.2011
* August Gachapon Jackpot: Super Zakum Helmet - REQ LEV: 50, +45 STR/DEX/INT/LUK, +150 Weapon DEF/Magic DEF, +20 ACC/AVOID
* August Chair King: Obtain the Tea Time Chair and speak to Dalair to obtain a Chair King medal.
* Last Unwelcome Guest weapons and shields are now available.
* 1-year and 15-day Pegasus mount coupons are available. This mount skill can be used by all jobs.

Cash Shop Update

* Hyper Teleport Rock: Available in 30 day, 7 day, and 1 day types. The 7 day type is 50% off, and the 30 day one is 30% off. Click here to read how Hyper Teleport Rocks work. (Event tab -> Event subsection)
* EXP Booster (4 hrs): Double-clicking an EXP Booster will give you an EXP Present Box. Double-clicking the EXP Present Box will give you a 1.5 EXP Ticket, which will cause your character to receive 150% EXP for four hours, no matter how you gain the EXP. This can stack with other EXP boosting effects. Each EXP Booster is consumed after it is double-clicked. Available in stacks of eleven and thirty-five in addition to an option to buy only one. (Event tab -> New subsection)
* Mount Gachapon Ticket: Give a Mount Gachapon Ticket to Oster to receive a mount skill, some of which are brand new. Some of these mounts be used with the new Soaring Mount skill. (Event tab -> New subsection)
* New decorative equipment: Lion Head, Lion Slippers, Pink Teru Cape, Blue Teru Cape, Yellow Teru Cape (Event tab -> New subsection)
* 90 day versions of the following items: Pirate Captain's Coat (Equip. -> Overall), Pirate Captain's Hat (Equip. -> Hat), Blue Mage Gear (Equip. -> Overall), and Red Mage Gear (Equip. -> Overall).

Changes and Fixes

* The use of many skills has been restricted in the Free Market.
* Exiting the Free Market if you entered from the Nautilus now returns you to the Nautilus instead of CBD.
* Sitting in the Cake Chair no longer causes the game client to crash.
* Law Officer mount coupons now function.
* You can no longer jump out of the top of the first floor of Orbis Tower.
* The Master Alchemist quest shows the correct date in the quest log.
* The Pink Spring Jacket’s name now appears.
* The Bubble Bath Chair's name is displayed correctly.

Known Issues

* The portal leading inside Crimsonwood Keep has been removed while some issues with the Crimsonwood Keep party quest are looked at.

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Location : Bound and gagged in the basement
Posts : 1556
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Character Sheet: Myst

PostSubject: Re: v. 100 - Chaos: Age of Triumph Update Notes   Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:57 am

Monster Book is back and you still have the cards you had before!

It's rare that Nexon actually does something good. =]

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."
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PostSubject: Re: v. 100 - Chaos: Age of Triumph Update Notes   Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:23 am

No, they remove my ZMM card =(


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PostSubject: Re: v. 100 - Chaos: Age of Triumph Update Notes   

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v. 100 - Chaos: Age of Triumph Update Notes
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