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 Alien PQ/Visitor PQ Guide

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PostSubject: Alien PQ/Visitor PQ Guide   Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:49 pm

Since Nexon makes alien pq permanent, so I feel the need to make the guide for the pq ;o

Alien/Visitor PQ
*Requirement: any class level 120+ (thought I'm pretty sure that 6 people of lvl 12x will fail this pq. Not discouraging but the pq is set up for level 150+)...
*Location: Henesys (near Maya's House), Orbis (on the left side, near the rope to FM), and Ludi (all the way to the left, near the portal to Ludi Village)
*Mobs: Axe Visitor (hit about 6-7k damage touch), Dawn Warrior Visitor/Sword Visitor (hit 7-10k soul driver), Gunner Visitor (hit 6.3k damage ice beam and touch), Sniper Visitor (hit 3k damage blizzard arrow), Cleric Visitor (hit 300 damage touch and has ability to heal), Thief Visitor (hit 2.5-2.8k damage assaulter + stun)...
*Time limit for each stage: 5 minutes.
*Time limit for completing all cubes: 2 hours.

Cubes are random for each pq..

1. Entry Cube
The first cube that you enter. No mobs in this cube.

2. Ressurection Cube
Cube that you spawn in whenever you die. If you die in this pq, you don't lose exp nor safety charm. Also, you can get back to pq whenever you die after ~17 seconds at res cube.

3. Neutral Cube
Cube before mini-bosses and the last boss (Dr. Bing).

4. Proliferation Cube
*Objective: kill all monsters in the cube before 5 minutes is up.
*Mobs: all of the above
*Mini-boss: Bully Visitor (brawler-like visitor). Damage: 10k touch. Ability: damage reflect (1.5k damage per reflect) and can jump up front like RGS/targar.
*Difficulty: moderate

5. Production Cube
*Objective: kill all monsters in the cube before 5 minutes is up.
*Mobs: all of the above
*Difficulty: moderate

6. Renewal Cube
*Objective: kill all monsters in the cube before 5 minutes is up.
*Mobs: all of the above
*Mini-boss: Unjust Visitor (blaze wizard-like visitor). Damage: 6.3k touch and 7.5k fire pillar and fire curtain. Ability: dispel, turns damage into hp. So, basically what your damage done to the boss is used to heal the hp of the boss.
*Difficulty: hard

7. Dimensional Cube
*Objective: kill all monsters on both sides of dimensional cubes before 5 minutes is up. However, when the time hit 3:03 on the cube, the mobs spawn again and you have to clean the cube again. Avoid the bomb by going to the other side of dimension. Bomb hits over max hp (31k+ damage). Unless you are a warrior with max achilles or shadower with 15k+ hp, you will get OHKOed by bomb. Bomb hits the entire map and still hit you eventhough you die. Therefore, DO NOT revive yourself if you see any bombs in the map.
*Mobs: gunner and axe visitor .Only at this cube, both mobs can do attack up, raises damage by 1k more. So, gunner and axe hits 7.3k damage at attack up.
*Difficulty: hard

8. Control Cube
*Objective: all party members have to stand on the top platform for 15 seconds without falling. It is close to a JQ. If you can't do this stage, you can just kill yourself and wait at res cube.
*Mobs: none
*Difficulty: easy

9. Choice Cube
*Objective: poke one of the three statues. Depending on the result, monsters might spawn or not. If monsters spawn, kill all of them under 5 minutes.
*Mobs: all of the above
*Difficulty: easy

10. Energy Cube
*Objective: kill all monsters under 5 minutes. However, room can turns dark and you can't hit the monsters whenever the room is dark. So, you have to turns the light on by killing the energy orb at the bottom-middle area.
*Mobs: thief and cleric visitors
*Difficulty: easy

11. Prohibited Cube
*Objective: kill all monsters under 5 minutes.
*Boss: Speedy Visitor (wind archer-like visitor). Damage: 10-11k touch, wind piercing, and bow whacking. Ability: super speed as the name implies. Stun and freeze would be really helpful to lock down Speedy.
*Difficulty: easy

12. Destroyer Cube
*Objective: kill the boss under 5 minutes.
*Boss: Destroyer Hero (aran-like boss). Damage: 14k touch, overswing + rush. Ability: marksmenship? (that's what i thought, im not sure what it actually does. But it has the purple symbol on top of his head, sorta like marksmenship). Heal for 3 mil hp.
*Summons: green bomb that do the same damage as the bomb in dimensional cube.
*Difficulty: moderate

13. Commander Cube
*Objective: kill the boss under 5 minutes.
*Boss: Commander Hero (evan-like boss). Damage: 8k touch, 17k flamethrower and fire pillar.
*Summons: same summons as Destroyer Hero.
*Difficulty: moderate

14. Representative Cube
*Objective: kill the boss under 5 minutes.
*Boss: Dr. Bing. Damage: 14-15k touch, 17k laser attack, 31k+ damage KO attack (ignore avoid as well as shadow shifter). Ability: pot lock (freeze). Heal about 300k hp per 10 seconds.
Whenever you get freeze, you will become a time-bomb. So you and everyone around you will get 31k+ damage. Freeze attack only on one side, so it's better to have at least 1 person on both sides of the boss. Keep boss in the middle, not corner it.
*Difficulty: hard

What difficulty means?
-easy = definitely do-able by 6 people level 120-150
-moderate = barely do-able by 6 people level 120-150
-hard = definitely not do-able by 6 people level 12x. You need at least 1 person level 180+ (and not easily die, meaning: melee classes, 15k+ hp NL) to finish up the stage..


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Alien PQ/Visitor PQ Guide
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