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 Goshiki Chain Quest (TB expansion)

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Goshiki Chain Quest (TB expansion) Empty
PostSubject: Goshiki Chain Quest (TB expansion)   Goshiki Chain Quest (TB expansion) EmptyFri Nov 25, 2011 2:02 am

Don't know if Mel already post this, but some of the link on almost all quest list didn't work..

Goshiki chain quest (Tideborn expansion quest):


I've done all the level 40 ones, they are all pretty straightforward.. Just get from one city to the other..

Then, the next chain of level 40 quests (Coming of Age Quest):
-Strength: just mine the depleted energy crystal (It's underwater near White Sand Beach and no mobs around)
-Dexterity: just like KunKun.. Stench Worm is level 100 with 300 hp with elemental immunity.. Escape type, flying mob.. Magic attack won't work so wizards and psychics prepare some normal attack whacking weapon >.>
-Willpower: This one is tricky.. Some things to note:
1) DO NOT tele to archo to chase Duke.. We know he is an annoying spammer and a jerk.. He tries to lure you out to pay 3k tele to archo and find him.. But no, stay at the same spot in Raging Tides..
2) STAND ON TOP OF THE STAR SYMBOL.. The link only tells you to be on specific spot north, east (667, 125) and didn't tell you the height.. I'm gonna clarify to this.. You have to stand on top of the star symbol in the middle of Raging Tides, which is height 23.. I try it on height 40-ish and fail.. Stand with your both feet and don't fly at (667, 125).. DO NOT MOVE even an inch outside the star..
*Had to repeat twice cause I make the above mistakes..
-Loyalty: I went to check about this boss, but she is level 60 with 80k hp.. Passive boss.. She is in the middle of a lake, circling a tree (or mushie forgot lul) with no mobs around.. Waiting to get to 58 to actually kill this boss, otherwise it's damage reduction..
-Party: need Chuni in party to do this rofl (need 80+ player in squad)..
-Sacrifice: pretty easy.. Just farm some flowers north of Raging Tides (it's in Lake of Blood).. I do the 15 flowers one..
-Wisdom: hunt 10 fake shells.. If you do such a pathetic damage to the shell (not your regular damage), DO NOT continue to kill it.. It's the real shell, you just wasting your time trying to kill the real one.. Kill 10 fake ones.. Mobs is lvl 43 and passive.. It's on Wave Breaker Cliffs..
-Courage: haven't done this one.. Too far to go back to Swiftwind, maybe I'll do tomorrow.. Seems just regular killing mobs..

***Pay attention to all the exps and money! I've gotten about 2 levels (yes, you read that, 2 levels, which is around 200% exp) and about 350k worth of coins.. 100k+ spirits**

Really worth to do it cause of nice exp, spirits, and money..


Goshiki Chain Quest (TB expansion) Tag-Jinae
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Goshiki Chain Quest (TB expansion)
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