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 APQ Glitch List

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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

PostSubject: APQ Glitch List   Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:11 am

Seeing that more and more people getting married and doing APQ (Amoria Party Quest), there are certain things that you have to consider when doing APQ. Aside from people d/cing and dying at APQ, there are glitches that cause a pq fail or the opposite, make the pq faster. These are the following glitches that I have encountered throughout one-year APQ-ing:

*Ticket glitch (tix glitch) just before entering the APQ entrance. This glitch cause the ticket holder being unable to enter the APQ entrance. Therefore, he/she must drop the glitch ticket, get another 10 blue keys, and get another ticket.
-How to avoid: always press next/enter. DO NOT press esc/end chat.

*Glitch that cause the magic fiery to be summoned before all monsters killed (stage 1). This is a good glitch actually. This glitch makes pq faster by about 3-4 minutes on average. Party leader spam NPC chat to The Grimmer Man on the middle of the map before the monsters summoned on both male and female sides.

*Glitch that cause party leader to d/c after clearing stage 1 (between stage 1 and 2). This happens if party leader click on The Grimmer Man after stage 1 is cleared. The whole party will be brought to another stage (intermediate stage between stage 1 and 2). There is a small chance that party leader will d/ced and get The Grimmer Man npc stuck on their homepage.
-How to avoid: party leader SHOULD NOT talk to The Grimmer Man after stage 1 says "CLEAR" (the yellow "CLEAR" text appear on the middle of the screen). Instead, just go up and talk to Amos to proceed to stage 2.

*Glitch that cause party members to be separated from each other (stage 2). There are 3 maps for stage 2 (afternoon, evening, night). Sometimes when you click on Amos at certain time, the map automatically changes. So, let's say at 10:59 in the morning, the map should be the night map. At 11:01, the map should be at afternoon map. Party members that click Amos at 10:59 will proceed to the night map. Party members that click Amos at 11:01 will be sent to the afternoon map. Eventually, party members get separated since they go to 2 different maps. This cause the pq to be automatically fail since you wouldn't have 6 members at one same map.
-How to avoid: avoid pqing when map changes. I don't know exactly the time when map changes. But, I know for the fact that the map changes at certain exact time.

*Mortal blow glitch causing the user to d/c after killing boss (stage 6, ranger/BM and sniper/MM exclusive skill). Mortal blow is a semi-passive skill that has 10% chance of KO-ing a monster when the monster has hp below 50% (at max level mortal blow). The 10% chance is not supposed to work at boss, but it does work at Geist Balrog (boss). The game will think that you hack and d/c you from the game.
-How to avoid: DO NOT attack when you get too close to geist. Prevent mortal blow from being activated. If you have to attack, use AR (arrow rain) or AE (arrow eruption) instead. Mortal blow has 0% chance of being activated when you use AR/AE.

*Glitch that cause some party members to be kicked out from bonus stage (bonus stage). This is a pain, very pain glitch. After you manage to kill geist, you will have a chance to hit boxes in bonus stage. This glitch kicked you out from bonus stage after being ONE SECOND in bonus stage. Therefore, you automatically get 0 apple because you are unable to hit any boxes at all.
-How to avoid: I personally don't know how to avoid this one. This is a very rare glitch. Happens to me once and my friend once.

If you have any more glitches that you have encountered but not in this list, you are welcome to reply to this topic.


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Location : New York
Posts : 130
Join date : 2009-11-30

PostSubject: Re: APQ Glitch List   Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:10 am

Magic Fairy Glitch(stg 1)

Jane, its not spam chat, it has to do with timing =X If the leader can get into the correct portal and down to him before the monsters spawn(and talk to) then the fairy is prematurely summoned.

and LOL bonus glitch i did it to my party 4x in a row... just i don't know why/how


~Thanks David!(Teh Pro Avatar-er)
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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

PostSubject: Re: APQ Glitch List   Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:25 pm

For stage 1 fairy glitch, what I mean by "spam chat" is press npc chat as fast as you can before monsters summoned on both side of male and female..
(though I always fail at glitching this one lol, I click slow -.-)

As of now, I still don't know the reason of the glitch at bonus.. But, it happened to me once.. Not sure if Nexon fix it already or not..


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PostSubject: Re: APQ Glitch List   

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APQ Glitch List
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