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 Queen's Crown 2

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PostSubject: Queen's Crown 2   Queen's Crown 2 EmptyTue Jun 17, 2014 3:36 pm

Another MMO by com2US. Queen's Crown 2 story revolves around a queen and her kingdom. One day, the evil guy (I forgot his name but w/e) attacked the sleeping queen and took her egg. The queen lived in a cave that are protected by spirit fairies. To gain access to the sealed cave, the main character (Ann) had to gain trusts and help three spirit fairies: Mistress Sylvan (protector of Abyss Forest), Ifrit (protector of Sky Islands), and Naiad (protector of Collapsus).

You will be playing as Ann, the descendant of Arthur, the great king. She has the ability to wield twin swords, spear, cannon, or heavy weapon. She can also use magic with any of the weapon. You can rotate around any weapon you like and build Ann whatever you like. The general weapon usage:

1. Twin Swords
*Pro: fast attack, decent ability to AoE, all-around weapon for any build
*Con: doesn't hit as hard as heavy weapon, twin swords ability to dash forward or vortex (depends on which twin swords you use) can make Ann aggroes more mobs and kill her.
*My opinion: I use this weapon alot just because most of the gameplay involving killing x amount of mobs. I only had 1 boss fight so far up until level 41.

2. Spear
*Pro: hits harder than any other weapons with physical attack, dashing with spears causes damage to enemies, has more mobility with just spear dashing
*Con: only hit mobs in front (lack AoE ability), magic charged up slow
*My opinion: not a great weapon to use for my magic build. Might be a nice choice for those who do STR/DEX build.

3. Cannon
*Pro: range keeps you away from getting hit by enemies, recoil with cannon makes Ann goes through mobs (instead of stuck cause of enemies blocking your way), high evasion
*Con: only hit mobs in front (lack AoE ability), magic charged up slow, low critical hit
*My opinion: a very nice weapon to fight a boss since you don't wanna take too much damage in a boss fight. A nice weapon if you just wanna skip maps and not killing any mobs.

4. Heavy weapon
*Pro: high damage, high critical hit, a very nice AoE ability since heavy weapon hits all the mobs around Ann
*Con: slow movement speed, slow attack speed, low magic attack compared to other weapons
*My opinion: a nice weapon for those who like to see big critical numbers on their screen. Not a very good weapon choice to fight a bunch of magic mobs since magic hits freaking hard on this game (I'm magic build with high magic defense and I still got hit freakishly hard). Magic mobs will use magic attack if you scatter mobs away with heavy weapon.

Stat builds

-STR/DEX build.
Primarily a melee user. Utilize more STR to hit high physical damage on mobs and just enough DEX to not miss a lot. This build is more suitable for those who are spear/heavy weapon users.

-Heavy DEX build.
Primarily a physical attack user. Utilize heavy dex to hit more critical and a guarantee hit. The low physical damage somehow is made up with tons of critical hit damage. This build is more suitable for cannon/twin swords users.

-INT/VIT build.
Primarily a magic user. Utilize INT to hit high magic damage and add enough VIT for survivability. This build gives a faster MP recovery, a higher magic defense, but a low physical defense and physical attack. This build is more suitable for those who like to spam magic attack (Magic never misses, which is why DEX is kept at base when doing this build. Magic channeling is instantly interrupted once you got hit by mobs however). This build depends on the magic of choice. I would say like this:

*Heal: (works well with any weapon)
Heal the character's HP by a set amount depends on the level of the skill. You need roughly half the MP bar to use this skill. This skill is a main magic skill that you will use. You don't need to buy HP pots in this game honestly. Just use this skill and it heals way more than HP pots do. This skill is rewarded at magic tutorial skill.

*Ice Missiles: (works well with any weapon)
Fire 3 magic missiles that project on enemies. This magic becomes very obsolete once you get the next skill, Chain Lightning. I stop leveling Ice Missiles after I got Chain Lightning. It's still a nice skill to use for any build at low levels. You need at least 1 blue bar to use the skill. The more bars you have, the stronger the skill hits. This skill is rewarded once you reached the entrance of the queen's sealed cave.

*Chain Lightning: (works in tandem with heavy weapon)
Zap a lightning that hit multiple enemies nearby. This skill at level 1 already beats the damage of level 8 Ice Missiles. It's a very nice skill to use with heavy weapon since heavy weapon knocking back enemies on critical damage. Use chain lightning afterwards to finish off mobs. You need at least 1 blue bar to use the skill. The more bars you have, the stronger the skill hits. This skill is rewarded from Sylvan once you helped her bring back the tree of life.

*Fire Spirits: (works in tandem with twin swords)
Summon flaming birds around your character to continously deal damage until your MP is depleted and/or change your magic skill and/or moving to another map. This magic works very well with Twin Swords where you have to continously be at mobs face to deal damage. The way this magic works is like an AoE DoT damage whenever you touch mobs with the birds (kind of like Seeker's Edged Blur in PWI). This skill is rewarded from Ifrit once you helped her restore Sky Islands and killed Arthur's brother.

*Black Hole: (works in tandem with cannon)
Summon a black hole at a range in front of you. Black hole traps nearby mobs and bunch them up together in one place. Black hole itself doesn't do damage. This magic is more of a utility magic where you can easily bunch up mobs in one place so they don't scatter away. You can also use it to keep mobs at range for cannon users so you never take any damage from melee mobs. You need at least 1 blue bar to use this skill. More bars don't make the black hole stronger. You always use 1 blue bar per black hole. This skill is rewarded at the entrance of room time and space by Naiad.

I'm only level 41 so far. I'm currently INT/VIT build (2 INT and 1 VIT per level). I'm using magic skills to finish off mobs. So far, it's been very effective for me. Magic pretty much KO mobs (hell yeah Chain Lightning).


There are variety of gems. Gems are there to boost up your character's stats, to strengthen a particular weapon, or for defensive purpose. Generally speaking, the good gems require a lot of slots. Try to fit in as much gems as you can with the current slots you have. Leveling up weapon masteries give more gem slots. Some of gems I have:

-STR/DEX gem = increase STR and DEX stats
-INT/VIT gem = increase INT and VIT stats
-STR/DEX/INT/VIT gem = increase all stats
-Reflection gem = reflect damage taken
-all the yellow-colored gems = twin swords
-all the blue-colored gems = cannon
-all the green-colored gems = spear
-all the pink-colored gems = heavy weapon
-physical defense gem = increase physical defense
-blitz gem = reduce channeling time of magic

There may be more, but so far those are the ones I have.


Queen's Crown 2 Tag-Jinae
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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

Queen's Crown 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Queen's Crown 2   Queen's Crown 2 EmptyThu Jun 19, 2014 3:41 pm

Update to Black Hole:

Black Hole level 16 and up also has a chance to seal mobs that are vortexed into Black Hole. The sealed mobs cannot attack, but they are free to move around.


Queen's Crown 2 Tag-Jinae
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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

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PostSubject: Re: Queen's Crown 2   Queen's Crown 2 EmptyFri Jun 27, 2014 2:18 pm

Update magic:

AoE magic attack that deals AoE damage to all mobs in range.

More magic included in Heavy weapon special attack (hold down the attack button to charge when equipping a heavy weapon). The magic seems to tie with the heavy weapon itself:

-Dragon Lightning.
Ann throws her weapon forward to deal magic damage in a straight line in front of her.

Create a giant tornado around Ann that deals AoE damage on nearby enemies. Ann cannot move while using tornado.


Queen's Crown 2 Tag-Jinae
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PostSubject: Re: Queen's Crown 2   Queen's Crown 2 Empty

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Queen's Crown 2
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