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 Weekly Public Events

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PostSubject: Weekly Public Events   Weekly Public Events EmptyMon Dec 02, 2013 12:51 pm

Weekly Events are held weekly. There's a different event everyday depending on the day. There's also BH rewards associated with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Events. This guide is just a general preview, not a complete guide. I haven't done Dragon Temple Rider nor Tourney just because they are more PK-based objective instance.


Celestial Tiger
*Event starts: 9:00 PM server time.
*Event ends: until the objective is fulfilled.
*Aim: kill 7999 Tiger Minion mobs and 10 Tiger bosses (total for the entire server).
*Mobs classification (each mob has 9 hp, technically a 1 shot for any class unless u hit a "miss"):
--Alpha: immune to water, fire, and earth
--Bravo: immune to wood and metal
--Charlie: physical immune
--Delta: immune to none, AoE slow blow up upon death (melee range)
*Mobs have a chance to drop an item that directly increases your own contribution by 2000.
--Demonic Tiger and Heavenly Tiger.
--Demonic Tiger has more HP than Heavenly Tiger. Demonic Tiger has 30 mil HP, while Heavenly has only 20 mil HP.
--Demonic Tiger is immune to none, while Heavenly is physical immune.
--Both Tigers spawn near the newbie cities: Plume City, Lost City, Etherblade, City of Raging Tide, and Tellus City. One Demonic and One Heavenly spawn near each city.
*Rewards are based on rank and classes.
*The top 10 participants from each class will receive 1 mil coins (100k per pack). The next 10 will receive untradeable teleport stones.
*Rewards from packs include: Celestial Insignias, Ecstasy Cards, Socket Stones, Mirage Celestones, Mysterious Chips, Mysterious Chip Packs, Shopping Vendor, Demon/Sage Event Card, various shards, EXP/Spirit Pills, and super rare Diamond of Tiger (and many more!). I only heard of rank 1 getting Diamond of Tiger. I don't think any other ranks can get them.
*Rewards are only given to participants who get at least 4000 contributions. They also have to claim their rewards within 5 minutes after the event ends.


Jungle Ruins
*Event starts: 8:30 PM server time
*Event ends: 10:30 PM server time
*Entrance: Jungle NPC in North Archosaur or go to Forest Ruins and enter from there.
*Aim: get to the end of the ruins as fast as possible!
*There are various obstacles associated with the instance:
--Boulder Walkers: roam around the map, they 1 shot players.
--fire obstacle (static): fire just sit there, do not touch or you die!
--fire obstacle (straight-line): fire moving in straight-line. They only bend when they chase players.
--bugs (deal damage based on % HP): they take a chunk of your HP + gives you speed boost
--bugs (freeze on spot): they blow up and freeze you on spot
--cactus: they blow up and 1 shot player (like hands in BH 79 and TT)
--sleeping gas: sleeps you while you move through the fog
--and probably many more! I never get to the end of the dungeon.
*You can claim one of the rings at the beginning of the instance. Not sure what it is for.
*If you only do it for BH rewards, just go to the 3rd room. That's where the NPC is.
*Holy Path, speed apoths are necessary for slow caster classes. Other classes with speed skills can pass through without the need of holy path or speed apoths.
*Vacuity Powders or anti stun skill work best to avoid the freezing bugs and sleeping gas.
*Ironguard Powder/Sutra Power Orb/Absolute Domain/Pan Gu Essence/Tranquilizing Orb can be used if you're in a tight position of possibly getting hit from roaming mobs. However, they will still chase you until you die. Expel/Psychic Will can also be used to dodge the obstacles since apparently, the roamers do physical damage.
*Dying inside Jungle doesn't make you lose exp.

Dragon Temple Rider
*I've never done this instance due to it being PK enabled.
*I believe it has some other objectives and not PK, but I don't wanna risk being PKed. I also believe that you don't lose exp nor gears if getting killed in PK as a blue name.
*The instance is mostly underwater. There's a place that isn't underwater.
*From what I've heard, the reward is a free bikini set fashion (female fashion). That's why bikini becomes a cheap fashion.


City of Abominations
*Event starts: 9:00 PM server time (registration started from 8:50 PM server time). Registers at Khatru Pup. Pay 20,000 coins. Coins are refunded if you don't get in.
*Event ends: 10:00 PM server time
*Entrance: Khatru Pup
*Aim: kill as many bosses as possible to increase your nation's contributions
*Nations: Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, Tortoise
*You will be assigned to a random nation, doesn't matter where your squad mate goes.
*All bosses have anti-aps buff. Bosses also have various immunities attached to them. Each boss deals physical damage, magical damage, or both. Some bosses cast debuff. All bosses have 0 physical and magical defense. Therefore, debuffing their physical defense and/or magical defense do not increase your damage output. All bosses are level 150. Each boss also has various amount of HPs. Each boss triple spark once in a while (increase p atk, m atk, 1 second IG, and heal a chunk of their HP, purify all debuffs on them). Damage that you take is doubled when the bosses spark.
*I do not recommend to solo the bosses if you have anything below T3 weapon. You won't kill the bosses in time to make this instance profitable. Just do the BH quest if you want.
*If you only do this event for BH, just kill the Orb Thief to get 1 Astral Orb and go out to turn in BH.
*If you do this event for pills quest, kill the Medicine Thief (drops a bunch of Panacea) and/or kill the mobs around Orb Thief. Medicine Thief roams around main path in CoA. You can turn in Panacea for pills once the instance is finished.
*If you d/ced in this instance, you get kicked out of the instance and cannot go back in.
*There's also annoying mobs that move along the main path. They are called Shi the Brave. They do a moderate melee-physical damage. But what's annoying is they stun. Therefore, they slow you down at killing bosses. I recommend to pick one of the bosses inside a room, or not along the main path to avoid this mob.
*Rewards: Warsoul Tags (can be traded for OBP/PoF), Seal of Eternal Solitude, or Badges of Strength/Dexterity.
*Winning nation (need at least 3500 points + has to be the nation with the most contri): 3 orbs = 1 tag.
*Losers: 6 orbs = 1 tag.
*6 Warsoul Tags = 1 OBP or 1 PoF


Tournament Championship (Tourney)
*Event starts: 8:00 PM server time.
*Event ends: --
*I never do this event due to the PK objective. Mostly end-game r9T3s do this event anyways.
*There's different categories: Heavy and Lightweight (and some others I don't remember).
*The name of the winner of each category will be announced in World Chat after the event is finished.

Friday and Sunday

Nation Wars (NW)
*Event starts: 8:20 PM server time (pick up Entry Pass at 8:15 PM)
*Event ends: 10:20 PM server time
*Entrance: Overseer Aeban in major cities
*Aim: conquer as many lands as possible to gain the most contribution for your nation. This event is a group PvP event. Death doesn't cost gears nor exp.
*Guide: http://****.forumotion.com/t852-nation-wars-nw --> type in m-y-s-t (with no "-"). Get rid of the censor already, Mel Mel!
*Nations: Frost (north), Light (west), Dark (east), Flame (south)
*Rewards: Supply Tokens (can be exchanged for Seal of War, Rapture Crystal, Uncanny Crystal, Warsoul mats, r8r mats, and etc.). Rewards are based on nation contribution and personal contribution.


Morai Public Quest
*Event starts: 6:30 PM server time
*Event ends: 10:00 PM server time
*Entrance: Morai
*Aim: kill mobs and bosses to get extra prestige and influence and/or kill other players from different orders in Morai (must be in PK mode to PK). Death from being PKed doesn't cost gears nor exp.
*Kill mobs and bosses:
--The mobs have around 150k HP. They do range attack if you attack from range, and melee-physical damage from melee range. Each mob gives about 50? contribution total. I haven't done this event in a long time so I don't remember. Mobs spawn just outside Nexus of Luminance, Shrouded Temple, and Corona Sanctuary.
--After a certain kill count has been reached (300 total I believe), the bosses spawn. Bosses are: Malevolent Wraithguard (Luminance), Rakshasa King (Shroud), Machinated Terror (Corona). Lumi boss spawns on the west side of Nexus of Luminance (next to Sapphire Altar), among Sadistic and Virulent Wraithguards. Shroud boss spawns among the Rakshasas mobs near Shrouded Temple. I have yet to find where Corona boss spawns.
--After your order bosses are killed, you can claim the reward (extra influence and prestige).
*Quest fails if you leave Morai.
*Alternatively, you can also kill other players in PK to get more prestige and influence.

***BH Rewards for Tigers, Jungle, and CoA***
-Socket Stones x 40 (blue version)
-Mysterious Chips x 50
-Mirage Celestones x 50
-Do-All Cards x 10
-Wraith Officer Badges x 4
-Ecstasy Cards x 3


Weekly Public Events Tag-Jinae
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Weekly Public Events
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