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 Full Warsong (FWS)

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PostSubject: Full Warsong (FWS)   Full Warsong (FWS) EmptyMon Oct 28, 2013 12:57 pm

There are five pavillions in Warsong. Each corresponds to different elements. Soloing pavillions (pavs) is required if you are going to do Full Warsong (FWS). This is because all pavillions are attacked at the same time on the first stage of the instance. Since there are five pavillions and six squad members, at least 4 squad members must be able to solo 4 different pavs. The other 2 people can duo a pavillion if necessary.

The usual squad setup for FWS:
*1 Tank/puller (usually Barbarian, but a highly refined geared Seeker or Blademaster can do the job as well).
*1 Cleric as a healer (I wouldn't recommend Mystic healing FWS because the last boss deals quite considerably high amount of damage without BB and pretty much 1 shot HA classes ~ 20k dmg frenzy earth magic attack without BB).
*4 DDs (I prefer to have an Assassin as a dpser and BP is nice as well. Blademaster is useful for HF. If you can't get a BM, an Archer with Blood Vow or a Seeker QPQ HF or a Demon Veno with Demon Nova works just as good).

There are three stages in FWS:

First Stage

First stage is the pavillion phase. Once the instance is started, there is a ~15 minutes timer for this stage. Send each of the squad member to defend different pavillions. There is an NPC at the end of each pavillion path. You MUST defend this NPC. DO NOT let him die or the pav fails. Mobs will start coming along the pavillion. There are 3 different mobs in here:

1) Hexahead Rider.
We call this guy "head". It's not the same as the head in FC. This mob can have variety of buff (increase life, weak, increase magic attack, increase phys attack, increase mdef, increase def, sacrificial assault). Watch out for increase attack and SA heads. They really hurt especially for arcane classes. Head has tons of HP, but you don't need to kill it. You must kite this head because you do significantly low damage on it. DO NOT let the Head hit the NPC. Therefore, you must aggro it when it spawns so the head follows you instead of going to NPC. Head can be stunned, slept, froze, seal or any other debuff you want on him.

2) Monkey mobs.
These mobs are immune to damage. They look like Monkeys. You aren't supposed to hit them or even stand next to them. Just don't aggro them, period. They hit around 14-15k phys damage to an arcane class.

3) Mobs that you are supposed to kill.

Depends on the pavillion, there are 5 different mobs:

*Water (Evil Warsong Elf): there are a total of 90 mobs that you have to kill in this pav. Each mob killed gives you 2 points. These mobs have 0 physical defense but have alot of mdef (around 4.5k mdef). They can buff themselves with various buffs (bramble, anti aps, fortify armor, mdef buff, aps, inc p atk, inc m atk). They can also blow up and takes away 20% of your max HP. They will say "Let's die together" before blowing up. You have 5 seconds to get away out of range or you lose 20% of your max HP each blow up. The blow up range is about 10 meters AOE. Mobs are pure melee-physical and stunnable. Water mobs are very notorious for purging (high rate of purge).
Suitable classes for this pav: Seeker, Blademaster, Barbarian.

*Wood (Carapace Greenstalker): there are a total of 30 mobs that you have to kill in this pav. Each mob gives you 6 points. These mobs have high pdef (around 7k pdef), low m def (around 800), and 0 metal mdef. These mobs move much slower than water. These mobs can buff themselves with the same buff as any other pavs. They can also blow up and takes away 80% of your max HP. These mobs hit pure melee-physical and NOT stunnable. DO NOT waste your stun skills on these mobs. They rarely blow up (about 4-5 mobs blowing up each run). They have very low rate of purging (I believe I only get purged once out of ~20 wood solo I did).
Suitable classes for this pav: 4-5 APS or r9T3 Assassin (must have good weapon or you will fail to kill because mobs stack on you since they rarely blow up), Mystic, Cleric, Venomancer with pets.

*Earth (Evil Trembling Golem): there are a total of 30 mobs that you have to kill in this pav. Each mob gives you 6 points. These mobs have low pdef and mdef (0 wood mdef), but they hit harder than any other pavillion. These mobs move in a full speed (faster than other pavs). They can buff themselves with various buffs. They have very low rate of purge, almost close to none (nobody ever get purged in earth out of 70+ FWS runs I did). They hit pure melee-physical and NOT stunnable. They have very high rate of blowing up that takes away 80% of your max HP.
Suitable classes for this pav: Assassin, Blademaster, Barbarian, Venomancer with pets, Mystic.

*Fire (Efreet Lady): there are a total of 30 mobs that you have to kill in this pav. Each mob gives you 6 points. They have very low pdef and mdef (0 metal mdef). These guys hit fire magic attack from range (They will run if you try getting close to them). They move at normal speed and can buff themselves with various buffs. They have mediocre rate of purging and mediocre rate of blowing up that takes away 80% of your max HP. They are NOT stunnable.
Suitable classes for this pav: Archer and all casters.

*Metal (Evil Electric Leopardo): there are a total of 30 mobs that you have to kill in this pav. Each mob gives you 6 points. They have very high pdef (around 7k pdef) and have low mdef (0 mdef on water, earth, and fire). These guys hit physical damage from range (archer-like mobs). They will run if you're getting close to them. They have very high rate of blowing up and high rate of purging. The blow up takes away 80% of your max HP. They move really slow and can buff themselves with various buffs. They are NOT stunnable.
Suitable classes for this pav: Archer and all casters.

If you notice, you will get 180 points when you kill all the mobs in a particular pav. A red text will appear that says "The wraiths in the (insert element) pavillion have been eliminated". You can also double check your quest-tracker to make sure that you have 180 points. You can also check other pavillion's scores. If the score is much lower compared to others, that means the mobs stack up on the player and that player needs help. You can go help other pavillions when you are done with yours.

NOTICE: This is important. Having the score of 180 ONLY lets you know that you have killed all the mobs and NPC is alive. It doesn't mean that you are successfully defend a pav. A pavillion is successfully defended only if the NPC is alive by the time the timer ends. When the NPC dies at anytime before the timer ends, the score goes to zero. The total of all pavillions combined must be at least 800 points. What does this mean? This means that you don't have to get 180 points in every pav to successfully complete first stage. Because 180 * 5 = 900 points. However, if one pavillion fails (score is 0), but the rest gets 180 points, this brings the total score to 180 * 4 = 720 (lower than the minimum requirement). Which is why it is important to not let any pavillions falls. If any of the pavillion fails or the score is less than 800 total, the Incarcerate (last boss) will not spawn.

The usual squad setup people in RT server do:
-Barbarian (not getting any pav or solo Water or duo with Cleric in either Water or Fire. If duoing in Water, Barb must kill mobs, while Cleric aggroes head and heal/buff Barb. If duoing in Fire, Cleric must kill mobs, while Barb aggroes head away from Cleric).
-Cleric (solo Fire or duo with Barb, see above ^^)
-Assassin (solo Wood or solo Earth)
-Blademaster (solo Earth or solo Water)
-Seeker (solo Water)
-Range DD usually Veno (solo Metal). Any other caster classes or Archer can take the spot, but most people prefer Veno to fill in last spot.

What I usually do when I run on Mystic (with guildies/friends usually):
-Barbarian (same as random squad or duo Water with BM)
-Cleric (same as random squad)
-Blademaster (solo Water or duo with Barb)
-Assassin (solo Earth)
-Me as Mystic (solo Wood)
-any range DD class (solo Metal)

The problem with getting a Sin for Wood is because most Sins either can't solo Wood so they wouldn't join squad (can only solo Earth which is usually given to BM) or they are pretty badly undergeared/underskilled that they can't even solo any pavs (happens few times). It's always take forever to get a Sin for FWS because to be frank, wood pav isn't the easiest pav for Sin or any physical classes. From the description I gave above, Wood pav is actually the hardest pav to fit it any classes. The mob have high pdef and yet they are melee-physical. So, the physical classes take forever to kill, while taking lesser damage than arcanes. The arcanes can kill faster, but they also taking more damage from mobs because the mobs deal phys dmg. This is a common problem and why nobody dares taking wood pav solo. I personally have it easy on Mystic because I can spam heal and I have decent pdef for an arcane class.

Common mistakes people do when soloing pav:
1) Seeker that only knows how to vortex in Water. When BP gets purged, they run panic and can't do anything but letting mobs stack up, then they die. Pav fails.
2) Any physical-melee classes that mistime their spark or dodging and let the mob blow up on them (Earth is common for this). Then, the head hits them after they lost 80% of their max HP. They die and pav fails.
3) Focusing too much on Head and letting mobs stack up. This is very common to Archer and casters in Fire and Metal. Head does hit hard and any casters should worry about getting hit from Head. Normal attack does about 2.5k damage to me, inc atk is about 4k damage, and SA head is about 6k damage. This means that SA head will technically 1 shot any casters with 6k HP or below (buffed). Here is the thing.. know your control skills and what the cooldown on them. Use any freeze, sleep, stun, seal skills to keep away heads from you. If those are on cooldown, holy path away or just run away from heads. You can also knockback the head. The common mistake for someone who just started soloing pav is that they focus too much on head and instead of killing mobs, they try so hard to keep heads away from them. No.. No.. No.. Kill mobs and only get away when head is close. Use as less holy paths as possible and focus more on DD-ing on mobs.

Second Stage

Second stage is about killing the mobs and bosses. The number of mobs that you have to kill in each pavillion depends on how many pavillions that are successfully defended. More pavillions defended = less mobs in each pavillion. Also NOTE: Incarcerate only spawn if all pavillions are successfully defended. In a normal FWS, you need to kill all mobs in a particular pavillion before killing the boss. Otherwise, the boss goes frenzy (hit for 50k damage to whoever has aggro).

Usually, aps squad (OP people) do FWS mobless. What does it mean? It means you just teleport right away to the boss and ignore the mobs. This is an acceptable method and not a glitch. It is called "intelligent use of design". Boss will still does 50k damage. However, you can block the damage by using immunity apoths and skills such as Ironguard Powder/Pan Gu Essence/Sutra Power Orb/Tranquility Orb. Genie skills such as Absolute Domain will also block the damage. Furthermore, Genie skills such as Expel, and character's skill such as Psychic's Psychic Will also block physical damage (if the boss does physical damage, some bosses do magical attacks to the tank). DO NOTE: any skills that absorbing or reducing damage such as Plume Shell/Invoke/Soul of Retaliation/Salvation's Aegis Sphere/Wings of Protection/Sage Spark/Regeneration Aura and etc. WILL NOT reduce the 50k damage taken. So, don't waste your chi on such skills. The skill you need is the skill that completely blocks off damage or blocks physical damage (if boss deals physical damage).

There are 5 pavillions and 5 bosses. Each boss's elements corresponds to what pavillion they are at. Each mob has the ability to use genie skills (holy path, occult ice, and etc.) Basically, second stage is the reverse of the first stage. You start from the middle of Warsong City. It is called "Heart of the Pavillion". From there, the path branches off to different element (similar to BH 59 --> start from the middle then go along the path of different types of elements).


This path is really long. If you're soloing Earth pavillion on the first stage, you'll notice the length of the path.

-earth elements
-do physical damage up close and magical damage at range. Magical damage are AoEs earth magic attack. When you see an earth twister wrapped around your character, you just got hit by the mobs' magic attacks.
-will freeze whoever pulls the mobs. This is why puller needs to have Vacuity Powder or pull with anti-stun skills: Violent Triumph (Barbarian), Will of Boddhisatva (Blademaster), Sage Unfetter (Seeker), purify spell weapon (r9T3 casters).
-The mobs can be frozen, but not sealed. Avoid using Parasitic Nova (Venomancer), Thicket/Gale Force (Mystic) or mobs will scattered around and hit hard on the most-likely HA-armored puller. Mobs can be stunned.
-Genie skills mob can use: Tai Chi (heal themselves), Holy Path (moves faster). Mobs will shout the name of the skills on normal chat before they're using it.

Whether you do normal FWS or mobless FWS, people will attempt to do mobless Earth. Why? Because the Earth boss has 4 forms. Each form has very low HP. Since it has very low HP, it's easy for a sin-BM combo to just rape the boss under 12-18 secs (duration of AD and IG). Only the first form will frenzy (50k damage).

**Boss: Shadowskull Lich
-Element: Earth
-Summon earth minions after each form dies. Minions hit for low damage (physical dmg-melee range and magical damage from range). Minions can freeze you on spot. There are 4 forms. He summons minions 3 times.
-Frenzy towards the end if he doesn't get killed fast. What I mean is, he's not doing 50k damage. He simply use the genie skill, Frenzy/Enrage to boost his attack level while subsequently reducing his own defense level. Thus, you hit harder on boss while you are also getting hit harder.
-Boss use physical damage-melee on the tank. Occasionally, use earth magic attack AoEs that hit the entire squad in range.
-The first form can sometimes purge the tank.

**Boss: Vile: Shadowskull Lich
-Element: Earth
-only has 1 form
-He can heal himself. Use Soul Degeneration (Venomancer) to stop the healing or Purge (Venomancer) to remove the healing buff.
-No magic attack. Only deal physical damage-melee to the tank.


This path is really short. If you're soloing metal on the first stage, you'll notice you barely have space to kite the mobs.

-Metal Elements
-The runners will almost always seal on range (Wind Prison genie skill) and occasionally seal from melee range.
-Both the dinos and the swords mobs occasionally seal.
-Mobs hit physical damage-melee to the melee tank and metal AoE attack to range tank.
-Kill the runners ASAP. They are notorious for dropping BB cause of seal. BB dropped => cleric dies => squad wiped guaranteed 90% of the time on average-geared squad.
-Mobs cannot be stunned. But, they can be frozen and seal.

**Boss: Snakefist Guardian
-Metal element
-You should be familiar with this guy when doing BH 100.
-Deal physical-damage to melee tank and ONLY metal magic damage to range tank (I have yet to get hit by his physical damage when tanking. I always tank on range and he always does magic attack). Occasionally, he does AoE metal magic attack to everyone in range.
-Frenzy/Enrage genie skills used after a while. This buff gets stronger overtime. That is why you need to kill this boss as quick as possible.

**Boss: Vile: Snakefist Guardian
-Metal element
-Deal physical-damage to melee tank and ONLY metal magic damage to range tank. Magic damage is a single hit damage, not AoE.
-Occasionally AoE stun the tank. The range of AoE is really small. It is advised to not stand right next to a BB-ing cleric because you don't want BB to drop cause of stun.
-Turns everyone in range (20 meters AoE or less) into frog. Frog can use normal aps attack, but not skills. Frog comes with a healing debuff, much like Cleric's skill. Healing debuff can be removed by using a single-heal skill (not overtime heals), such as Wellspring Surge (Cleric), Break in the Clouds (Mystic), Morning Dew (Wizard). Frog knocks forms such as True Form (Barbarian), Fox Form (Venomancer), Violet Dance/Ultraviolet Dance (Cleric) back to humanoid form.


Fire pavillion is also very lengthy.

-Fire elements.
-Notorious for interrupting channel. It is impossible to BB at mobs without getting knocked down secs later. For Cleric, stick to normal heals (IH/Wellspring/SoR/Chromatic) whichever necessary.
-Mobs can be stunned, but not frozen and seal. As a Mystic, I triple spark-Gale Force on these guys and manage to whittle their HPs downed to halved.
-Deal physical damage from melee range and AoE fire magic attack on range plus fire mdef debuff and increase channeling time. If you're a Chroma-spammer Cleric, this is gonna be tough for you. Stick to faster heals and use more than just Chroma.

**Boss: Cannonfist Orclord
-Fire element.
-Deal physical damage to tank (doesn't matter if the tank is melee or range). He hits really hard on casters. It is advisable to have an HA-armored tank.
-Occasionally, summon fire bugs near his spawn point. Usually, people pull the boss over from his spawn point and down the hall a little bit.
-Occasionally, deal an AoE magic attack + large sum of mana drain. This mana drain is a trouble for BB-ing Cleric from what I've seen. Cleric seems to drop BB just before mana drain is over. As a Mystic, I triple spark to purify myself when I just got hit by mana drain. Then, I spam sage Break in the Clouds in an attempt to purify the BB-ing Cleric. On my Psychic, I just keep Soul of Retaliation on and it will reflect the mana drain debuff. Magic attacks does quite a lot of damage to LA and HA users. So, be careful to keep HP full before you're getting hit or simply block the damage. The boss will say "You only have 20 seconds to live" before using the mana drain debuff. Count the 20 seconds and time your Absolute Domain to block the damage.

**Boss: Vile: Cannonfist Orclord
-Fire element
-Boss will triple spark at the beginning when he got hit for the first time. This spark can be removed by Purge (Venomancer) or simply channel interrupted by Knife Throw (Assassin) for example. If you don't have a Veno in the squad and buffed is up, tank can run around the pavillion until the buff is gone.
-Deal physical-damage melee ONLY to the tank. No magic damage.


Wood pavillion shares the beginning of path with Water pavillion.

-Wood elements.
-Deal physical damage to the melee tank and magical damage in range.
-Occasionally, seal and freeze the tank (not often like Earth pav mobs do).
-Genie skills: Extreme Poison (you will take more damage) and a skill that reduces your magic defense but increases your physical defense.
-Mobs cannot be stunned, sealed, and frozen.

**Boss: Pestilent Destroyer
-Wood element
-Deal physical damage to the melee tank and single-hit magical damage to the range tank.
-Occasionally, seal a random squad member. If the Cleric gets sealed, he/she will drop BB. Just put BB back up whenever it's down.
-Occasionally, use an Earth DoT debuff that can't be purified. The debuff can stack and lasts for about 2 minutes.
-DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT use Extreme Poison genie skill on this boss. He will explode for an unimaginable amount of damage and 1 shot everyone. The damage can be luckily blocked by Tidal Protection (Assassin), Tidal-like skill for Seeker, Demon Verdant Shell (Mystic).

**Boss: Vile: Pestilent Destroyer
-Wood element
-Deal an AoE massive HP debuff at the beginning of the battle. Debuff should be purified ASAP.
-Deal physical damage to the melee tank and magic damage to the range tank.
-Purge the tank very so often.
-Stun the Cleric and/or Mystic, followed by bleed damage afterwards. The bleed damage isn't strong and just overheal it. Seems that this boss is programmed to just stun the healer classes. I heal everytime on my Psychic and the boss never stun me. Cleric should stick to normal heal since the boss stuns very so often and knock BB down.


Water pavillions are the most annoying pavillions to me.

-Water elements.
-Deal physical damage to melee tank and water magic damage to range tank.
-Genie skills: Dissolve (drains chi) and Occult Ice (stun, followed by water-magic attack DoT damage). Occult Ice can be purified.
-Mobs cannot be stunned, but can be sealed and frozen.

**Boss: Obscure Reaper
-Water element
-Deal physical damage to melee tank and single-hit water magic damage to range tank.
-Occasionally, use Occult Ice on a random squad member. Occult Ice will drop BB.
-Occasionally, use Occult Ice for the entire squad member in range, plus aps and channeling debuff. This debuff is pretty horrible. The channeling debuff makes my channeling goes 90% slower than usual. The massive Occult Ice is pretty long (about 10-15 seconds) and while the entire squad is stunned, the boss keeps hitting on the tank. This would usually kill the tank if the tank isn't tanky enough (such as Assassin tanking).
-Occult Ice debuff can be luckily blocked by Tidal Protection-like skills.
-Psychic's Soul of Retaliation will also reflect the random Occult Ice debuff (not the squad ones). This will cause the boss to have the DoT debuff, but since boss can't be stunned, it will just reflect the DoT damage. The Psychic is free of stun and DoT damage.

**Boss: Vile: Obscure Reaper
-Water element
-Deal physical damage to melee tank and single-hit water magic damage to range tank.
-Massive AoE stun at the beginning of the spawn. You can block the stun by using anti-stun skill/immunity damage skill/Vacuity Powder.
-Will AoE stun very so often. He will say something in normal chat before he stuns. If you're a Cleric with Fortify genie, hit Fortify when he says the word. This will prevent you from getting knocked down from BB cause of stun.

Third Stage

Note: Third stage doesn't exist if you fail the first stage. Third stage is just about killing the final boss, Incarcerate and its Vile.

**Boss: Incarcerate
-Element: none
-Deal physical damage to the tank, doesn't matter if the tank is melee or range. He hits pretty hard so a low-geared/low-HP Assassin will certainly have a hard time taking hit from this boss.
-spawn 5 adds. The adds are based on the previous bosses in second stage.
-spawn 3 adds called "105". These adds do barely any damage and they don't auto aggro. These adds have very low HP. Only kill the add that looks different among the 3. DO NOT kill all adds. If you kill all adds or kill the wrong one, you are given the second chance to kill the correct add. If you fail twice, Incarcerate will disappear. All your efforts will go to waste.

The five adds are summoned when the boss reaches certain HP. The HP isn't exact, so all you can do is just expecting when the adds gonna come. All adds have anti aps buff if they do not get stunned right away. When adds are summoned, Incarcerate will invoke himself. So, you have to kill the adds ASAP to remove invoke buff on Incarcerate.
-First add (wood): summoned when boss is hit the first time. This add does AoE seal. Cleric should stick to IH/wellspring/SoR heal when this add is still alive. Then, put up BB once the add dies.
-Second add (water): debuff aps and channeling + occult ice the entire squad. The channeling debuff is far worse than the original water boss. Therefore, you must purify yourself once the add dies. Occult ice will drop BB.
-Third add (metal): buff Incarcerate with aps buff. Venomancer can purge the aps buff on Incarcerate.
-Fourth add (fire): AoE purge + seal. Seal will drop BB. Cleric should rebuff pdefense and mdefense, and quickly go back to BB.
-Fifth add (earth): makes Incarcerate go frenzy. Frenzy will increase Incarcerate attack level and reduce its defense level. He will also deal AoE earth magic attack that hits about ~20k damage on HA users when BB is not up. That's why I said in the beginning that mystic isn't very great at solo healing FWS. Unless the squad is really OP (but at this point, they probably do not need heals either).

To make this run simpler, a BM should stun the adds when they spawn and saves HF only for adds.

About "105" adds:
These adds spawn randomly during the battle. When the adds are spawned, you will see a yellow message in the middle of the screen. It is advisable to NOT using any AoE skill until these adds are spawned (exception is HF to kill the annoying adds faster).

**Boss: Vile: Incarcerate
-Element: none
-Deals ONLY physical damage to the tank, doesn't matter if tank is melee or range.
-no AoE damage.

The Vile version is very easy compared to the normal version. I never get a squad wipe in Vile.


Why do people do FWS? People do FWS for molds, badges, EoO, and warsong inscription (to make untradeable warsong belt). Some people also like the warsong essence (feeding exp to Genie) and warsong emblem (for genie's gears and reps).

-Molds can be either r9T3 or T3 mold. It's random chance.
-Molds are untradeable, but stashable.
-Armor molds are dropped by the vile version of the five bosses in second stage. Each boss drops certain part of the armor: metal (boots), fire (sleeves), earth (hat/cape/belt), wood (top), water (pants). Each boss always drop 1 random armor mold during 1x. During 2x drops, each boss drops 2 armor molds.
-Molds info:
------Awakened Lionheart, Awakened Demon Serene Robe, and Awakened Divine Ancestral Helm (T3 HA armors)
------Awakened Ashura, Awakened Demon Obscure Robe, and Awakened Divine Ancestral Hat (T3 LA armors)
------Awakened Archangel, Awakened Demon Spell Robe, and Awakened Hat of Infinite Power (T3 AA armors)
------Dervish (r9T3 Blademaster)
------Requiem (r9T3 Wizard)
------Firmament (r9T3 Archer)
------Sanctity (r9T3 Cleric)
------Hegemony (r9T3 Barbarian)
------Etherwalker (r9T3 Venomancer)
------Adversity (r9T3 Assassin)
------Apotheosis (r9T3 Psychic)
------Samsara (r9T3 Seeker)
------Reincarnation (r9T3 Mystic)

-Weapon molds are dropped by Vile: Incarcerate. He always drop 2 weapon molds, doesn't matter if it's 2x drops or not. He also drops Essence of Offense (materials needed to craft/reroll T3 and r9T3 weapons). EoO is affected by 2x drops. So, during 2x drops, he drops 2 EoOs, otherwise he just drops 1. Weapons for r9T3 have same name as the armors.
-T3 weapon molds info:
------Unicorn's Tragedy (dual axes)
------Resonance of Pride (dual hammers)
------Spirit of Justice (polehammer)
------Chill of Blizzard (poleaxe)
------Waves of Glacier (polearm)
------Galaxy Shocker (pike)
------Autumn's Crescent (sword)
------Halfway Galaxy (blade)
------Infinite Longing (dual swords)
------Astral Ballad (dual blades)
------Peak of Clouds (fists)
------Traceless Dimension (claws)
------Jaden's Emperor Defiance (bow)
------Stellar's Vibration (crossbow)
------Ancestor's Sorrow (slingshot)
------Foundation of World (wand)
------Sandy World (magic sword)
------Glaive of Nirvana (glaive)
------Silence of Frost (pataka)
------Netherworld's Guidance (daggers)
------Buddha's Hatred (sphere)

**Basic badges are the reward from completing Vile quests. To get badges, you need to be there around boss while the Vile is killed. You get 1 badge for each Vile killed. Basic badges are the materials to craft T3/r9T3 weapons and armors.

**Warsong Inscriptions: collect 40 of these to make a G14 Warsong Belt. The materials are untradeable, so does the belt (they are stashable however). So, make sure if you need, you tell the squad beforehand.



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