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 Reincarnation System

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PostSubject: Reincarnation System   Thu Oct 10, 2013 12:01 pm

This is all in Chinese as of now (PWCN). Since I don't know Chinese, I don't know what the text says. Google translate won't translate the text so yeah..

There's reincarnation system coming up in PWCN. This is the link to PWCN official site: http://w2i.wanmei.com/

Click on the female BM figure that says "Reincarnation System". It's an interactive site.

If you keep clicking on the arrow button, you will see that Reincarnation System has a hexagon chart that points in 6 directions (looks like the Genie's affinity chart). The hexagon creates a spider-web like that shows each level of affinity. Each class has different affinity. There are 2 sections for the chart on each class. I think the left one shows the basic stats. The right one shows the advanced stats, when it's maxed.

I'm going to number the stats from the left to right (clockwise direction):
C) all the way at the top tip
F) all the way at the bottom tip (blank)

If you don't know which figure is which class, I'll put it here: (rating: 0=lowest, 4=highest)
1. Seeker

2. Mystic

3. Blademaster

4. Wizard

5. Barbarian

6. Venomancer

7. Cleric

8. Archer

9. Assassin

10. Psychic

Winner on each stat:
A) Barbarian (4)
B) Venomancer (4)
C) Cleric (4)
D) Assassin (4)
E) Seeker (4)
F) Blademaster, Assassin (3)


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Location : NY
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PostSubject: Re: Reincarnation System   Fri Oct 18, 2013 2:18 pm

More news about the Reincarnation system:



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PostSubject: Re: Reincarnation System   Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:10 pm

Is it coming out for us?

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Location : NY
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PostSubject: Re: Reincarnation System   Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:51 pm

Not yet. It probably comes in about 2-3 months for us.

On a side note: Mel Mel is back on the forum Very Happy


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Location : NY
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Join date : 2009-07-11

PostSubject: Re: Reincarnation System   Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:28 pm

So, it's coming SOON this winter:


The new update is called "New Horizon"


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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

PostSubject: Re: Reincarnation System   Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:55 pm

More news coming for this Reincarnation System:

*Trading card system: "War Avatar" (part 1)

Basically, it's kinda like Yu-Gi-Oh card games. You feed up the crappy cards to the one you wanna level up (the stronger one of course). The stronger card will gain exp overtime and becoming more powerful. There are five different grades of cards: C, B, A, S, S+. Category C is the weakest card, while S+ is the strongest card. Rumor says, S+ card is only coming from packs and they are bound, untradeable, and unstashable.

There are six different categories that somehow ties to the first post on this thread (when I mention A, B, C, D, E, F and their values for each class). I don't know which one corresponds to which. But all we know that those A, B, C, D, E, F correspond to Destroyer, Battle, Longevity, Durability, Soulprime, Lifeprime (not in order).

*Trading card system: "Nuema" (part 2)

Nuema is basically like Warsong Essences from what I understand. It's basically like EXP orbs that you need to feed it to your cards. You will receive penalty for infusing higher tier Nuema to lower tier cards (kind of like using Warsong Essence level 8 to feed level 1 Genie, you won't get the full 50k exp from the essence).

There are 2 different orbs: Origin Orbs and and Essence Orbs. These orbs are untradeable and unstashable. You can use a maximum of 20 orbs in a week. You gotta kill some mobs from the Nuema list and have a channeling time of 10-20 seconds until u can acquire the Nuema spirits. The orbs reset time is every Saturday at midnight server time (I'm assuming between Friday-Saturday. PWI post is never clear after all).

The modifiers from Nuema is affected by the class itself. Generally speaking, the weakest stat of your class, e.g. HA classes is weak to magic so they need more mdef. HA classes will receive higher base stats of their mdef card. This is from what I understand.

*Destroyer and Battle - p atk and m atk
*Longevity - HP + pdef
*Durability - HP + mdef
*Soulprime and Lifeprime - PVP version of Slaying and Warding levels

Generally speaking, for mystic, I would increase my Longevity first for my survival. Then, depends on how the "Primes" work, I would increase either Destroyer/Battle or Soulrpime/Lifeprime. Again, mystic Nuema basic stats are kinda average (about the same on all, so I don't know which one gives which). This last part is still quite confusing for me. So, let's see what's gonna happen when the patch launches.


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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

PostSubject: Re: Reincarnation System   Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:32 pm

I guess I'm gonna add what happens when you rebirth:

*Pre-requisite for rebirth:
-Be at least level 100
-Have at least "Aware of the Myriad" (level 89 Sage Culti) or "Aware of the Void" (level 89 Demon Culti)
-Have "Stone of Love: Restoration" (for 1st rebirth) or "Stone of Love: Recreation" (for 2nd rebirth) in your inventory. The stone is free from NPC Master of Cycles. Be careful to read the quest and not just taking them blindly! You DO NOT pay 2 mil coins to get the stone. You ONLY pay 2 mil coins if you lose the free stone and want another one. I've known a good amount of people who just blindly pays 2 mil and find out that they just waste 2 mil for nothing.

*After successfully rebirth:
-You will go back to level 1 with extra stats that you received depending on what level you rebirth. Level 100 (20 pts), level 101 (25 pts), level 102 (32 pts), level 103 (42 pts), level 104 (56 pts), level 105 (76 pts).
-You will spawn in your starting town: Inn of the Eagle (human), Battlemark Village (elf), Northern Pass (untamed), Dragonfang Village (tideborn), and Shrine of the Ancestors (earthguard).
-All teleports that you previously opened are already opened so you can just teleport back to Archosaur.
-Go talk to Morai teleporter to teleport you into Primal World. You can also do so at Messenger of Time NPC in the middle of Archosaur platform.
-Follow both Yellow chain quest and Green quest. Yellow quests give you free C-B cards, while green quests give you vitaes to increase Sky levels. Higher sky levels give boost to spirit (mostly for PvP purpose, although I feel that I also get stronger in PvE a bit due to spirit). Yellow quests also give a tremendous amount of exp.
-Do whatever you can do by any means to level up. Soloing BH for your level is a good exp. Doing FC/PV is also a good alternative.

*What happens to EXP and SPIRIT before and after rebirth?
-You will gain 4x exp from finishing quests and/or killing mobs (for 1st rebirth) and 3.5x exp for 2nd rebirth from level 1-100 (exp multipliers stop once you hit 100).
-You keep all the previous spirits you gain before you rebirth.

*What happens to your GEAR, GENIE, MOUNT, and FLYER?
-You can equip any ornaments and cape regardless of level requirement. You can wear them starting from level 1.
-You can keep your tome since tome has no requirement whatsoever.
-You can still wear your genie, however... Genie is unable to gain any exp if the Genie level is higher than your current level. The only way to feed genie is to use warsong essences (I'm not sure if donating current exps/spirits will work since I never do it).
-You can wear any mount and flyer regardless of level requirement.
-You CANNOT wear your armors/weapon until you meet the minimum STR/DEX/MAG requirement to wear them. Therefore when assigning stats, adjust it so you can wear your armors and weapon as early as possible. If you didn't remove your armors/weapon before rebirth, it will glow red on your equipment window (meaning that you don't receive any stats from the gears you wear because you don't meet the minimum requirement to wear them). It's like wearing broken armors/weapon.

-Current quests stay, however... you CANNOT turn in the quests until you meet the minimum level requirement to turn them in. For example, you had an unfinished BH 100 before you rebirth. You CANNOT turn in the BH quest until you go back to level 100. It will say "Player's level is too low. Unable to complete this quest." Therefore, clean your current quests before you rebirth so you don't have them stuck in your quest list.
-Available quests will reset back according to your current level. So, if you had a quest that popped up at level 70 for example (World Quest). You will unable to pick up the World Quest until you go back to level 70. The quest simply doesn't show up in your daily quest list.
-You keep all the titles that you previously obtained. I believe there's no min level requirement to do title quests.
-Quests DO NOT reset. Hello? If you have completed all your quests before rebirth, this leaves you with no quests available after rebirth. Quests that you have completed in the past will not show up again unless it's a daily quest like BH, World Quest, MQ, Morai, and etc.
-BH, Crazy Stone, and Divine Orders are adjusted according to your current level.

*How do I level up?
-Best way to level up is to solo your own BH, solo PV, and solo FC. If you don't have the gears to solo, form a squad for those instances.
-Do yellow quest chains. They give pro exp.
-Decompose FC Green gears and turn them in for nice exp.

*How long does it take to go back from level 1-100 for 1st and 2nd rebirth?
-Depends on the commitment you put into leveling back. Took me 10 days each for 1st and 2nd rebirth.
-For 1st rebirth, I do yellow quest chain + solo my own BH + squadding with randoms for FC (this is all done with full T3 gears, r9 ring, and r9t3 belt).
-For 2nd rebirth, I solo my own BH + solo FC (soloing FC since level 69). I full pull FC since level 78-79 or so. This is done with the similar setup as 1st rebirth, except now I have r9t3 wep for FC pulling + 1 shot mobs in big room.


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PostSubject: Re: Reincarnation System   

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Reincarnation System
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