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 Nation Wars (NW)

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PostSubject: Nation Wars (NW)   Nation Wars (NW) EmptyTue Sep 10, 2013 2:59 pm

Since NW keeps changing every patch, I'm not going to list on the strategy to gain tons of contribution points and tokens. I'm not going to list on how to get first place nation and such because it entirely depends on your whole nation.

I'm listing a guide about each battlefield in NW and how you can win the battlefield.

There are 3 types of NW battles:
1) Bridge Battle (1 point)
2) Capture the Flag (3 points)
3) Crystal Contest (5 points)

1) Bridge Battle
*Objective: Kill all enemy towers. The towers ressurect 2 times (each time getting weaker and weaker). Also, kill/stall enemies who try to kill your side's towers.
*Most suitable class for this battle: high dps classes for towers (mostly aps classes), range dps and AoE classes to kill enemies
*Pro: gain a lot of points, and thus, personal contribution as well as avoiding possibly 0 tokens.
- the battle takes too long
- if your side is losing, you get literally less to no points at all due to the amount of people who enter the battle and then, leave afterwards.
- the battle only reward 1 point to the nation

2) Capture The Flag
*Objective: Grab a flag which randomly spawns at west, middle, or east side of the map. Deliver the flag to the hill on the enemy's side.
*Most suitable class for this battle: high speed class if no opponent, super barb if there's opponents (to tank all the incoming damage), or purify proc r9T3 tanky casters who utilize purify proc weapon to move faster if there's opponents
*Pro: relatively fast if there's no opponents
- gives very little points
- people spawn killing and ignore the flag, thus making the battle longer
- lowbies/undergeared/slow classes grabbing the flag and die afterwards, thus making the battle longer
- a super tanky character who play around with the flag and just stand there while their charm ticks or moving around in a circle, thus the flag isn't delivered as fast as it's supposed to. This is rarely happened, but happened to me twice, which makes me RQ the battle cause I have to gain as much points possible for tokens. I expect this less happening now since a lot of people are r9T3, thus the super tanky character can die getting beaten up by a gank.

3) Crystal Contest
*Objective: Activate as much crystals in the map as possible. Red denotes attacking nation and blue denotes defending nation.
*Most suitable class for this battle: none... you just need people who grow a brain and activate unguarded enemy crystals/neutral crystal. All classes can work well in this battle.
*Pro: very high points for short amount of time in the battle, 5 points for your nation also if winning
-when one side has twice or more the amount of the other side, you fight a losing battle, no matter what the gears are. This is due to the more populated side can just cap all unguarded crystals. Each OP player can only defend 1 crystal at a time, due to the distance between the crystals. Sure, the OP players won't die, although they can still die getting beaten up and the crystals taken afterwards.


Nation Wars (NW) Tag-Jinae
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Nation Wars (NW)
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