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 Advanced Endless Universe (AEU)

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PostSubject: Advanced Endless Universe (AEU)   Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:56 pm

So, Deinooo requested AEU guide yesterday (you should be able to view this guide, Dein). I realize the one on the PWI website is a little outdated. So, I'm making my own.

Advanced Endless Universe

AEU is basically the advanced version of Endless Universe (EU). Nowadays, I've never seen anyone running EU anymore (forgotten subpar instance like Gamma; Gamma is subpar instance of Delta). I admit that I never run EU, so I'm not making a guide on EU.

Requirement to do AEU:
1) Must be level 100+
2) Finish the gold chain quest from Elder of a Thousand Streams. Quest will pop up when you level up from 99 to 100, telling you to go talk to Elder of a Thousand Streams. He will tell a tale about Aurogon, the Dragon Emperor. He will give you a quest called, "A Tiny Fib". Follow the quest until you are up to "Into the Fray". "Into the Fray" requires you to kill Locen, Chigo, and Aurogon. The reward of the quest is exp/spirits.
3) You don't need to do the gold chain Morai level 95+ quest (this one is for EU, but not required for AEU).
4) Must have at least 1 Jade Dragon Order. You can obtain this from the starting NPC inside the AEU instance. Each character will be given 6 Orders per week. Order is used up when AEU is started (so if the squad fails to complete the instance, you lose an Order). If you d/ced and get teleported outside the instance, you also lose the Order.
5) Must have at least 8 people to start the instance (required for one of the modes).

Squad formation:
*Try to always have 10 people squad.
*The best squad formation is one of each class. Obviously, it's a perfect arrangement that most likely not happening. In that case, minimum requirements are:
-Barbarian for tanking bosses. A high HP and pdefense Seeker and Blademaster (15k+ HP buffed) should be able to take a hit from bosses.
-Physical AoE DDs (Archer/Seeker/Assassin/Blademaster) are needed to take down Elemental Immune bosses and mobs.
-Magical AoE DDs (all casters) are needed to take down Physical Immune bosses and mobs.
-Two healers. Can be a combination of 2 Clerics or 1 Cleric/1 Mystic.
-A Psychic with at least level 1 Soulburn or a Cleric with Magical Shackle. I'd advise to level Soulburn to level 10 just because it lasts longer and running lower risk of failure.

AEU Modes:

All AEU, regardless of mode, will end up with Aurogon as the last boss. The sub-bosses may differ from time to time. The modes that are given are random (not up to squad leader to choose).

1) Bushes mode (Locen, as sub-boss)

Boss name: Locen
-Elemental attribute: Fire
-Physical damage: Yes
-Magical damage: Yes (AoE)
-Special skills: use Blade Tempest (same animation as Wizard's Blade Tempest) that will melt the Netherfrost Ice and deal a high fire magic damage. I don't know exactly how high the damage is. But it is strong enough to OHKO an HA class if they are not careful. Netherfrost Ice protects players from getting hit for very high damage (increases my 17k fire mdef to 84k fire mdef). Stay close to Netherfrost to get the buff.
-Instance difficulty: easy if everyone knows what to do, it's just longer compared to the other modes
-Boss difficulty: easy

**Stage 1: Digging 8 Crystals
Each squad member is assigned to dig a crystal. The crystals must be dug at a same time. So, we usually say 1.. 2... 3 Dig! in squad chat. Click on the crystal to dig. Two other members that don't dig crystals can just standby around the crystal. Failure to dig all the crystals at a same time will result in the failure of this stage and must be repeated. Crystals will respawn after a certain time.

**Stage 2: Maintaining 3 Soul Fires
Walk at the edge of the cliffs to move around. You notice there are bushes at some corners. The bushes will put you on a stealth state at a maximum of two minutes. Locen (currently immune to damage) will move in a circle around the cliffs. When you see Locen, hide in the bushes ASAP. Locen will go unnoticed if you're in stealth. If he catches your attention, he will do a stomp damage that hits around 25k+ physical damage (auto death for most people). There are crystals of warnings surrounded the cliffs. Locen will break those crystals when he passed by them.

Kill mobs to get some quest items (these items go to normal inventory so make sure you have slots in your inventory). Loot the items as much as you can. Mobs are a mix of physical immunity and elemental immunity. As far as common sense goes, physical DDs kill elemental immunity, while magical DDs kill physical immunity. Elemental immunity mobs deal magic AoE damage, while physical immunity mobs deal melee physical damage (non AoE). They don't hit too hard, so don't worry about them. There are walkers that walk around the cliffs. These mobs have very high HP and hit quite hard. We don't need to kill walkers for the quest (kill or ignore and move on).

After collecting 50 materials needed for the furnace, the quest can be started by anyone, not necessarily a squad leader. Materials must be turned in in quantity of 5 (if you have less than 5 materials, just drop them and let someone else picks up). One person will do the quest. The quest is really simple, yet people messed up alot. All you have to do is this:
*Yellow text on the screen pops up and says "Blow More Air". Choose "Blasting".
*Yellow text on the screen pops up and says "Add More Water". Choose "Dampen".
If you choose the wrong option, the quest fails.

Another person will do the fires. It is preferrable that an AoE DD with no-constant channeling AoEs do the fire. If you have T3+10 or above weapon, any weapon with God of Frenzy or Sacrificial Strike (zerk weapons), or r9/r9T2/r9T3 weapons, please don't use those weapons to do the fire. You will do too much damage and 1-2 shot the fire on critical hit. Switch to a crappier weapon instead. If an AoE DD isn't possible or don't know how to do fire, three other people can take each of the fire. Always keep fire at ~50% HP. Fire cannot go to full HP or 0 HP or quest will fail. Failure to do this stage will result in failing the stage and must be repeated (don't need to submit materials again to repeat).

Other squad members that do not do quests nor fire should kill the bears that spawn among the fires. DO NOT use AoE attacks to kill the bear or you will hit the fires as well. Use only a single target attack to kill bears. These bears hit pretty tough on an arcane class, so be wary of your HP.

**Stage 3: Kill the Stealthed Skeletons
Claim pills from the furnace after fires are done. You will be given 10 Endless Pills that allow you to see the stealthed mobs. Use the pills to see the mobs. You need to kill 4 Stealthed Skeleton mobs. There are two types of Skeletons: one deals physical melee damage, another one hits magic attack. Just kill any four of the mobs in any combination and in any order. Mobs are level 105, so unless you are level 105, stealth pots (Revelation Potion and Espionage Potion) will not help you see the mobs. I'm not sure if Mystic's Mystical Eye will put the mobs out of stealth since my Mystic is not level 105 (need a level 105 Mystic to confirm this).

**Stage 4: Put on the Mask!
One or two squad members need to claim a mystical mask from the next furnace after killing 4 Skeletons. Using the mask will put you on a transformed-seal state (cannot use skill, but can use auto attack). It is advisable that a non-healer class does this stage (you cannot heal when transformed). You are now transformed into a rat after using the mask. Talk to either Obsidian or Alabaster NPC to Get Lucky ;o. The NPCs will turn into 2 mini bosses or they just disappear and give you a pass to the next stage. When the NPCs turn into mini bosses, you must kill both bosses in order to proceed to the next stage. Cleric should heal from max distance since both bosses can cause sleep debuff. They hit quite hard on an arcane class, but tankable by LA and HA classes.

A neat way to ensure no NPCs turn into mini bosses is to have two people turn into rats and talk to each NPC at a same time. This will ensure a pass to the next stage without having to kill any mini bosses.

**Stage 5: The Matrix
Return to the entrance of AEU to complete the matrix. The matrix pattern is random everytime. The mirror in the middle of the pole will show you the correct pattern. You must activate the correct sealing points to match the pattern. Activating a wrong sealing point results in failure of the stage and must be repeated.

You need 5 Devil Snake Bones to activate a sealing point. You can get these items by killing elemental immunity and physical immunity mobs. After all sealing points are activated correctly, the matrix is complete. The matrix creates a trap to remove the "immunity to damage" buff on Locen. Once Locen falls into the trap, he will die and ressurect on another island.

**Stage 6: Kill the Healers
Return to the first and second islands to kill Locen's minions. These minions heal Locen and should be eliminated before fighting him. Have 5 members go to the first island and another 5 members go to the second island. Kill all the healers until yellow text appears "All Locen's minions have been wiped". Now you're ready to fight the boss.

*Boss stage: Locen
Stay close to Netherfrost Ice to receive fire mdef buff. Locen will normally do physical damage to the tank (hit quite high on the tank). Using BB is advisable. Second healer helps heal the tank. BB can be knocked down by stun or knockback attack (knockback attack will throw you into the underground). If you get knocked, use teleport to go back to the boss. Once in a while, Netherfrost will melt and Locen uses Blade Tempest. Move to the nearest Netherfrost to receive fire mdef buff. Netherfrost will repsawn after a certain time.

2) The Twins (Aohe Snake and Aohe Dragon, as sub-boss. NPC: Sunblaze Apprentice Jin)

-Boss name: Aohe Snake
-Elemental attribute: Water
-Physical damage: Yes
-Magical damage: No
-Immune to: Physical damage
-Special attack:
**Ice Prison (similar to Wizard's Ice Prison). Basically an AoE attack that freezes and seals you on spot. Seal cannot be removed by Will Surge. When getting prisoned, you cannot move nor using skills or auto attack.
**Transform you into frogs + Aurora Array that absorb heals (affects within AoE range). You can move and auto attack, but cannot use skills. Aurora Array can be purified.
**Heal himself (similar to Cleric's Ironheart Blessing). Heal can be purged or slowed down using Psychic's Diminished Vigor or Archer's Arrow Inferno.
**Random aggro. Sometimes he aggroes anyone that hit him, even if the person isnt doing the most dps on boss. Not very often.
-Boss difficulty: medium

-Boss name: Aohe Dragon
-Elemental attribute: Fire
-Physical damage: Yes
-Magical damage: No
-Immune to: Elemental damage
-Special attack:
**AoE DoT burn that hits pretty hard on anyone in close proximity range.
**AoE physical damage that hit about ~9k damage on arcane classes (non-BB) on anyone within 20 meters AoE range.
-Boss difficulty: hard

Instance difficulty: medium

First of all, let me just say that this is why people are so desperate to have a Psychic in squad (provided the Clerics don't have Magical Shackle). The instance itself is divided into many stages just like Bushes mode. However, people outsmart the instance and find a way to clear the instance faster. Have a Psychic with Soulburn or Cleric with Magical Shackle to go to the second island where the Aohe Spirit is located. Aohe Spirit is immune to damage, but can be damaged by Soulburn/Shackle. Basically, the person who's doing this stage, hit the Aohe Spirit at least once. Then, use Soulburn/Magical Shackle on the Spirit to kill it. Once the Spirit loses HP, it will summon bunch of mobs that deal physical damage and statues that hit DoT metal damage. It is advisable to use immunity apoth to prevent dying from getting mobbed. I usually cast Soulburn and hit Fortify + Ironguard Powder when Soulburn still channels. From my experience, if there's a Cleric with Shackle and a Psychic with Soulburn, the Psychic always do the job since it's safer. Cleric is usually assisted by the Barbarian (although it's very possible to use Ironguard Powder as a Cleric as well. Psychic Will is obviously worked, but I don't feel as it long enough to keep me from dying (just use Ironguard Powder for safety).

Once the Spirit dies, the two bosses appear on the first island. The two bosses must be separated, so that the physical DDs can concentrate on Dragon and magical DDs can concentrate on Snake. As a rule of thumb, Barbarian, Assassin, Blademaster, and 1 Cleric takes over Dragon (elemental immunity). The rest of the squads concentrate on Snake (physical immunity). Do note that Dragon hits pretty hard on arcane classes (unless you are a Cleric with over 10k HP+ buffed, you cannot BB on Dragon or you will get 1 shotted). Stick to IH/Wellspring/SoR/Chromatic Healing Beam and purify when needed. Only heal from max range.

Snake hits pretty hard on arcane classes as well. It is advisable to have an OP geared Archer or a Seeker tanks this boss. BB can be done on this boss, but can also be interrupted when getting Ice Prisoned. Snake is stunnable so stun him whenever possible. Both Snake and Dragon must die at a same time (they must die within 10 seconds of each other or it fails). If it fails, the other boss that already dies will ressurect to full HP and you need to start all over again. You can reset the instance by talking to NPC: Sunblaze Apprentice Jin to reset the instance (this will not consume another Jade Dragon Order, and will not randomize the instance).

If you do squadding a lot in PvE, you will notice that high aps character (Blademaster and Assassin) will faceroll the boss like no tomorrow. Assuming they don't die over and over at Dragon, this will put Dragon to the end very quickly and Snake is still having a healthy amount of HP (500-1 mil HP left). Since both bosses must die within 10 seconds of each other, Blademaster can go over to Snake and use Heaven's Flame to help kill Snake (this will require elemental shards on weapons or use Drake Breath's Bash first to give fire elemental attribute to HF).

3) Light/Dark Balance (Chigo, as sub-boss; NPC: Luminous Jade)

-Boss name: Chigo
-Elemental attribute: Earth
-Physical damage: Yes
-Magical damage: Yes
-Special attack:
**Telekinesis (similar to Psychic's Telekinesis). An AoE DoT attack that ticks after certain seconds (I believe it's 12 seconds just like Psy's skill). The debuff can be purified or get close to the boss to receive less damage. Damage is based on the distance between you and the boss.
**AoE purge, stun, seal, metal DoT attack, mana drain. The mana drain is quite horrible. I'm used to triple spark the debuff to get rid of mana drain. AoE purge + seal occurs when boss has 1.3 mil HP or less. Purge can be blocked by a timed triple spark.
-Boss difficulty: hard

Instance starts with 2 sides. The entrance side is called "Light" and the deep dungeon side is called "Dark". The two sides are far away from each other so that's why we need to have 2 healers (2 clerics or 1 cleric/1 mystic). One healer for Light and another one for Dark. Each side has a static eye mob that's immune to damage. Waves of mobs will coming in once both eyes established. There are 3 types of mobs: mobs that give 1 point each (8 mobs), mobs that give 2 points each (4 mobs), and mobs that give 4 points each (2 mobs). The 1 point mob has the least HP, while the 4 point mobs have the most HP.

The objective of this instance is to have equal (or almost equal) amount of points on each side. The difference cannot exceed 4. So, if Light has 10 points, Dark should have points between 6 to 14, or vice versa. If the difference is more than 4, the destructive force keeps decreasing in number. You need 200 destructive force to complete this stage (get about ~100 points on each side). Only X amount of mobs will be coming in so if one side is totally wiped (for example: all people in Dark died, then it's better to restart the instance). Can always restart the instance by talking to Luminous Jade NPC. With 10 people squad, 5 people would be in Light and another 5 would be in Dark. Squad leader usually determines which class squad with which class. On a perfect squad setting (1 class each), it would be like this (just an example):
*Light: Assassin, Seeker, Psychic, Barbarian, Mystic (healer)
*Dark: Wizard, Blademaster, Archer, Venomancer, Cleric (healer)

What most common is to put Seeker and Sin together (just in case Seeker dies, Sin can BP the Seeker right after reviving). Mystic is better off with Seeker in this case since Seeker usually do just well with just BP. Put Archer and Seeker on different side since they are both strong AoE DDs. Usually BM is on the same side as casters AoEs. Again, squad setting can be different, depends on the need.

Once you reach 200 points of destructive force, you will head to the second island and put the squad of 10 together again. Kill one of the 4 pillars to free the Dark Jade and summon Chigo. So far, there's no indication which pillar that we have to kill. Usually, we just kill the pillars one by one until Chigo appears. Do note that mobs will come from all directions to the second island. AoE DDs need to keep mobs away from BB-ing Cleric.

Chigo is summoned in the center of the island. Please be wary of telekinesis skill Chigo has. The damage increases the farther you are from Chigo (auto death on 15k+ HP archer if you stand behind the stairs). So, work on your double jump and get inside the platform (holy path + click space bar 2x quickly if you're having trouble with jumping). I understand that archers want to keep >5 meters distance from the boss, but for the sake of the squad, just take the damage reduction and be safe inside the platform. Other classes should just stand on Chigo's face to be safe. Throughout the battle, Chigo will do AoE purge, seal, stun, metal AoEs, and mana drain at certain amount of HP.

Final Boss (Aurogon, the Dragon Emperor)

All three modes lead to the final boss, Aurogon. He is located at the underground below all the floating islands. Simply jump down off the islands to get to the underground. Note: pets, plants/herbs, summons cannot be used at Aurogon.

-Boss name: Aurogon
-Elemental attribute: Fire
-Physical damage: Yes
-Magical damage: Yes
-Special attack:
**Summon dragon mobs (I can't remember the name) that is immune to all movement debuffs (freeze, sleep, stun, slow) and seal. They only hit physical damage melee. Aurogon will invoke until you kill all the mobs.
**Teleport 3 times to specific spot after losing certain amount of HPs.
**Summon fire that reduces HP little by little (cannot be purified since it isn't a debuff, but a direct damage). Avoid fire simply by moving away from the boss (casters and archers should be out of range of fire).
**Summon 1 or more previous bosses (mini Locen, Chigo, Aohe) that deals significantly less damage than the actual boss.
**Summon Mistress of Endless Night that can't move and deals physical range damage.
**Summon a giant dragon pet (which is also available on one of the Morai Orders) just to make you lag.
-Boss difficulty: medium

**First form:
You see three NPCs fighting against Aurogon. Have a Barbarian/a designated tank to take aggro on Aurogon. Please, if you are a squishy sin, maintain your aggro at Aurogon since he hits pretty hard on physical damage and can lower the Barb's HP pretty quick. Nothing special on first form.

**Second form:
He will teleport and summon dragon mobs that need to be killed. AoE DDs need to take down the mobs before resuming to fight Aurogon. He will invoke until all mobs are killed.

**Third form:
He will teleport again and summon his pet, Mistress of Endless Night, and 1 or more of previous sub bosses. After a certain time, he would summon fire around him that damages anyone inside the fire. Move away from the fire if you can't take the heat. At 1.3 mil HP or less, he will teleport again.

**Last form:
Same as second form, he will summon dragon mobs that need to be killed. Unless all mobs are killed, Aurogon will stay invoked. Since Aurogon teleports a lot, BB needs to be moved everytime. Always have chi ready to BB.

Claim your prizes!
At level 101, I get:
*EXP reward = 1.3 mil exp
*Spirits reward = 180k spirits
*10 influence
*Endless Dragon Emperor Chest contains one of the following:


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Advanced Endless Universe (AEU)
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