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 Maple Cave Crawlers

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Location : NY
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Maple Cave Crawlers Empty
PostSubject: Maple Cave Crawlers   Maple Cave Crawlers EmptyMon Jun 18, 2012 2:58 pm

Since my net is down all day, I've been playing iPod games instead.. Maple Cave Crawlers or known as Maple CC is a game similar to Pokemon.. Instead of a Pokemon Trainer, this game features MapleStory characters.. Playable characters are Fighter and Thief.. Instead of Wild Pokemons, this game features the same mobs in MapleStory with similar category..

Game features:
1. There is a town where you can buy potions, armors, weapons, scrolls, and etc. There are 3 different kinds of armors and weapons. One is for Fighter only, one is for Thief only, and the other is for both. There are 2 different kinds of potions: one that is useable anytime (inside and outside battle) and another one is the potions that is useable only outside battle. Potions that are useable outside battle can be bought from the shop in town. Potions that are useable inside the battle (excluding Red Potion) cannot be bought in the shop (my guess is you can spend dollars to buy the potions; buy in cash shop). A player may only bring 1 Red Potion to a dungeon (recover HP to full).

2. Still in the town: you may select the character between a Fighter (male only) or a Thief (female only). You can only exchange the two in the town (cannot exchange in a dungeon). You can also switch the Ultimate Skill in the town only. Ultimate Skill is the skill that allows you to deal a powerful damage when your battle gauge is full (100% accuracy).

3. From the Menu, select "Dungeon". Pick a dungeon that you want to enter. Note that once you're in a dungeon, you cannot switch between Fighter and Thief. There are several floors in the dungeon with 3 objectives that you have to complete in a dungeon. Once you complete the non-boss kill objective, move on the next floor by finding the portal (somewhat similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon). There are a couple of gold boxes that you can pick up for prizes. Boxes are visible in the map, but next floor portal and the walls aren't (However, you can use Clairvoyance Scroll to reveal the portal to the next floor). At the end, there's a final boss battle.

4. Characters:
*Fighter: higher HP than Thief, lower damage than Thief, lower accuracy than Thief, more defense than Thief.
Weapon used: Fighter weapons (Sword, Gladius, Lance, Battle Axe)
*Thief: squishier than Fighter (lower HP and defense), higher damage due to critical hit, higher accuracy because Claw always reduce the gauge speed, higher evasion than Fighter.
Weapon used: Thief Weapons (Claw and Dagger). Dagger hits twice.

5. Playstyle:
Look at your mini map. Your main objective is to find the next floor portal. Find it by going through the maze. When you are going through the maze, sometimes you encounter a wild mob. Battle it by using the gauge meter. Touch your screen when the sword gauge passes exactly on the red line. Red line deals the most damage (critical hit). Yellow deals normal damage. Silver line is a counter attack (means mobs do more damage to you). Black line is a miss. If you are using ultimate, just ignore the horizontal gauge meter because ultimate has 100% accuracy (you cannot use ultimate on the final boss). If you die in a battle, you will be teleported to town (lose exp as well I believe). Use Return Scroll to the Nearest Town to escape from a dungeon. When mobs die, they will give exp, mesos, or prizes (can be weapons, armors, scrolls, potions).

Hope this guide covers the basic stuff of Maple CC.

~ Happy Mapling! ~


Maple Cave Crawlers Tag-Jinae
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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

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PostSubject: Re: Maple Cave Crawlers   Maple Cave Crawlers EmptyThu Jun 21, 2012 11:02 am

Added trailer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBFSJ_elqHY\

Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=1xwkEY-sVcA&NR=1

Added mobs type:
1. Animal
2. Wild
3. Magic
4. Mystery
5. Machine
6. Undead
7. Plant
8. ... more???

Can't find the list for each category.. So, idk what's on each list ;o

Some I know:
1. Plant = All type of mushies (Orange Mushroom, Horny Mushroom, Green Mushroom, Blue Mushroom), all type of stumps (Axe Stump, Stump, Dark Stump)
2. Animal = All type of snails (Red Snail, Blue Snail, Snail)
3. Mystery = All type of slimes


Maple Cave Crawlers Tag-Jinae
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Maple Cave Crawlers
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