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 Pokemon Black and White- FULL ELITE FOUR GUIDE Part 1

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PostSubject: Pokemon Black and White- FULL ELITE FOUR GUIDE Part 1   Sat Apr 14, 2012 1:54 pm

Pokemon Black and White Elite four conveys total of 4 Secondary types. the types are very easy to take down, as long as you know their weakness, and strength. in this guide, i will show you how to top down the elite 4, without ANY POTIONS...unless you suck or something... anyway i will start off with the first elite four, Marshal.

Marshal specialize in fighting types, but Flying types are no good. His Team is Sawk, Throh, MeinSaho, and Conkelldurr. what you want to be careful is most of his pokemon. *DO NOT USE FLYING TYPES AGAINST MARSHAL IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. all of his pokemon knows Stone edge, excluding Meinshao, which knows rockslide. So, your best option is using psychic. but also be careful with that, Throh and Meinshao knows payback and u-turn, so as long as you have more speed you may have the advantage. Sawk is the one you really don't need to care about, but although he does have the sturdy ability, so that takes out your chance of killing it in 1 shot. the least you should worry about is Conkeldurr. with low speed, and low defense, one psychic move should do it. his strongest pokemon is meinshao coming at lvl 50, so beware.

next elite 4 member is Shauntal, the Ghost Writer. She obviously uses ghost, so dark types are the best option. her first pokemon is a cofagirus, a high def pokemon that can damage you very well. as long as you hit first, and either with a spt atk move, or a high attack dark move with a pokemon with high attack, cofagirus is nothing to worry about. you mostly need to be careful of will-o-wisp. next is a golurk most likely. also no need to worry about. just hit first and he will die. be careful for his curse attack though, that will cause damage to your pokemon a lot (1/4 between turns every time). next is chandelure,her strongest pokemon, just be sure that you attack first. if it attacks you with fire blast, you are dead meat. with a high special attack combined with a attack that does 120 and ranged, this can ckill you in 1 shot. next is a jellicent, not much to say, don't worry about him too much.

next is Caitlin, the sleeping beauty. she uses psychic pokemon, so dark is your best type for her. her first pokemon is a reuniclus. THIS POKEMON MUST DIE IN 1 SHOT. it knows focus blast, and if that doesn't miss your dark type will be dead. luckily it lacks in speed. Reuniclus also knows Thunder. next is most likely to be a siglipyh, but have a chance to be Musharna. Sigipyh, a flying and psychic type is fairly easy. only thing to watch out for is ice beam. dark type and/or thunder type should do it. next is musharna. musharna is nothing to worry about. you may not 1 hit KO it cause of it's massive health, but you will be able to kill him fairly easily. next it gothitelle, her strongest. again, nothing to worry about, just be careful for psychic and/or thunderbolt. out of all psychic one is the easiest.

Finally its Grimsley, the dark man. Grimsley starts off with a scrafty. best to use a flying and/or fighting type. be careful for sand-attack, as that might and WILL be annoying. next is his liepard. this is his weakest, but be careful for it knows Aerial Ace. 1 fighting move should kill it to pieces. next is his Krookodile. this pokemon is also fairly easy to take down. but be careful, it knows Dragon Claw and Earthquake. 1 bug/fighting move should do it. lastly, is his Bisharp. his Bisharp is also easy. be careful as it also knows Aerial ace. i advise to use fighting type over bug. but also consider using ground or fire type. if you follow this guide, you should be able to battle the elite 4 well. :afro:
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Pokemon Black and White- FULL ELITE FOUR GUIDE Part 1
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