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 Tell Me More the Secrets of your Classes!

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PostSubject: Tell Me More the Secrets of your Classes!   Sun Mar 04, 2012 12:52 am

Mhm.. I'ma just start with both my chars.. Just what you think/feel is perfectly fine too ^.^

-Aqua Impact has 90% chance to cause slow instead of 50% (that's how I feel anyways)
-Damage that you deal while having White Voodoo on is equal to damage that you deal on magic resistance mobs with Black Voodoo on
-Bubble of Life doesn't stack with IH eventhough they have same icons.. Only IH and IH stack..
-Soulburn turns healing into killing/suiciding (e.g Soulburn on a cleric --> cleric uses heal on himself--> cleric losing hp instead of recovering hp)
-Tide Spirit brings your channeling to -90%.. Trick is to use Psychic Will (if it's a physical mob) or Absolute Domain (for all mobs) --> Tide Spirit --> Town Portal to escape from bad situation.. To use Psychic Will then Tide Spirit, you need to have 3 sparks ready..

-Use Nature Vengeance then Absorb Soul will double Absorb Soul damage
-Nature Vengeance has 100% chance to cause slow to your opponents
-Keep resummoning Devil Chihyu to stun lock your opponent
-All summons have their own stats.. Stats can be improved based on Mystic's gears.. All summons receive half the attack level bonus but zero defense level bonus..
-Using Frenzy (genie skill) then summon the summons immediately will cause the summon to gain half the attack level of Frenzy.. Attack level stays until the summon dies or disappears..
-Falling Petals doesn't activate upon taking DoT damage.. Only direct attack works..
-Punishing Sting is the only plant from the plant tree that does damage on level 150 mobs..
-Absorb Soul trick:
*Absorb Soul cannot cause critical hit
*Lucky Break - Absorb Soul won't make Absorb Soul does critical hit
*Absorb Soul goes through Psychic Will (Psychic's skill) eventhough Absorb Soul is a physical attack
*Absorb Soul ignores defense level
*Absorb Soul ignores the activation of Soul of Vengeance, Soul of Stunning, Soul of Silence, and Soul of Retaliation (Psychic's skill)
*Absorb Soul causes 0 dura loss in weapon
*Absorb Soul does 0 damage on mobs that can't be poisoned.. Also does 0 damage on elemental immunity mobs eventhough absorb soul is a physical attack.. Also does 0 damage on wood immunity mobs..
*Absorb Soul does full damage regardless of terrains
-Keep resummoning Storm Mistress to spam her AoE
-Keep resummoning Salvation to spam Aegis Sphere
-Gale Force has the largest AoE range among all classes' self-centered AoE
-Healing Herb and Vital Herb can be summoned together.. Debuffing plants + healing plants can't however.. Debuffing and debuffing plants can't be summoned together as well..
-All moving summons can't be summoned together
-Maximum summons out at the same time are 4: moving summons/pets, healing herb, vital herb, and thicket
-All moving summons, Punishing Sting, and Thicket do full damage on lvl 150 mobs
-Bramble Tornado is the only knockback skill that actually knockback opponents in PvP
-Use Nature's Barrier --> Energy Leech to be able to move with Nature's Barrier effect on
-Use Rapid Growth --> Sage Eruption to have more -channeling and dealing burst damage at the same time
-Unlike Gale Force, Thicket has a very high chance to cause immobilize + seal at the same time.. Making Thicket a good helper for puller (provided mobs are in same spot)
-Use Lucky Break --> Gale Force to deliver deadly critical damage to your opponents
-Use Demonic/Sage Eruption --> Lucky Break --> Weeping Breeze Dance to deliver your strongest 1 vs 1 damage


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PostSubject: Re: Tell Me More the Secrets of your Classes!   Sun Mar 04, 2012 12:54 pm

(Not really sure what I'm doing here...)

-IH can stack 5 times on one target
-Plume is physical, so is normal against magic resist mobs
-Use cyclone to slow enemy before using plume to lessen chance of getting hit
-IH yourself before attacking, preferably 5 times if possible
- -chan helps heal faster with wellspring and beam, but becareful of healing too fast with IH
-Get speed equips or Holy Path... better yet, get both

-Your pet will die eventually, don't rely entirely on it
-Make sure you upgrade your heal pet skill every time you can
-Make sure you upgrade your pet skills at 20, 40, 60, and 80 if you can
-If you are mage veno, don't bramble yourself...
-If you have fox veno, always bramble yourself
-Don't ever ever ever bramble other mages, don't even bramble other phy classes without asking... some don't like it
-Even mage venos should max fox form, amp, and purge for bossing
-Leech is your best friend as fox veno, even better when sage - 100% steal hp
-You will have to expand your inventory, I recommend 1 tank, 1 flyer, 1 water, and 1 puller pets
-Pet is awesome in TT, but be careful as it will steal aggro with its 6 sec att skill
-Fox venos are harder to do than mage venos and really suck at low levels (under 50)
-How to pull effectively:
-Have your pet attack ONE mob, make sure pet is set to manual. Use a puller pet: Eldergoth Marksman, Eldergoth Sniper, Kowlin, some other fast pets work also
-Once you see pet do damage, unsummon and immediately summon your tank pet
-Depending on how far away you are from mob, you might want to make tank attack mob right away so you don't get hit
-There's a high chance you'll get hit, be prepared
-Rinse and repeat... make sure to heal yourself and pets in between

-Your damage is higher in human form, but your defense is lower and you are also as slow as a cleric in human form
-Should always be in True Form when tanking bosses or higher leveled mobs than yourself
-True Form saves potion money... you wouldn't believe just how much it helps
-You will go broke if you're not funded, 30k repair costs are average from what I've seen after 1 or 2 dungys
-Always always always ream, it's your best friend. Ream all mobs if you can, start with the most powerful mob or close range mobs so that your cleric and mage friends don't get hurt too much
-Roar does nothing if you don't ream first... or at least do a regular attack
-Did I mention that you'll be broke? Because you really really will unless you're rich.

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."

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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

PostSubject: Re: Tell Me More the Secrets of your Classes!   Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:00 pm

More about mine:

-Soulforce based skills are unaffected by Attack and Defense Levels.. Whether you are in black voodoo or white voodoo mode, the following skills do same damage:
*Soul of Vengeance (reflect all direct damage back to the attacker) --> damage that opponents take is based on your soulforce minus opponents' physical defense, then take % based out of it is the damage that opponents take (what I think anyways).. On Brigand Assasin lvl 78 mobs, I deal 750 dmg lvl 1 SoV..
*Soul of Stunning (stun your attacker) --> chance based skills depending on your soulforce.. Every 5k soulforce increase the stun duration by 1 more second..
*Soul of Silence (silence your attacker) --> chance based skills depending on your soulforce
*Soul of Retaliation (absorb damage and return damage taken to your attacker) --> also chance based depends on the soulforce
*Soulburn (debuff enemies with soulburn status) --> damage that enemy takes is equal to your soulforce minus enemy's physical defense
*Red Tide bleed --> bleed damage equal to the soulforce minus enemy's physical defense.. Demon version is 1.2x soulforce minus enemy's physical defense
-Soulburn is the slowest channeling skill that you have (2.1 seconds channeling)
-SAGE Soul of Retaliation is an instant free heal every 30 secs.. Healing hp is more or less equal to what Second Wind (genie skills) give
-SAGE Soul of Vengeance works equal, if not better than Bramble Guard (Veno's skill) because Soul of Vengeance reflect all direct damage skills, physical and magical attack, while Bramble only reflect physical attack.. Every tanker should want this to keep aggro on them.. Non-sage version of Soul of Vengeance takes away portion of MP (gonna be constant mana leak for tanker)..
-Soul of Silence is not desirable on big pulls as it scatters away all the mobs that are already gathered.. Don't cast it on anyone..
-Soul of Vengeance and Soul of Silence buffs are 10 minutes long with 10 minutes cooldown.. There is no way to remove these buffs, even if you are log out, d/c, or die, these 2 buffs are still intact..
-Soul of Vengeance, Soul of Silence, Soul of Stunning, and Soul of Retaliation are unable to be purged
-Likewise, Soulburn is unable to be purified

-Thicket has level 1 aggro value, meaning: after Barb ream even once, Thicket won't steal aggro.. Good to use on lvl 150 bosses/mobs..
-Since "Descent" patch, all summons are summoned with half their MP and half their HP
-If you res yourself with Ressurect lvl 10, you won't tick your HP charm, but you still tick your MP charm.. Less than lvl 10 will tick both your HP and MP charms.. Demon Ressurect will not tick any of your charms..
-Use Energy Leech to stow your summon and buff yourself or just summon a pet from your pet bag.. Pet from pet bag will automatically unsummon your summon..
-Storm Mistress have the highest dps (damage per second) among all pets at Nirvana instance.. This is due to the ability to transfer a Mystic's attack level to Mistress.. Mistress also receive the magic attack buff from the bosses.. If Mistress does 10k dmg regularly to lvl 150 bosses, she will do 40k dmg per hit with the buff + attack levels.. Cragglord woud record as the biggest damage per hit (dph) dealer, but due to 20-23 seconds limit on Cragglord appearance, Mistress still does the highest dps for the entire fight.. Keeping Mistress alive is more important than dealing direct damage on bosses..
-Unlike Veno's pets, Mystic's summons always have equal level as the Mystic.. Summons have no exp bar unlike pets.. Summons do not have to be trained to get to the next level.. Simple enough, just level up the Mystic..
-Summons never need food and/or water
-Summons do not have loyalty.. You can kill your summons many many times.. They won't get mad at you..
-Summons do not need to be revived when they die.. Just resummon them..
-Cragglord and Storm Mistress are the only summons that can do AoE damage among all pets/summons that are available in PWI


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PostSubject: Re: Tell Me More the Secrets of your Classes!   

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Tell Me More the Secrets of your Classes!
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