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 Wizard Build

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PostSubject: Wizard Build   Wed Oct 19, 2011 7:20 pm

A Wizard is a damage dealing (DD) magic casting character.

Attribute Points:

MAG - This is your main stat, it should be the highest.

STR - This is your secondary stat, you need 0.5 STR per level to equip your weapon.

VIT - This increases your HP recovery rate, keep it as low as possible if not left alone. I recommend a base of 10-20 if you're unfunded.

DEX - This stat is almost completely useless to you. If you choose to go light armor, you put some into it.


Pure Mag: This is the best build if you're funded and want high damage and high heal. If you get extra Str from equips other than your weapon, you can put into Mag instead to add more damage.

9 Mag 1 Str every two levels

Hybrid: This is probably the most common build. Most with this build cap their Vit at anywhere from 10-30, but the lower the better unless you die a lot.

6 Mag 1 Str 3 Vit every two levels

Light Armor: This is sacrificing damage for defense instead of adding Vit (HP) in normal builds. I would assume they will cap their Str and Dex somewhere.

6 Mag 2 Str 2 Dex every two levels


Fire Tree:

Pyrogram - This is your first nice spammable skill, max this asap.

Pyroshell - Raises defense against fire spells and regens HP slowly, not very effective at any level, but you need one to continue down the tree.

Crown of Flame - DoT, optional past level one.

Divine Pyrogram - Fairly good skill, but very slow. Not used much until later on.

The Dragon's Breath - AoE skill, your first effective one, very good, max it.

Will of the Phoenix - Knockback spell, optional.

Emberstorm - Very expensive AoE spell.

Blade Tempest - Large AoE spell that also does Physical damage, nice but expensive.

Fire Mastery - Obviously you want to max this, passively adds more damage.

Water Tree:

Gush - One of the fastest spells in the game, nice and spammable. Max it.

Glacial Embrace - Protects user from water damage and regens MP. Nice to have, helps out on potions a bit.

Hail Storm - AoE spell, but very small range, has a 33% chance to freeze. Not very useful early on.

Morning Dew - A healing spell that has a long cast time, it's MP efficient but its long cast time makes it inefficient in the middle of battle.

Frostblade - A buffing spell that adds water damage, useless solo but in parties it can be a godsend.

Glacial Snare - A really strong water spell that has 80% chance of slowing the enemy, although due to a long cast time it's best used as a starter spell.

Black Ice Dragon Strike - The strongest AoE water spell, a must have.

Water Mastery - Passive skill that increases your damage, max it.

Earth Tree:

Stone Rain - Highest damaging basic spell, it's a must have, max it.

Stone Barrier - Buff that raises physical defense, very nice.

Pitfall - DoT skill that can slow and stun, not very efficient in battle though.

Sandstorm - Very strong skill that lowers accuracy, a must have.

Force of Will - A non-damaging spell that stuns, very expensive but worth it if you have the extra points.

Mountain's Seize - AoE attack that has a high chance of stunning, another must have.

Earth Mastery - Passive skill that increases your Earth damage, max it.

Celestial Tree:

Wellspring Quaff - Temporarily increases your max MP, not necessary but nice.

Essential Sutra - Recovers 10% of the user's MP and makes every spell cast instantly for the next 6 seconds, a must have.

Manifest Virtue - A spell that increases damage for 30 seconds, absolutely a must have.

Elemental Shell - Increases all magic resistances by 1000% for 4 seconds. A last resort type skill.

Soporific Whisper - High cost spell that puts your enemy to sleep.

Distance Shrink - Dashes your character ahead a short distance, seems like teleport to me. Makes traveling faster.

Undine Strike - Reduces target's elemental resistances, making your next attack super effective.

Elemental Invocation - Consumes all your MP to attack your opponent's HP, MP, and Chi at the cost of your own.

Recommended Spells in terms of Priority

Primary Spells: You'll need these spells to function in the game. Absolutely needed.
Stone Rain
Distance Shrink
Essential Sutra

Secondary Spells: Level these whenever you can, but never at the cost of a Primary Spell.
Morning Dew
Dragon's Breath
Blade Tempest
Black Ice Dragon Strike

Recommendations: Spells to be considered when there's nothing else to level up but have SP available.
Glacial Embrace
Stone Barrier
Frost Blade
Manifest Virtue
Mountain's Seize

Optional: You can grab these out of personal taste, but not at the cost of something important.
Wellspring Quaff
Glacial Snare
Will of the Phoenix
Force of Will
Soporific Whisper

End Game: Raise only when everything else needed is raised.
Fire Mastery
Water Mastery
Earth Mastery
Undine Strike

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."
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PostSubject: Re: Wizard Build   Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:09 pm

Thanks Mel :3 this is gonna be useful for me ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Wizard Build   Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:29 pm

Wut Wut? Wizzy get teleport while both my mages running away like a chicken >.<


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Location : Bound and gagged in the basement
Posts : 1556
Join date : 2009-03-24

Character sheet
Character Sheet: Myst

PostSubject: Re: Wizard Build   Thu Oct 20, 2011 11:14 pm

lolz Jane Jane! xD

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."
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http://www.guildmyst.tk / www.guildimagine.tk
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PostSubject: Re: Wizard Build   

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Wizard Build
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