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 Barbarian Build

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PostSubject: Barbarian Build   Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:22 am

Barbarians are melee tanks, they should have the max amount of HP without sacrificing the ability to equip weapons and armor.


Str - This is your main/necessary stat, but should only be put the minimum required for your weapons.

Dex - This is your secondary stat, needed to equip weapons and armor.

Vit - This increases your HP and HP recovery rate, now for most classes people don't put into this or just a small amount, but for Barbarians it's like their main stat.

Mag - This is useless for a Barbarian.


Tank - This is the most common and arguably the best Barbarian build. Barbs aren't meant to be attackers like Blademasters and Seekers, melee wise. They are meant to be able to tank lots of hits from bosses and mobs.

6 Str 1 Dex 3 Vit every two levels.

Fist - For those who want their Barbarian to be APS.

4 Str 4 dex 2 Vit every two levels.

But, seriously tank build is the only good build, if you want to try to be an attacker you can put more into str, but if you want that route you're better off making a Blademaster.


Human Tree:

Stomp of the Beast King - Left at one, there are better attacks.

Garrotte - DoT damage, level when you can, but not a priority.

Swell - AoE skill, not very good.

Mighty Swing - Max this ASAP! This is your best attack when you get it and still one of the good ones later on because it never misses.

Penetrate Armor - Not really that good, aggro. But why aggro in Human form?

Firestorm - AoE with DoT, not really well since it's linear.

Slam - AoE, if you wish to AoE grind this is your skill.

Bestial Onslaught - AoE, it's not as good as Slam, but it holds off monsters if you need that.

Armageddon - Suicide AoE, if you want to lose half your HP, MP and all your Chi for ONE amazing attack... go for it.

Axe and Hammer Mastery - Max this! Passive and adds damage.

Tiger Tree:

True Form - Max this asap! This is your tank mode.

Flesh Ream - This is your main tank move 1v1, max it. Does DoT.

Alacrity of the Beast - When timed right will block enemies' skills. At least level one, seems the same as level ten relatively speaking.

Devour - Pretty good skill, level it when you have the points.

Surf Impact - AoE skill, it's okay but not amazing.

Sunder - One of your best AoE skills, level it!

Bestial Rage - Worth a point, might end up saving you.

Poison Fang - Max it when you have the points, adds wood damage to your attacks.

Roar - This is your AoE aggro skill, max it!

Frighten - AoE skill, slows enemies.

Shapeshifting Intensity - Must level! Increases your defense in Tiger Form.

Invoke the Spirit - Must have, greatly reduces damage.

Buff Tree:

Feral Regeneration - Max it! Increases your HP regeneration rate.

Beast King's Inspiration - Gives your party an HP buff, max it asap!

Blood Bath - Depends, there are two 100% accuracy attacks, one in each form. If you don't have enough accuracy, this is amazing. Most max it asap.

Strength of the Titans - Increases damage for you and your party, max it!


Swimming mastery - Seems mostly useless, but it's cheap. Up to you.

Violent Triumph - Mostly a PVP skill.

Untamed Wrath - AoE stun skill, helps sometimes when you're in a jam.

Clean Sweep - Removes positive buffs with 20% chance. Might be good against bosses that have lots of buffs.

Ancestral Rage - Ranged attack, freezes enemy for 8 sec. Expensive.

1. Tanking - Always Use Tiger Mode:

Your main focuses are to Stay Alive, Constantly Build Up Chi, and Keep the Mobs Aggro'd.

* SPAM Flesh Ream to make the mobs attack you and not your fragile party members. Flesh Ream does stack bleeding damage, which is what helps maintain aggro over time. Try adding a couple attacks/skills that don't consume Chi in between Flesh Reams to prevent your Chi bar from being empty.
* You could use Roar if there are multiple monsters you have to tank. However, it sets the aggro to a set level, usually much lower than if you were spamming Flesh Ream. Plus, Roar has a long cooldown time (60 seconds), so use it only when you get mobbed.
* Use Devour only when you have aggro’d the mob previously (Devour only creates greater hate if you are the one it is attacking). It's also great for reducing the enemy's physical defense, but use it sparingly because it costs quite a bit of Chi, which can run out quickly when used in combination with Flesh Ream.
* Use Sunder to recover lost HP.
* Use Surf Impact once in awhile to reduce the mobs’ speed, in case they choose to run away from you and attack your party members. That way, you’ll have more time to lure the mobs back to you.
* Also use Frighten if the mobs are tough/dealing a lot of damage to your party. It's a great way to gain Chi as well.
* Whenever an enemy is casting a skill (especially magic), quickly use Alacrity of the Beast to cancel them.
* Constantly have Beastial Rage activated to build up Chi for skills.
* Invoke the Spirit, which reduces damage by 90%, helps a lot when tanking tough bosses.

2. Training:

a. Soloing
If you’re poor, use Tiger Mode.

* 1st use Alacrity of the Beast to cancel monster skills, then use normal attacks.
* Cast Sunder whenever you’re running out of HP.

If you’re rich with lots of potions/charms and decent gears, use Humanoid Mode to kill mobs faster.

Here's a nice combo for melee mobs:

* 1st use Mighty Swing to stun, then Slam to knockback
* Next, use Beastial Onslaught to reduce evasion while the mob is coming back to you, then Penetrate Armor to reduce defense
* And finally, 3 normal attacks and repeat

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Barbarian Build
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