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 Additional Information about Perfect World Game Mechanism

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PostSubject: Additional Information about Perfect World Game Mechanism   Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:11 am

Basically, this info might be stuff that people never mention, or it might be mentioned before but I don't pay attention or didn't read.. I just based this off from my experience..

1) All classes have attack speed and channeling speed.. Attack speed affects all normal attacks and physical attack (more so melee attack, also arrow speed for archers).. Channeling affects buff, spells, and special attacks.. Throughout the game, better refinement equipment (or better enhancement) will net more attack speed and/or reduce channeling time.. Attack speed affects how many attack you can do in 1 second, while channeling affects how long the spell/buff is casted.. Usually physical attackers rely more on attack speed, while magical buffers/attackers relies more on channeling..

2) Channeling can be interrupted if monster attacks you while you channeling.. You can also interrupt monster's channeling if you attack them while they are channeling..

3) Same exact items can come in different stats.. For example, I have 1 star mystique robe with +18 evasion. Another 1 star mystique robe can come with +18 evasion and +30 water resistance. Item can also come unidentified and you need to identify the item through merchant npc.. It costs 100 coins to identify.. You can leave the item unidentified, it's up to you, you can still wear the item.. You just don't get the stats from the unidentified..

4) Some mobs are auto-aggroed.. If you get near them (by 10 meters or less, sometimes 15 meters or less for range/poison/bloodshed mobs), they will chase and try to kill you.. Keep yourself away from mobs.. Try running/flying/swimming on main route.. You can check main route in the world map or mini map..

5) If you have to afk in the middle of a field, find a safe place.. Usually safe place is on top of roof, on top of rocks, on top of hills.. DO NOT afk by flying or going underwater.. DO NOT escape from land mobs aggro by flying or going underwater.. Starting from lvl 26 and above, you will see flying mobs around in Flag Hills.. If you get near them while flying, they surely mobbed you to death..

6) Perfect World isn't Maplestory.. You can't always kill mobs alone by yourself and expect everything would be easy.. Starting from level 20, you will go to the capital and do series of quests.. Some of these quests require you to kill a boss that is impossible to solo for your level..

*)What if I don't wanna do the quest? It's only normal quest? Why the hell do I have to do it?
Do note: I don't know why some people saying you don't have to do normal quests.. I find it hard to believe because normal quests gives you reputation point.. Reputation point is required to wear some godly gears and taking advancement (spirit cultivation).. If you can't wear godly gears, that means your attacking damage and/or heal damage will suck.. Therefore, slower in killing mobs, run the chance of getting hit and die, and slower in leveling.. If you don't do advancement, that means you don't have access to new higher level skill..

7) Flying skill available to all classes.. For Archer and Cleric (the Elves), they got wings from level 1.. The rest of the classes get flying skill at level 30..

8) Unlike Vindictus where all classes have active dodge and unlike MapleStory which has partial active dodge mechanism (teleport, flash jump, double jump, holy magic shell, boomerang step, and etc), this game dodge mechanism is a pure stat based.. Dodge is based on mobs' accuracy and your evasion.. Running away from mobs isn't considered dodging (you can't run away from boss, usually boss rhapes until you die).. Archers and sins have the highest evasion, warriors have it second, and mages barely have any evasion.. For classes with low or no evasion, having someone being healbot is necessary.. This is why cleric is heavily important in this game, hence one of the most popular classes in this game..

9) The amount of spirit (it's like skill points or SP in MapleStory) is unlimited, while attribute points (AP) is limited.. AP is limited because you only get 5 APs per level.. You only get APs by level up and no other means.. Spirit is unlimited because you get spirit based on completing certain quests, farming herbs, mining ores/rocks, kill mobs/boss.. AP depends on classes and can be reseted through reset scrolls (available in boutique or just buy from other players)..

*)If spirit is unlimited, that means I can just put whatever skills I want right?
WRONG. Spirit may be unlimited. But at lower levels, you wouldn't have enough spirits and/or money to assign max point on each skill.. You only want to max important skills (usually main attacking skills, heal/buff for cleric), so that you can kill mobs fast, therefore leveling faster.. Eventually, you would have enough spirit to max every skills at higher levels..

I guess that's all for now.. I never do Dragon Quest/Bounty Hunter/Call of Duty/Territory Wars and etc.. I've read about them, but never actually try them out..

More general info that you might find out could be really helpful.. Please post here if you have more info about PWI mechanism =]


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PostSubject: Re: Additional Information about Perfect World Game Mechanism   Tue Oct 11, 2011 11:07 am

Thank you so much Jane Jane! Very informative! =]

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Location : NY
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PostSubject: Re: Additional Information about Perfect World Game Mechanism   Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:51 pm

More info:

1) Walking in this game is horrible.. From one NPC to another, it takes forever.. Spend most of the time walking than killing mobs (if you do quest).. That is why people buy mounts so they can walk, fly, or swim faster..

2) Every mobs have either water, fire, earth, wood, metal, or non-elemental.. Like Pokemon games, use skills that are super-effective against the mobs so that you can kill faster..
Water = weak to earth
Fire = weak to water
Wood = weak to metal
Metal = weak to fire
Earth = weak to wood
Non-elemental = no weakness

3) Every skills have cooldown, even using hp/mp pots generate cooldown.. So, don't smash your keyboard buttons trying to spam one skill.. Cooldown is denoted by the shaded area in the skills/pots icon..

4) HP/MP pots is a continual addition per second.. If a hp or mp pots says recover 3k hp within 30 seconds, that means you only recover 100 hp per second.. Potting early is important because potting when hp is way too low just asking for death..


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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

PostSubject: Re: Additional Information about Perfect World Game Mechanism   Wed Oct 12, 2011 12:48 am

Addition to aggro-value of mobs (I call it neighbor aggro):

If you stand within ~20 meters or more from a mob, then you decide to kill that mob. There is happened to be another mob that stands next to the mob that you are going to kill. When you attack the mob that you going to kill, both mobs automatically aggro at you even if the other mob stands very far away (as far as whatever your attack can reach, possibly 30 meters for archer). This is happened only at certain mobs. One example would be Tauro Sentinel (level 29, fire element, location: southwest of Great Lake).

Just be careful when you attack these tauros. If you going to attack one of them, another tauros next to it will also get aggroed, no matter what the range is. There's also another mob in this area (something like Venom Ghoul). If you attack a tauro that is next to a ghoul, the ghoul wouldn't get aggroed because the Ghoul doesn't fall in this category of neighbor aggro.


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PostSubject: Re: Additional Information about Perfect World Game Mechanism   

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Additional Information about Perfect World Game Mechanism
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