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 Dragon Quest Information

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PostSubject: Dragon Quest Information   Dragon Quest Information EmptySat Oct 08, 2011 12:36 pm

Dragon Quests are quests you can start taking at level 20 after completing the "Love of Dragon" quest, and every 10 levels (starting at level 31) adds a new Dragon Quest (or "DQ" for short), with better odds at better rewards, up to level 91. The rewards, called Dragon Orders, are given after completing the tenth part of each Dragon Quest. Once a Dragon Quest is completed, it can be started again immediately.

After completing the tenth stage of a Dragon Quest you are given some EXP, SP, and one Dragon Order. There are three kinds of Dragon Orders: Copper Dragon Orders, Silver Dragon Orders, and Gold Dragon Orders. The higher the level at which you accept the quest, the more EXP & SP you are rewarded upon completion and the better odds you have at a more valuable Dragon Order. The rewards are as follows:

DQ Level EXP reward SP reward Copper DO odds Silver DO odds Gold DO odds
20 15,000 3,200 100% 0% 0%
31 24,500 5,200 100% 0% 0%
41 36,000 7,500 80% 20% 0%
51 49,500 10,200 70% 30% 0%
61 65,000 13,400 60% 40% 0%
71 84,400 17,300 0% 90% 10%
81 110,500 22,600 0% 80% 20%
91 142,500 29,100 0% 70% 30%

Dragon Orders are used for attaining legendary molds, mounts, or other items from the Dragon Herald NPC in any race's starting area. To get the molds or other items you usually need many of these Dragon Orders (e.g., 50 copper and 30 silver). The molds are used for crafting legendary armor (levels 40, 60, & 80), legendary weapons (level 50), and legendary ornaments (levels 31, 86, & 87). These items are extremely powerful for their level, thus are quite valuable. They are made from the Legendary Forges near General Summer in Southwest Archosaur, and require more materials than usual, including the blood items you get from doing FBs.

To get the Dragon Quest for each level you have to go talk to a Dragon Quest Director yourself, as no quest will appear in your quest list, except for the DQ20 quest. The Dragon Quest Directors can be found in any of the race's starting areas. The names of the seven Dragon Quests are:

DQ Level Dragon Quest Name
20 Chiu Niu
31 Yatzu
41 Chaofeng
51 Pulao
61 Suanni
71 Pahsia
81 Hsianchang
91 Fu Chih

The Various Dragon Quest levels are basically the same, except for the rewards (as described above), mobs to kill, and items used get higher level each time, and the locations tend to send you to higher level locations on the map.

The things you need to do for each step in the Dragon Quests semi-random, except for the final stage for each level. There are 10 steps to each DQ in which you must travel to various NPCs across the map (mostly in the large cities). Some NPCs will give you the next step for free, some will demand some number of Dragon Quest items, and some will give you an option of killing some number of creatures or paying to get to the next stage. It will most likely cost you a hefty fee to do all the traveling, so it is usually best to do each stage when you happen to be in the area anyways.

Each Dragon Quest will show the ten steps with these names in the following order in your quest window:
DQ Step Step Name Type
1 Hidden Dragon free
2 Sweeping Tail DQ item quest
3 Gliding Dragon free
4 Diving Dragons kill mobs -or- pay fee
5 Occasional Encounter DQ item quest
6 Dragon Lord DQ item quest
7 Wise Retreat free
8 Dashing Dragons DQ item quest
9 Dragon and Phoenix free
10 Overwhelming Power final boss or bosses

For a "DQ item quest" you will have to have some number of Dragon Quest items of that level. For "kill mobs -or- pay fee" you will either have to kill some number of a specific monster or pay a fee to get past that quest. It's recommended that you always kill the monsters for that type of Dragon Quest. For the final stage you will have to kill some mobs or a final boss to complete the Dragon Quest. And for "free" you just have to visit the NPC to proceed to the next step.

So, for example, when you complete "Dragon and Phoenix", your next mission will be the final step, "Overwhelming Power", where you kill the final boss or bosses for that Dragon Quest and get your rewards.

Each level of Dragon Quest has a fixed boss or bosses for the final stage. They are:
DQ Level Boss Name Count Level HP EXP SP Location(s)
Dragon Quest Frail Blob 10 22 2,808 109 25 South and West of Archosaur
20 Dual-Bladed Centipex / Ossein Merchant 10 / 10 26 / 27 3557 / 3415 131 / 136 29 / 30 541 725 / 549 782
31 Striped Spider King 1 38 27,440 192 41 570 539
41 Mythical Wolfkin 1 48 51,170 241 51 378 823
51 Bloodlust Feligar 1 57 79,570 286 60 311 581
61 Sori Dualhammer 1 66 87,280 333 69 539 361
71 Wicked Yayan 1 71 101,190 358 74 533 411 or 542 481
81 Grinning Cougaret 1 87 153,935 437 90 220 734 or 105 784
91 Siren Assassin 1 89 194,228 1,127 166 269 866

DQ20 is the only Dragonquest with 2 different bosses. Starting at DQ31 all of the bosses are single elite class mobs that you have to kill.

For each level of Dragon Quest there are six items that may be needed to complete the DQ item quests of that level. Those items are (in alphabetical order):
DQ Level Value # Used Item #1 Item #2 Item #3 Item #4 Item #5 Item #6
20 640 5 Antenna Disguise Skin Element Dust Mystical Meat Rhino Horn Soft Fur
31 1,080 10 Complete Sack Dew of Herbs Dull Claw Element Fragment Honey Juice Mystical Claw
41 1,360 10 Big Buck Claw Dew Orb Element Stone Mystical Blood Rubybead Herb
51 1,720 15 Beast Bone Element Crystal Ghost Charm Mystical Eye Pendant of Glacia Strong Acid
61 2,000 15 Deadly Venom Element Essence Flexible Sinew Mystical Mask Violet Glass Yin-Yang Charm
71 2,320 20 Element Diamond Flat Peach Mystical Scale Seele Token Sharp Tooth Strong Venom
81 2,680 20 Element Core Jade Juyi Lethal Venom Mystical Totem Oblivion Soup Tusk
91 3,160 25 Compound Venom Element Light Fine Orb Ginseng Fruit Mystical Orb Underspring Water

The "# Used" is the number of one of the items needed to complete one of the "DQ item quest" steps. Since there are four DQ item quests per Dragon Quest, you will, for example, use up 80 DQ items to complete one full DQ71.

Dragon Quest items are fairly valuable and easy to collect, so most people just sell them to NPCs for coins. If you plan on doing Dragon Quests you will instead want to save some of these items for when they are needed.

So, how much are each of the Dragon Orders worth? Well, it turns out some Dragon Quests are more cost effective than others. Here's the breakdown of the "break even" value of the dragon orders, based on the number of Dragon Quest items used and the odds of each kind of Dragon Order:
DQ Level DQ Items Spent Copper DO Silver DO Gold DO
20 12,800 12,800 N/A N/A
31 43,200 43,200 N/A N/A
41 54,400 13,600 217,600 N/A
51 103,200 44,229 240,800 N/A
61 120,000 80,000 180,000 N/A
71 185,600 N/A 20,622 1,670,400
81 214,400 N/A 53,600 857,600
91 316,000 N/A 135,429 737,333

This assumes that the value of a DO is inversely proportional to its rarity for each level. Thus at DQ41 a Silver DO is only a 20% chance, so I assume it's worth 80% of the total cost for that level. Again, these are "break even" numbers, so if you sold the Dragon Orders at these prices for those levels you would be making just as much as you are giving away in Dragon Quest items. This does not include travel expenses or fees to get past step 4, and assumes you got all of the DQ items for free as drops. You should add a percentage to these numbers if you plan on making a profit when selling them.

This means that if you want Copper Dragon Orders, for example, you're better off just doing DQ20 and DQ41.

Too confusing? If you want the "break even" averages values based on the above:

Copper Dragon Order: 38,766 coins
Silver Dragon Order: 141,342 coins
Gold Dragon Order: 1,088,444 coins

Does this mean that you can sell them for these amounts plus some percentage for profit? Well, maybe, maybe not. Market demand will actually affect the relative value of the various Dragon Orders differently than the simple equation used above. It is recommended that you check the Auction House at any Auctioneer (found in all major cities) to see what the current market prices are. Use the filter "Other" -> "Dragon Orders" to find the items.

In my experience, the average numbers above are low for Copper and Silver, and about right for Gold. This means that there's usually a better profit margin for Copper and Silver Dragon orders than for the Gold ones.

You might also check the prices on the various molds/items you can make with Dragon Orders to see if you get a better profit margin by turning the Dragon Orders into those molds or items, however due to their rarity you might not find any listed.

DQ Items:

Level 20:

Level 31:

Level 41:


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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Quest Information   Dragon Quest Information EmptySat Oct 08, 2011 1:10 pm

You think we can get DQ weapons for cheap in shop or auctioneer? xD

Seems like bunch of lvl 20's would have a hard time to do even the lvl 20 DQ..


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Dragon Quest Information
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