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 Races and Classes Classification

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PostSubject: Races and Classes Classification   Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:19 pm

This is just a basic stuff about characters.. There are 5 races and 10 classes to choose from.. Each race starts off on different towns and has its own main city.. Each race has different quest line, up until certain level I guess? Generally, each race has quests on the area that they are start from (usually not far from the main city)..

Each race is divided into two classes.. One being physical oriented and the other being magical oriented (Note: physical oriented doesn't mean melee, nor do magical means range).. Physical means that the class based off their damage out of physical attack.. Magical means the class based off their damage out of magic attack..


* Earthguards:
Physical: Seeker
Magical: Mystic
Starting town: Spire of Awakening
Home City: Tellus City
As the name says, Earthguard is "the guard of Earth"... Seeker is a melee sword user, just like hero in many other games.. Seeker has the power to buff and debuff.. Buff as increases his party attack and defense.. Debuff as in decreases mobs' defense.. Mystic is a mage-type character who uses the power of Earth's nature to cast summon, buff herself and party.. I say Mystic looks like a second cleric (more or less), except that Mystic has more attacking power instead of focusing more on healing.. Earthguards are characterized by a star symbol on their foreheads..

* Winged Elves:
Physical: Archer
Magical: Cleric
Starting town: Battlemark Village
Home City: Plume City
Winged Elves naturally can fly.. Archer, well archer like in every game uses bow, crossbow and arrows, or you have the option on using slingshot (lol, I find ss is so funny on archer).. Archer excels at range and weak at melee.. Archer has every elements available that is, so you can adjust your attack according to mob's weakness and such.. Cleric specialize in healing.. Their attack is metal-based.. The primary focus of cleric is heal so they are wanted in party.. Various healing skills are available for cleric.. Winged Elves are characterized by wings on their ears..

* Humans:
Physical: Blademaster
Magical: Wizard
Starting town: Inn of the Eagles
Home City: Etherblade
Humans are us, people.. Blademaster can use various melee types of weapons available.. They are generally strong in terms of attack and defense (wanted a LOT in party, along with cleric).. Have great stunning moves.. Wizard is ultimate caster.. Deal huge amount of damage, but they are slow in terms of casting spells, making them vulnerable.. Just like archmages in MS basically, heavy dependant on elements.. Humans just look like regular people.. They don't have any weird/funny attributes on their body..

* Tideborn:
Physical: Assassin
Magical: Psychic
Starting town: Dragonfang Village
Home City: City of Raging Tides
Tideborns are mermaids.. Living away from mainland, they live on islands.. Have great ability to swim.. Assassin use daggers.. Basically, assassin in this game is just shadower in MS.. Sins do melee attack, a quick melee, although at the same time, their defense is also low.. Speed and debuffs help sins to survive.. Psychics are nukers.. Just as any other magical oriented classes, their defense is terrible.. However, what interesting about this class is that you can be focusing more on attack and other times, you can be a tank mage (it's like the prophecy of dk and paly in mabi/vindictus).. If you choose to focus on attack, you become the lowest defense class but with a quick and burst damage (quicker and longer range than wizards).. If you choose to be a tank, you can up your defense much more that you can be a subs cleric.. Psychs use soulsphere (aka magic ballz lol..). Tborns are characterized with fish's fin on their ears..

* Untamed:
Physical: Barbarian
Magical: Venomancer
Starting town: The Northern Past
Home City: City of the Lost
Untamed are animal's friendly.. They are beastly.. Like Tborns, untamed also excel at swimming.. Barbs take the form of animals.. Barbs usually be a tanker and/or lurer, takes aggro from bosses.. Unlike Seeker and BM, barbs have slower speed, but also has more attack and hp (that's why great choice for a tank).. Venomancer is what I called Pokemon Master.. They capture animals and tame them to become ally.. Unlike other mages, Veno has slightly more hp and less mp.. They also have better dodge and moving speed.. Untamed are characterized by the beast form (well ya can't get untamed wrong anyways, they look just like animals!)

Stolen from: http://pwi.perfectworld.com/gameinfo/class

This is just based off what i know and some taken from website.. The description of each class is based off what I know plus what website says.. Have yet to make one of each (maybe) since the questline is different from each race (so you don't repeat yourself).. I might get wrong in one or two stuffs.. Some classes are just too similar with each other, hard to differentiate..


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PostSubject: Re: Races and Classes Classification   Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:49 am

Nice Jane Jane <3

And yea at about lv20 ish the quests all come from Archosaur for all the classes and after that I'm unsure as Chris and I are only in our mid-20s.

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Location : NY
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PostSubject: Re: Races and Classes Classification   Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:56 pm

Hell, I still don't know the clear difference with all the mages (cleric, veno, mystic, wizard, psych).. Cleric and mystic have tons of healing skills.. Veno and mystic both have summons/pets to help in battle.. Wizard doing burst damage but slower than psych.. Psych has healing skill but very limited in terms of support.. I don't know if that's what it is..

Also, blademaster and seeker both look similar.. I honestly don't know the difference other than weapon usage.. Seeker can only use sword, while BM can use everything else..

Do note also:
PWI starts off with 3 races and 6 classes. The original 3 races are humans, untamed, and winged elves.. Then come the addition of tborns, then lastly earthguards.. If you check the ranking, blademaster, cleric, sin are the most dominant in terms of top-tier level.. Follow closely by archer and barbs.. Mystic and Seeker are the rarest cause they are new addition.. The rest is just so-so class, maybe unpopular somehow? underpowered or hard to level? I don't know..


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PostSubject: Re: Races and Classes Classification   

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Races and Classes Classification
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