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 BH quests (Bounty Hunter)

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BH quests (Bounty Hunter) Empty
PostSubject: BH quests (Bounty Hunter)   BH quests (Bounty Hunter) EmptyTue Oct 04, 2011 3:26 pm

The Head Hunter is an NPC that gives the Bounty Hunter quests (or "BH" for short), which involves the killing of up to three bosses each day. The Head Hunter is located in the center of Archosaur (554, 653), on the East side of the platform with the Warsoul Spirit. Characters level 40 or higher are able to access these Daily Quests.

A few other bits of information:

* He offers a different bounty to each level range (40-49, 50-59, etc.).
* Rewards also vary depending on your level.
* You can take the quest several times each day - up to three for levels 40-90, up to twice for levels 90+.
o One of the rewards for completing the first bounty in a day is a Bounty Order allowing you to take the second, etc..
o The Bounty Order only lasts 30 minutes, so take the new quest right away.
o The higher the Bounty Hunter number (I, II, or III), the lower the rewards.

Stacking Bounty Hunter Quests

Stacking your Bounty Hunter quests allows you to save time and money, since you usually only have to do one trip to collect three (or possibly more) bounties per day. New Bounty Hunter quests can be taken as long as you 1) don't already have that quest and 2) didn't already complete that quest that day (with the day ending at midnight, server time).

To stack your Bounty Hunter quests, simply follow these steps in order:

1. Turn in any completed Bounty Hunter quests from previous days.
2. Collect the new Bounty Hunter quests for today.
3. Complete those Bounty Hunter quests before midnight server time (after that, finding a squad may become more difficult, as they may have different bosses).
4. Do not turn in any completed Bounty Hunter quests other than BH III on the same day you collected them.

Another advantage to stacking your BHs is that, not only do you save time and teleport fees, but if everyone in your squad stacks their BHs, then you can do the bosses in any order. This is quite useful in, for example, BH51, where doing Wyvern first is quite difficult, or BH59, where being able to do them in any order means you won't have to reset the dungeon for each boss when they happen to all be in neighboring valleys.

The down-side to stacking your BHs? You miss two BH IIIs and one BH II getting everything set up the first two days, which isn't a big deal for most people. Also, if you forget and accidentally turn in a BH I or II twice on the same day, you may waste a Bounty Order. Other than that, it's much faster, cheaper, and less hassle than turning in BHs three times in a row.

Complete list:

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BH quests (Bounty Hunter)
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