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 Post-BB Fire/Poison AM Guide

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PostSubject: Post-BB Fire/Poison AM Guide   Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:38 pm

1st job

+1 Energy Bolt(1)
+20 Magic Claw(max)
+15 Magic Armor(max)
+10 MP Boost(max)
+15 Magic Guard(max)
+6 Energy Bolt(7)

Magic Claw: lvl 20 (max)
Magic Armor: lvl 15 (max)
MP Increase: lvl 10 (max)
Magic Guard: lvl 15 (max)
Energy Bolt: lvl 7

1st job we got 67 sp available. This is pretty straightforward: max everything except energy bolt. Magic claw is better even though it does less dmg cuz it can hit 2 mobs at once. But if you really want energy bolt pwnage, then you can drop Magic Armor instead (not recommend for low levels though).


2nd job

+1 Teleport(1)
+1 Spell Mastery(1)
+20 Fire Arrow(max)
+19 Spell Mastery(max)
+3 MP eater(3)
+20 Meditation(max)
+19 Teleport(max)
+17 MP Eater(max)
+20 Slow(max)
+1 Poison Breath

Fire Arrow: lvl 20 (max)
Spell Mastery: lvl 20 (max)
Meditation: lvl 20 (max)
Teleport: lvl 20 (max)
MP Eater: lvl 20 (max)
Slow: lvl 20 (max)
Poison Breath: lvl 1

At the 2nd job we have 121 skillpoints to use. The first point goes into teleport for faster traveling. Then 1 point into Spell Mastery since it's a very good passive buff, even at level 1. Followed by Fire arrow, which will become our main attack in the 2nd job.

Note: Pre-BB, the hybrid (FA+PB build) was very popular due to extremely fast leveling with poison. After BB however, poison training isn't the same as it used to be. Poison dmg is now based on your attack range, not the monsters HP and the changed accuracy formula won't let you hit monsters which are many levels above you. But if you really want to use PB, then you're in a tough spot. All other skills are extremely useful, even for end game players. MP eater post-bb feels like godmode. Even into late 4th job, training with MP eater cost barely any mp pots at all. Slow isn't useful for training, but very convenient for bossing later on. The only skill that is obsolete later on is fire arrow. So, maxing PB means you have to endure 2nd job without fire arrow or you'll miss out on great things later on.

Note2: Arch mages who received SP resets could consider dropping FA for PB instead. Calculations shows that PB adds to our DPM(damage per minute) on bosses with high MDR(magic defense rate), since the DoT effects takes your max attack range and ignores all MDR. However, the difference in most cases isn't significant at all. PB vs FA for 4th job mages is like choosing a barely useful skill against an obsolete skill.


3rd job

Explosion Build
+1 Teleport Mastery(1)
+1 Explosion(1)
+3 Elemental Amplification(3)
+11 Spell Booster(11)
+19 Explosion(max)
+9 Teleport Mastery(max)
+17 Elemental Amplification(max)
+10 Elemental Decrease(max)
+20 Poison Mist(max)
+9 Spell Booster(max)
+11 Seal(11)
+20 Partial Resistance(max)
+20 Element Composition(max)

Mist + teleport Build
+1 Teleport Mastery(1)
+1 Elemental Amplification(1)
+1 Explosion(1)
+9 Teleport Mastery(max)
+20 Poison Mist(max)
+2 Elemental Amplification(3)
+11 Spell Booster(11)
+17 Elemental Amplification(max)
+10 Elemental Decrease(max)
+19 Explosion(max)
+9 Spell Booster(max)
+11 Seal(11)
+20 Partial Resistance(max)
+20 Element Composition(max)

FA + teleport Build
+1 Teleport Mastery(1)
+1 Explosion(1)
+3 Elemental Amplification(3)
+6 Spell Booster(6)
+17 Elemental Amplification(max)
+9 Teleport Mastery(max)
+19 Explosion(max)
+20 Poison Mist(max)
+10 Elemental Decrease(max)
+14 Spell Booster(max)
+20 Partial Resistance(max)
+20 Element Composition(max)
+11 Seal(11)

Explosion: lvl 20 (max)
Poison Mist: lvl 20 (max)
Element Amplification: lvl 20 (max)
Teleport Mastery: lvl 10 (max)
Element Composition: lvl 20 (max)
Magic Booster: lvl 20 (max)
Elemental Reset: lvl 10 (max)
Partial Resistance: lvl 20 (max)
Seal: lvl 11

At the third job, there are basically two different builds with very different play style. But the end result is the same. The first one is the explosion build: Explosion is a very strong, very nice looking skill. At level 1, it already outdamages fire arrow. Put the first point into teleport mastery. Because doing damage with teleport is just too awesome Also, it is a skill that you can turn on/off. So no recasting involved. Explosion is a bit slow at first, so that's why we put a few points into booster before we max explosion. Best used in small and mobby maps for fast experience.

Though the way poison works after BB is different than before, this doesn't mean that mist is useless. Mist still deals a fair amount of damage. It only takes some time. Use mist with teleport mastery and you got yourself a killer combo. Best used at bigger maps where it isn't mobby enough for explosion to own. This is a very unique and fun way to train and very suited for the weak and non funded mages. Usually used at the somewhat bigger maps.

Then there is the teleport build where we still utilize our 2nd job skill fire arrow. Maxed teleport mastery adds a fair amount of damage and can be used simultaneously with FA. This build is focused on fast damage and the trainingstyle is similar as the 2nd and 4th job. All three builds have their own uniqueness and all builds will be similar around level 100, which gives you more options on how to train.

I maxed all skills except for seal. This is done because I think the ultimate goal of this game, next to having fun, is to boss (which is also fun). All skills are useful later on, whether it is for training or bossing, except for seal. This skill doesn't work at bosses and isn't used much after you get paralyze(4th job). Leaving it at level 11 still gets the job done and you won't lose anything. If you really insist on getting seal, then leave booster at 11 instead.


4th job

+1 Big Bang(1)
+1 Paralyze(1)
+1 Meteor(1)
+10 Buff Mastery(max)
+29 Paralyze (max)
+8 Fire Demon(8)
+30 Ifrit(max)
+29 Maple Warrior(29)
+19 Meteor(20)
+22 Fire Demon(max)
+30 Infinity(max)
+10 Meteor(max)
+29 Big Bang(max)
+21 Mana Reflect(21)
+3 Hero's will(3)

Paralyze: lvl 30 (max)
Ifrit: lvl 30 (max)
Buff Mastery: lvl 10 (max)
Big Bang: lvl 30 (max)
Fire Demon: lvl 30 (max)
Infinity: lvl 30 (max)
Meteor: lvl 30 (max)
Maple Warrior: lvl 29
Mana Reflection: lvl 21
Hero's Will: lvl 3

It's nearly impossible to follow a 4th job build because it''s not only based on the available skillpoints, but also on your ability to find the skillbooks. That's why you should only use this build as a reference. By the time you get to 4th job, you should have a rough idea on what build is most suitable for you.

Anywayz, we start off 4th job with a Big Bang. BB is a very strong skill at level 1. However, it isn't very grindfriendly because this skill requires to charge. That's why we max paralyze next and it will become our main attack. Buff mastery is a very nice passive skill that increases our attacks and gives us longer buff durations. Next up is ifrit, but before that we need at least 5 points into fire demon to unlock it. Ifrit is nice because it's a source of independent damage. Whether it's for bossing or training, it adds to our DPM. After that, most builds will vary due to the availability of skillbooks.


Skillbook Drop

Maple Warrior 20: Horntail, Red Dragon Turtle, Aufheben
Maple Warrior 30: Horntail, Pink Bean
Big Bang 20: Nibelung, Maverick Type S, Blue Kentaurus, Master Soul Teddy
Big Bang 30: Leviathan, Phantom Watch, Captain, Homunscullo
Mana Reflection 20: Leviathan, Riche, Blue Dragon Turtle, Dual Ghost Pirate
Mana Reflection 30: Pianus, Gold Slime
Infinity 20: Qualm Monk Trainee, Red Dragon Turtle, Beetle
Infinity 30: Lilynouch, Fly Eye, Dragon Rider, Dunas
Paralyze 20: Red Kentaurus, Bone Fish
Paralyze 30: Werewolf
Ifrit 20: Leviathan, Fly Eye, Birk, Homun
Ifrit 30: Chief Memory Guardian, Oberon, Kru, Hobi
Fire Demon 20: Werewolf, Black Kentaurus, Bellflower Root, Crimson Balrog
Fire Demon 30: Oblivion Monk, Green Cornian, Griffey, Overlord A
Meteor Shower 20: Qualm Monk, Jr. Newtie, Afterlord, Soul Teddy
Meteor Shower 30: Horntail, Lilynouch, Maverick Type D

The monster drop data is based on the drops in KMS. GMS might have different drops, but the drops I found so far is accurate with the data they provide.

Stolen from: http://www.basilmarket.com/forum/1767652/1/FP_Arch_Mage_SP.html

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PostSubject: Re: Post-BB Fire/Poison AM Guide   Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:00 pm

nice guide mel! you should prolly put this in the mage area silly girl.....


Thanks David for pretty siggy!
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Post-BB Fire/Poison AM Guide
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