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 KMST [1.2.359] PvP

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PostSubject: KMST [1.2.359] PvP   Sat May 21, 2011 11:59 am

MapleStory Client Ver. 1.2.359 was released.
This patch fixes the following issues, have been added.

"Game related"
1. Daenantu content has been added.
- In this update, "Survival mode,> and the" team match mode> is now available.
s Survival mode: restricted hours is the mode to fight without rules or teams.
s team match modes: Red, Blue team split time in the first team to achieve the goal is to win mode.

- Daenantuneun Total War, three kinds of channel support.
s rookie: 30 level or higher (available from 2nd skill. However, Evan's 5 th)
s syupeoruki: 70 level or higher (up to three secondary skills available. However, Evan's 8 th)
s Major: 120 level or higher (all skills available)
s not suitable for their level of play in a specific order of channels is limited to use of the skill.

- Daenantuneun 30 level or above, and all users can participate in game, regardless of whether the free entry, exit is possible.
- Daenantu zone, and all the skills of the character's stats will be reset to support war on relatively equal terms.
- Daenantu zone a periodic basis, a unique consumer items is generated. Effect of consumption items generated simultaneously with the routing is applied.
- Daenantueseoneun plays in real time, depending on whether the cumulative score, and a record high score, the more points you can earn experience points and battle.
- Daenantu zone, the use of some skills and items may be limited.
- To exit zone daenantu Please select the button at the bottom of the menu bangnagagi.

- Battle Arena NPC daenantu call back to speak to the matching UI will pop up, select the desired channel and the mode button and then press opponent automatic navigation.

- If a character level of 30 or more, Victoria Island, in every town "Victoria Taxi medium> through the" Battle Arena> can be moved to the area.

- Daenantu Zones profession, skill balancing test server after the update is scheduled to be adjusted continually.

2. The collected species and production expertise in one kind of a total of 2 has been changed to learn professional skills.
- If you learn Herbalism Alchemy can be learned.
- If you learn to mine production and jewelry making equipment, you can learn.
3. Herbalism, mining and production skills related to initialization must be initialized first.
4. Production is set to make the item more likely unidentified items have been adjusted upward.
- Production equipment items monsters drop higher than the probability of an unidentified items can be obtained.
- Synthesis of potential items is set higher than the probability of making the items can be obtained by unknown.
5. Now, by 5 to 1 hour recovery of fatigue, and you do not have access applies.

6. Recipes have been added.
- Production level 7 or more items have to use the recipe to recipe can be found.
- Recipe for some traders to buy the recipe, but the monsters drop only advanced recipe can be obtained,
7. Through the expertise of the selling price of manufactured items will be adjusted.

8. Accuracy, calculation formula has been adjusted to dodge.

9. Pot items (Item Pot) was added.

- Herbs, Veins, or more than 30 levels can be obtained from the monster meokkkaebi gyulyanggwa meokkkaebi jemguneul can be obtained.
- Double-clicking items acquired meokkkaebireul Pot (shortcut Y) can be kept at.
- Meokkkaebineun their level and similar equipment will grow to eat an item or monster trophies.
- Fixed period of time can raise the levels as much affection.
- The higher the affection you can get a good reward.
- Meokkkaebireul grown by double-clicking can put in your inventory.
- The higher the affection you can get a good reward.
- Ill meokkkaebineun expertise town "meister Bill> The NPC will be fed with the purchase of drugs maengseuege.

"Items related"
1. The new spending items have been added.
- Strengthening Elixir of Stamina
- Strengthening Elixir of Mana
- Blessing of the Elixir
- Strengthen the power of the Elixir
- Strengthening Elixir of Agility
- Strengthening Elixir of Intellect
- Strengthening Elixir of luck
- Elixir of high strength reinforced
- Enhanced Mana Elixir of advanced
- Elixir of advanced blessings
- Elixir of high strength reinforced
- Advanced Agility Elixir of strengthening
- Advanced Intelligent strengthening Elixir of
- Advanced luck strengthening Elixir of
- Hero's Elixir
- Advanced Hero's Elixir

2. New equipment items have been added.
- (Lev.30) Angelic Blessing
- (Lev.70) Dark Angelic Blessing

3. Android Android have a chance at high-end face can be set only.

"Skill related"
1. Evan: "Earth Quake> scope of the decision," Ghost Lettering> the damage has been adjusted.
2. Night Load, Night Walker: "triple-throw> the damage has been adjusted.

"Monster related"
1. Abilities of some monsters have been adjusted.
2. The new bosses have been added.
Abilities of bosses tuned for a smooth test status.
- Cygnus Lv.190
- Darling Lv.190
- Mikhail Lv.188
- Oz Lv.188
- Irina Lv.188
- Jamaica Stuttgart Lv.188
- Hawk-Eye Lv.188

3. Statements of future new monsters have been added in the area.
- Snail Lv.162
- Orange Mushroom Lv.164
- Slime Lv.166
- Ribbon Pig Lv.168
- Tino Lv.163
- Tiru Lv.165
- Tigureu Lv.167
- Full Article A Lv.168
- Full Article B Lv.170
- Full Article C Lv.172
- Full Article D Lv.174
- Full Article E Lv.176
- Soul Lv.169
- Flame Lv.171
- Storm Lv.173
- Darkness Lv.175
- Lightning Lv.177
- Greater Article A Lv.177
- Greater Article B Lv.179
- Knight-Lieutenant C Lv.180
- Greater Article D Lv.182
- Greater Article E Lv.184

"Quest related"
1. No more "Maker> can not be associated with progression of skills.
2. Evan now after a break, break after the two quests completed "Dragon Master> Medal of Mir can get to the right.
3. The future of the quests have been added in the statement.

"Maps related"
1. Technical name of the town "Vulcan Te ions> in the" mayiseuteobil> has changed.
2. Daenantu Square "Battle Arena> added.
3. Leah new areas in Ireland, 'the door of the future' has been found.
- Extension of time, three statements can be moved to new areas.

1. Expertise for testing teseupiah temporary traders will sell the magic powder.

2. To test both the technical expertise has been initialized.

3. Smooth tests of new areas and bosses to support the lease of the misty harbor up to 160 times the character level will be set up.

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KMST [1.2.359] PvP
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