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 KMST [1.2.356] Maplestory Chaos

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PostSubject: KMST [1.2.356] Maplestory Chaos   Sat May 21, 2011 11:46 am

MapleStory Client Ver. 1.2.356 was released.
This patch fixes the following issues, have been added.

※ Today test server, update the 'Knowledge Age', and related content is only part of the test will be conducted. On matters relating to the production and collection were included only the basics, key points and the subsequent testing will be conducted in sequential order is released.
For the full update after the test server update will be released step by step through the test server, update the campus today, 'Knowledge Age' does not contain any content associated with the point you ask.

"Maps related"
1. The new maps have been added.
- Specialized technical craftsmen gathered in the "Vulcan Te ion> have found.
- Victoria Island, Orbis, Ethel Rubinstein's expertise in each village using the portal "Vulcan Te ion> can move it.

"Game related"
1. Expertise has been added 5.
- Herbalism: herbs, flowers and seeds collected from the bush, and in making use items and potions that can make herbal oils.
- Mining: precious stones and metals collected in veins and smelting stone used in making items and make potions.
- Equipment Manufacture: using herbal oils and refined seating make various armor and weapons.
- Jewelry created using herbal oils and refined stone jewelry making.
- Alchemy: herbal oil and refined using three different potions, creating equipment items degradation / synthesis can.
- Specializing in technology-related activities (collection, production, etc.) whenever the schedule is full of fatigue if fatigue ssatyimyeo expertise can not work.
- Fatigue during the test period, "Vulcan Te ion> of" himmel> early and can I visit you.

2. More than 30 levels of expertise, 2nd job is completed for characters to learn.
- Up to 2 professional skills can be learned.
- Professional skills "Vulcan Te ion> to learn from the technical expertise can master.
- Have already learned if you want to delete the expertise that will be deleted from technical master. However, when deleting data for the relevant professional skills will be reset.

3. Expertise and relevant information can be found by pressing the shortcut .

4. How to produce items are as follows.
- Equipment manufacture, jewelry making, alchemy After learning, press select items you want to make the material can be found.
- Made the "Vulcan Te ions> in the relevant professional skills that are installed after the master is only available on production machines nearby.
- Equipment Production: large furnaces installed after eyisen
- Jewelry making: melcheu installed behind a large jewelry processing machines
- Alchemy: karien installed behind a large book of magic
- Current production methods are applied can be changed at a later date.

5. My character's propensity to play unknown has been added to the disposition index.
- How to Play the charisma, vision, determination, dexterity, emotion, charm is finished.
- The existing manual dexterity stat will be deleted.

6. LUK experiences of falling when he died from the effects of changes.
- Beginners to experience the die will not fall.
- A high level of commitment propensity experience of falling rates reduced.

7. Skill-related errors, and the character of some game bugs have been fixed.

8. Greatsword, blunt hands, hands ax, bow, how, when used to calculate the damage has been corrected.

9. Some skills have changed the performance and effectiveness.

"Items related"
1. Pocket slot item has been added.
- Black Wallet
- Pocket Watch
- House keys
- Snip
- Poems
- Rose

2. The new decorations were added.
- Is due to decoration
- Medal of Charismatic beard
- Medal of royal splendor
- Hawk eye medals
- Fairy's eyes medal
- Medal of clairvoyance
- A man decorations
- Waiting aesthetic decoration
- Order of the embodiment of patience
- Home of the Hand Decorations
- Expert Medal of mind
- Hand of Midas Medal
- At the tender age Medal
- Bard Medal
- Medal of the human mind
- Medal of attention focus
- Very charming decorations
- Beauty Crystal Medal

3. The new set of items have been added.
- (Lev. 70) Warriors: The Force Walker set
- (Lev. 70) Wizard: Arcane Walker set
- (Lev. 70) Archer: Wind Walker set
- (Lev. 70) thief: Mist Walker set
- (Lev. 70) Raiders: Walker sets the Fortune
- (Lev. 130) Champion: Lion Heart set
- (Lev. 130) Wizard: The Dragon's Tail Set
- (Lev. 130) Archer: palkonwing set
- (Lev. 130) Rogue: reyibeunhon set
- (Lev. 130) Pirates: Shark Tooth Set
- (Lev. 70) Common: melcheuui Crescent Moon Set
- (Lev. 130) Common: melcheuui Rising Sun sets

l Force Walker / Arcane Walker / Wind Walker / Mistwalker / Fortune Walker set effect
Olseutaet + 5
Physical Defense + 150
Magic Defense + 150
Additional PVP damage + 5
Critical Resistance + 5
4 Piece
Olseutaet + 5
MaxHP + 300
MaxMP + 300
PVP additional damage + 10
Critical Resistance + 15

l Lion Heart / Dragon Tail / palkonwing / reyibeunhon / Shark Tooth set effect
Olseutaet + 10
Physical Defense + 350
Magic Defense + 350
MaxHP + 15%
MaxMP + 15%
PVP additional damage + 10
6 pieces
Olseutaet + 15
PVP additional damage + 20
Critical Resistance + 30

l melcheuui Crescent Moon set effect
Olseutaet + 10
PVP additional damage + 15

l melcheuui effect Rising Sun sets
MaxHP + 400
MaxMP + 400
PVP additional damage + 10
Olseutaet + 20
PVP additional damage + 15
Critical Resistance + 20

4. The new accessories are added.
- (Lev. 80) Gray 5 kinds of symbols
- (Lev. 90) Blue 5 kinds of symbols
- (Lev. 100) Red 5 kinds of symbols
- (Lev. 110) Shiny Grey 5 kinds of symbols
- (Lev. 120) Shiny Blue 5 kinds of symbols
- (Lev. 130) Shiny red five kinds of symbols
- (Lev. 130) Hound four kinds of earrings
- (Lev. 40) three kinds of ring
- (Lev. 50) three kinds of ring
- (Lev. 60) four kinds of ring
- (Lev. 70) five kinds of ring
- (Lev. 80) five kinds of ring
- (Lev. 90) 7 kinds of ring
- (Lev. 100) five kinds of ring
- (Lev. 110) six kinds of ring
- (Lev. 120) five kinds of ring
- (Lev. 130) four kinds of ring
- (Lev. 100) four kinds of green pendant
- (Lev. 110) four kinds of red pendant
- (Lev. 120) pengkeu four kinds of pendant
- (Lev. 130) four kinds of purple pendant
- (Lev. 40) four kinds of green leather belt
- (Lev. 50) four kinds of blue leather belt
- (Lev. 60) Brown leather belt, four kinds of
- (Lev. 70) four kinds of green belt buckle
- (Lev. 80) Blue belt buckle, four kinds of
- (Lev. 90) Brown, four kinds of belt buckles
- (Lev. 100) four kinds of green gold belt
- (Lev. 110) Blue Gold belt, four kinds of
- (Lev. 120) Brown, gold belt, four kinds of
- (Lev. 130) four kinds of extreme belt
- (Lev. 40) Leather Shoulder four kinds of
- (Lev. 50) four kinds of hard leather shoulder
- (Lev. 60) four kinds of shoulder horn
- (Lev. 70) four kinds of shiny shoulder horn
- (Lev. 80) four kinds of blue leather shoulder
- (Lev. 90) Silver Shoulder four kinds of
- (Lev. 100) Gold Black Shoulder four kinds of
- (Lev. 110) Night Shoulder four kinds of
- (Lev. 120) Royal shoulder four kinds of
- (Lev. 130) Shiny Royal shoulder four kinds of

5. The new spending items have been added.
- (Lev. 130) Flame Award
- (Lev. 130) Giant Bullet
- (Lev. 40) hwaljeonyong good and arrow, crossbow, arrows, only better
- (Lev. 70) hwaljeonyong strong and arrow, crossbow, arrows, only the strong
- (Lev. 100) hwaljeonyong a sharp arrow, crossbow, arrows, only a sharp
- (Lev. 130) hwaljeonyong titanium and arrow, crossbow, arrows, only titanium
- HP, MP recovery Potion
- HP, MP Recovery Pills
- Strength potions, power pills
- Potion of Agility, Agility pills
- Potion of wisdom, the wisdom of the pill
- Potion of Luck, luck of the pill
- Potion of Defense, defense of the pill
- Attack Potion, Attack of the pill
- Magic potion, magic pill

6. Leon van meoteuegeseo NPC set items can be purchased more cheaply.

7. Maseuteoribuk to the acquisition of items have been changed.
Mastery of all the jobs and the North to drop a monster [the mystery of the Mastery Book] can be obtained through.

"Monster related"
1. Monster on the field emergence of the Lionheart's property has been removed.
2. Aqua Road monsters floating in some type has been changed.
3. Some of the monsters consumed (mulyakryu), item drop rate has been adjusted.

"Quest related"
1. Orientation-related quests have been added decorations.
- And so says: touching, charismatic level 20 and above
- Bearded Charismatic: Bogen, charisma level of 60 or more
- King's majesty: ruden, charisma level above 100
- Hawk eye: Hawk-Eye, insightful level 20 and above
- Fairy's eyes: Helena, insightful level of 60 or more
- Clairvoyance: Potter, insights levels above 100
- A man: John, depending on level 20 and above
- Waiting Aesthetics: fisherman, depending on level 60 and above
- The embodiment of patience: Erekat Scarborough, depending on level of more than 100
- Home of the Hand: mingming wife, dexterity level 20 and above
- Masters of the mind: a wandering alchemist, dexterity level 60 and above
- Hand of Midas: Centaurs, dexterity levels above 100
- At the tender age: Alex, emotional level 20 and above
- Bard: Charles, the sensitivity level of 60 or more
- The human mind: Humanoid A, emotional level more than 100
- Focus: naminyeo, attractive level 19 or above
- Hottie: reutie, attractive level of 60 or more
- Beauty crystals: the temple caretaker, attractive levels above 100

2. Attraction tendencies related quests have been added.
- A gift for charming people: Big Head Word, attractive level 30 and above
- You're the entertainer: Lana, attractive level 30 and above
- A look suspicious to build: Elder Kyrgyzstan, attractive level 30 and above
- Building a look of surprise: hereusya, attractive level 35 and above
- Hwangdanghaeha build the expression: Betty, attractive level, and 40 more
- Looks like she's regurgitating build: Defend the Victoria Island, attractive level, 45 more
- Sleepy look to build: calico, attractive level, and 50 more
- Tongue out sticking to construct the expression: fairy wings, attractive level, and 55 more
- Build crying face: Camilla, attractive level, and 60 more
- To build a hot look: Alphonse green, attractive level, 65 more
- Cheers to build an expression: Rinse, attractive level, and 70 more
- Winking build: Truthfully, attractive level, and 75 more
- Angry look building: Erin, the appeal level, and 80 more
- A kiss to build a face: plastic, Roy, attractive level, and 85 more
- Polished look to build: Mini, attractive level, 90 more
- Build a lantern A lantern face: farm, attractive level, and 95 more
- Fell in love with the expression construct: ilrekseu, attractive level, more than 100
- Lana's dream: Lana, attractive levels above 100

3. Neo-City, ahraetmaeul subordinate level in the beginning of a quest has been raised.

"Cache related"
1. Item 2 cache paper added.
- (Cap), Rudolf Santa hat
- (A) Christmas Casual

"Event related"
1. Character creation is an event in progress.
- December 9 to 11 to create a new character you can get the item.
- Generated by character level 30, 50 and additional items can be achieved.

2. EXP event will invest the proceeds.
- December 9 to 17 14:00 to 5, depending on the level until you can get additional experience.
- Dec. 18 and 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 on the 19th, depending on the level of additional experience may be.

3. Maple Quiz onset is in progress.
- Consonants, depending on the number of quiz answers can be obtained by-step items.

4. Christmas event is in progress.
- Dimension of the mirror through the 'Happy Village' was able to move.
- Maple World's monsters during the event 'Merry Christmas' box to drop. When you open a gift box by double-clicking the required items and buffs to participate in events, items can be consumed.
- During the event throughout the Maple World, 'poor Rudolph' is a haunted. Bad Rudolph 'shines nose' and 'shining nose bandages' to drop.
- Each town has been added to the Christmas tree. Creative Christmas ongoing quest to grow as you can.
- Event quests have been added.
Thor's lost horn l: Level 13 or higher, Thor, one day a week repeating
l Where is the Christmas Fairy? : Level 13 or higher, Cliff, repeat
l Santa Cat Gift Box: Level 13 and above, Santa Cat, repeated every 30 minutes
l Christmas tree decorating: Level 13 or above, and 1 day 1 times
- If you repeat the event quest Medal of Rudolph '2010 'may be.
- The 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th day of the test server for users 'Christmas 2PM' event is in progress. At 2 pm on a test server connections allow you to receive presents.
- Christmas item has been added to the event.
(Skill), Santa's sleigh
(Hat) Rudolph's horns
(Merit) 2010 Medal of Rudolph
(Consumption) ppalganko bandage
(Consumption), winning the nose bandage
(Consumption), the Golden Nose bandage
(Face), Rudolf ppalganko 10 kinds of
(Face) Shining nose

1. Henesys misc items in the shop temporarily Luna pocket slot for sale.

2. Expertise to the test "Vulcan Te ion> for sale on a temporary minerals and herbs.

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PostSubject: Re: KMST [1.2.356] Maplestory Chaos   Tue May 24, 2011 12:49 pm

Quote :
(Lev. 70) Warriors: The Force Walker set
L> Sky Walker set f3

and What's everyone going to do with profession skills?


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KMST [1.2.356] Maplestory Chaos
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