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 Shadower Builds

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PostSubject: Shadower Builds   Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:55 pm

120: 1 Boomerang Step (always! it's your main attack skill in 4th job), 1 Smoke (helps tons if you party which you probably will if you train at LHC, still good solo), 1 Shadow Shifter (16% activation rate at level 1, it's amazing how much less damage you'll take)

121: 1 Venom (Not necessary, but if you train at LHC the monsters have tons of HP and poison helps a lot), 1 Assassinate (Also not necessary, but it's awesome for bossing and fun to play around with, but it's up to you) 1 Boomerang Step (Obviously you wanna continue putting points into your main attack)

I think the 120 and 121 are very important, you SHOULD put at least 1 in Boomerang Step and Shadow Shifter. If you're training at LHC, I highly recommend putting 1 into Smoke and Venom as they will help immensely.

Skills are put in relatively the order most people max them in, but I believe that you should choose what's best for you whether you train or boss can have an impact on what order you put in your skills.

Boomerang Step (30) It's your main attack skill when training.
Shadow Shifter (30) You'll use less potions
Meso Mastery (10) It'll save you money on MG and will boost your damage with ME.
Maple Warrior (19) Boosts your damage, but it's a party skill so it can be put off until later.
Smoke Screen (30) Yay invincible! It's not as important since it's not an attack, but it helps a lot
Assassinate (30) It's amazing 1v1 for bossing, not very good for training.
Venomous Stab (30) Yay extra damage just for attacking, although it's not much every little bit helps, usually maxed later on since it doesn't help THAT much.
Taunt (30) It gives you extra EXP from monsters, again not extremely helpful but somewhat helpful, maybe put 1 point into it early on to help boost your training rate.
Ninja Ambush (30) Seems... useless to me.
Hero's Will (5) Gets you out of Seduce, used at CZak, HT, and CHT.

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PostSubject: Re: Shadower Builds   Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:03 pm

Following Mel's guide, at level 122, I would begin to max the skill boomerang step. This is the signature shadower skill, and a frequently used skill, whether it be training or bossing. Not only is boomerang step your bread-and-butter skill, it offers invincibility frames while you are attacking, and also passively increases the damage of assaulter, savage blow, and steal.

If you are unable to find boomerang step mastery books, are unlucky passing them, or simply can not afford the books at the moment, do not worry. Instead of saving up points for boomerang step, I would suggest putting your skill points in meso mastery. In my opinion this skill is almost as important as boomerang step. Meso mastery is a great skill that increases the meso drop rate from monsters and of pickpocket. The skill also increases the the protection of meso guard, and the cost efficiency of meso guard. Most importantly meso mastery greatly improves the damage of meso explosion. This sets up a devastating Pickpocket- Savage Blow- Meso explosion combination, which can be very effective at bosses, and even at places such as LHC.

The next skill that I would max after boomerang step and meso mastery is shadowshifter. Shadowshifter will give you a chance to dodge any physical or magic attack. At max level the proc rate of shadowshifter is 45%, and by this time you will be use to seeing your shad f2 and turning into a wood tree on a consistent basis. Shadowshifter will save you numerous potions while training, and could even save a few untimely deaths.

I would consider boomerang step>>meso mastery>>shadowshifter as the core shadower build. After maxing these 3 skills, this is where you can be real flexibile. At this point your shad will be 14x, and you may start to czak or run as a horntail sed. If this is the case, I would suggest to put one point into hero's will. This skill will get you out of seduce, and is more of an emergency button. I would only suggest to put 1 point into hero's will at first, since the cooldown of this skill is quite long, regardless of the skill level.

The next skills I would be looking to max are either assassinate or maple warrior. If you consistently train with someone who has at least maple warrior 19, I would suggest maxing assassinate. However, if you find yourself training/bossing alone, start pumping points into maple warrior to increase your overall damage output. To be honest, I do not use assassinate that much, even at bosses. However, I must say assassinate is a great single target damage dealer, and can be quite the showoff skill. In order to get the greatest damage output from assassinate, you must first remain in dark sight for at least 8 seconds. Also make sure that you have shadow partner on, or else your damage will be significantly lower for some reason other than the extra hits that shadow partner produces.

The next skills to max would be either smokescreen or venom. Following Mel's guide, you should put one point into each of these skills at an early level. I would probably max venom first, since a higher level venom will slighty increase your damage output. For each level of smokescreen, the only difference is adding a second to the duration of the smoke. Therefore I would lean toward maxing venom first before smoke, although at this point it isn't a huge deal.

Taunt is a skill that I would of suggested to max earlier in most scenarios. This skill increases the drop rate, experience and physical defense of monsters. However, taunt does not work at LHC. Therefore taunt is pretty much a useless skill unless you want to train and hunt PoTs at temple of time or if new higher level maps come out.

The last shadower skill to go over is ninja ambush. I would not put any points into this skill until I have maxed all other skills. I put a few points into ninja ambush already, and this skill is terrible. It would be faster to just attack with a normal attack, then using ninja ambush.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadower Builds   Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:47 am

Ty for guide! Sounds very nice. Smile

This far I've been found three BS 20 books. Prices have been 55m and 22m D: but that cheapest was already sold lol..
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PostSubject: Re: Shadower Builds   

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Shadower Builds
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