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 Bowmaster Build Post-BB

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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

PostSubject: Bowmaster Build Post-BB   Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:17 am

As the title says.. Mainly for my Mel Mel <3.. Come back just to reset your sp before December 15th, 2010.. Otherwise you are to forced to buy sp reset from cs to reset all your skills..

Also helpful for those of you who plan on making a bowmaster..

First job: (Archer)
lvl 10 = arrow blow (1)
lvl 11 = eye of amazon (3)
lvl 12 = eye of amazon (2) MAX, critical shot (1)
lvl 13-18 = critical shot (18)
lvl 19 = critical shot (1) MAX, double shot (2)
lvl 20-25 = double shot (18) MAX
lvl 26-30 = focus (15) MAX

total sp for 1st job = 61 sp
max everything except arrow blow at level 1

Second job: (Hunter)
lvl 30 = arrow bomb (1)
lvl 31-32 = bow mastery (6)
lvl 33-34 = bow booster (6)
lvl 35-38 = bow mastery (12)
lvl 39 = bow mastery (2) MAX, soul arrow (1)
lvl 40 = soul arrow (3)
lvl 41-46 = arrow bomb (18)
lvl 47 = arrow bomb (1) MAX, enhanced basic (2)
lvl 48-49 = enhanced basic (6)
lvl 50 = enhanced basic (2) MAX, final attack (1)
lvl 51-56 = final attack (18)
lvl 57 = final attack (1) MAX, bow booster (2)
lvl 58-61 = bow booster (12) MAX
lvl 62-63 = soul arrow (6) MAX
lvl 64-69 = power knockback (18)
lvl 70 = power knockback (2) MAX, arrow blow (1)

total sp for 2nd job = 121 sp
max everything at second job, 1 point extra goes to arrow blow

Third job:(Ranger)
lvl 70 = strafe (1)
lvl 71 = mortal blow (3)
lvl 72 = mortal blow (2), arrow rain (1)
lvl 73-81 = arrow rain (27)
lvl 82 = arrow rain (2) MAX, puppet (1)
lvl 83 = puppet (3)
lvl 84-89 = inferno (18)
lvl 90 = inferno (2) MAX, thrust (1)
lvl 91-93 = thrust (9) MAX
lvl 94-99 = strafe (18)
lvl 100 = strafe (2), dodge (1)
lvl 101-103 = dodge (9) MAX
lvl 104-108 = mortal blow (15) MAX
lvl 109-113 = puppet (15)
lvl 114 = puppet (1) MAX, silver hawk (2)
lvl 115-120 = silver hawk (18) MAX

total 3rd job sp = 161 sp
max everything except strafe at lvl 21

Fourth job:(Bowmaster)
lvl 120 = hurricane (1), sharp eyes (2)
lvl 121 = sharp eyes (3)
lvl 122 = dragon breath (1), sharp eyes (2)
lvl 123-129 = sharp eyes (21)
lvl 130 = sharp eyes (2) MAX, bow expert (1)
lvl 131-139 = bow expert (27)
lvl 140 = bow expert (2) MAX, hurricane (1)
lvl 141-149 = hurricane (27)
lvl 150 = hurricane (1) MAX, phoenix (1), marksmanship (1)
lvl 151-153 = marksmanship (9) MAX
lvl 154-163 = maple warrior/concentrate (30) MAX
lvl 164-173 = concentrate/maple warrior (30) MAX
lvl 174-182 = phoenix (27)
lvl 183 = phoenix (2) MAX, vengeance (1)
lvl 184-186 = vengeance (9) MAX
lvl 187-192 = dragon breath (18)
lvl 193 = dragon breath (2), hero's will (1)
lvl 194-200 = whatever points u wanna put

total 4th job sp = 243
everything should be maxed out except for dragon breath (21), hamstring (whatever points), hero's will (at least lvl 1)


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Location : NY
Posts : 1310
Join date : 2009-07-11

PostSubject: Re: Bowmaster Build Post-BB   Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:51 pm

Explanations why do I put certain skills at certain levels:

1st Job:

-Arrow Blow vs Double Shot. Why do I max double shot instead of arrow blow?
Classic question. Eventhough arrow blow hits 3 monsters now (mob skills), double shot is needed for single target hit skill. Arrow blow is easily replaced by arrow bomb (2nd job skill), while double shot is replaced later on with strafe (3rd job skill). Plus, arrow blow + enhanced basic (200% + 100% = 300%) is weaker than arrow bomb alone (310% + stun + hit 6 monsters).

2nd job:

-Final Attack? That annoying skill is maxed now?
It's annoying before big bang. Now, final attack has no delay. It's just an additional damage on top of your double shot/arrow bomb and any other active skills. The damage isn't any greater than the main skill you use. However, additional damage is always nice.

3rd job:

-Strafe isn't maxed now? Why?
Strafe is easily replaced by hurricane (4th job).

-Why getting thrust so early?
I believe that mobility is a key to train faster. If you walk slow, you gain less exp/hr. Same thing with getting all the mob skills early (arrow rain and inferno). Big bang is all about training and getting to higher level fast by training/grinding. Mob skills are preferable for training.

-Dodge? What is this skill exactly do?
It's similar to shadow shifter for NL and shad. Dodge has lower chance of activation than shadow shifter. However, dodge guarantee a 100% critical hit rate for the next arrow you shoot.

-Mortal blow, puppet, and silver hawk. Why do I have to max all those skills last?
Alright. These 3 skills might not be useful for a ranger. You probably barely use or not use at all during your ranger year. Puppet only useful for boss. Puppet too much during your training, slow down your exp/hr. Hawk is expensive. Each rock cost 5,000 mesos (if you do alcaster quest). Do we really need hawk for mobs that we can 3hko with arrow rain? No.

How about mortal blow, I don't see it activates at all? And what? Only 20% chance activation when monster has 30% hp or below? That's shetty as hell. Well, you better think again and read next part for 4th job skills.

4th job:

-Hurricane combined with final attack and mortal blow. Why so sexy?
Yes, final attack and mortal blow show its shine now when you use hurricane. 40% activation for final attack for each hurricane shoot. That's really great and occurs very often. You think mortal blow is shetty? Think again. It occurs very so often now with hurricane. I personally love it when I use at ToT. It occurs for like 2 every 3 monsters or so. On the plus side, mortal blow no longer cuts down your exp.

-Sharp Eyes still maxed early. I thought it's nerfed now?
Not exactly. Sharp eyes is still good. Plus, most people want a BM to have max SE early since it's a party skill. What class resist SE, now that it stacks with thorn? DB would want it too.

-Why maxing bow expert before hurricane?
Bow expert now giving minimum critical damage, as well as passive +30 attack at max level. It's the balance-out from SE. SE increases maximum critical damage while BE gives minimum critical damage. BE makes your damage stable. Level 1 hurricane (142%) already outdamages level 21 strafe (132%).

-Maple Warrior or Concentrate. Which one should I max first?
Doesn't matter actually. Depends on who you train with. If your training partner has MW, you don't need to have the same skill. You can max concentrate first so you can have advantage for having both MW and concentrate. If you train solo, maple warrior is better for you since concentrate has shetty cooldown at low level.
Side note: both MW and concentrate are the two most expensive books that you have to buy for a bowmaster. Concentrate 30 is HT-exclusive drops (as for pre-BB) and it doesn't drop that often. Maple Warrior 20 used to be HT-exclusive drops, but now drops also from red dragon turtle and aufheben (Yes, aufheben can drop mesos now. So, it's possible that aufheben also drops MW 20). However, MW 20 drops from turtle and aufheben are really small compared to HT. Never heard of anyone actually getting it. Maple Warrior 30 is PB and HT-exclusive drops (pre and post-BB). The book is over 1 billion mesos. It's really expensive and most people can't afford.

-Vengeance. What is this skill exactly do?
It's basically a time bomb skill. When monster hits you, they will get kb-ed, stunned, and they receive 500% damage. So far, this skill has the highest damage in bowmaster history (second will be inferno 450%).

-Marksmanship -20% pdrate. What does that mean?
pdrate is a physical damage rate. Pdrate applies to bosses. Each boss has different pdrate. Currently, HT and zak have 40% pdrate. PB has 70% pdrate. Marksmanship increases your damage against those monsters by 20% (it's like you getting free 20% damage on bosses). Example: zakum has 40% pdrate. Your damage with lvl 0 marksmanship would get reduced by 40%. When you have max marksmanship, your damage increases by 20% against zakum. So, instead of getting -40% damage, you get -20% damage.

**This build is not an absolute build to follow. There are many builds you can follow. But, please understand my reasonings. Also, please understand why do you put certain points on a skill instead of just following and not understanding anything.**

*If you have any questions about bowmaster skill build, you can post here.*


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Bowmaster Build Post-BB
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