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 Archer/Hunter/Ranger Training Place

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PostSubject: Archer/Hunter/Ranger Training Place   Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:26 am

Most suitable training place: map with sniping platform(s)

1st job:
Nowadays you can do new quests, but I'm going to list what I train on in the past..
-lvl 1-10 = do all maple island quests
-lvl 10-15 = do quests that are available to you. Most quests are not hard and give you some exp. Honestly, at this level I train using melee weapons since I'm unfunded (start from zero meso and unlike most nibs, I don't ask people for mesos). Melee weapons save you mp pots and arrows. Always loot mesos drop from monsters (if you're unfunded) cause you need to buy pots later on. If you're going to use melee weapons, you need to be high str for a little while.
-lvl 16-20 = train at pig mini dungeon. Good sniping spot in the middle. If you're unfunded, collect stiff feathers to make arrows. 1 feather + 1 processed wood = 1k arrows --> make through Vicious in Henesys Market. 10 tree branches (from stumps) or 5 firewoods (from axe stump and dark axe stumps) are needed to create 1 processed wood. Funded people, go buy arrows as it is faster than collecting etc items.
-lvl 10-20 = henesys pq. I find that archers sucks at this pq. Unless you leech your archer in this pq, you can do this pq. Otherwise, I just recommend training.
-lvl 21-30 = kerning pq, ariant colloseum, mushie dungeon in ant tunnel II

2nd job:
-lvl 30-50 = cpq. Get soul arrow early to save you arrows. Room 5/6 is the best room for you. DO NOT do room 3/4 (if you're not leech) because you will be whacking your bow most of the time, especially if your opponents summon trojan/rombot and speed.
-lvl 51-70 = do ludi maze pq aka lmpq, good for unfunded hunters since this pq nets you mesos by npc-ing your prize. Hunter is not easy to train. I find it frustrating to train when you don't have close-range attack or AoE attack.
-lvl 55-70 = lower ascent in crimsonwood, if you hate pq and you like to grind. Be careful when you get there since bigfoot/elderwraith/firebrand 2 might ohko you.
You can always train on the upper platform of any crossroads since getting to lower ascent is too dangerous. The monsters there will also be windraiders, just less mobs than lower ascent. You can also go to tornado room in cwk (only if priest/bishop doors you there, otherwise crimson guardians hit you 3.5k and ohko you).

3rd job:
The best part of 3rd job is lots of dying -.-
Most monsters that you train on will ohko or 2hko you..

*Strafe build:
-lvl 70-80 = stay at windraiders until you have max strafe
-lvl 81-110 = jr. newtie sniping spot. Beware that nest golem hits 2.6-2.8k and might ohko you. Map: Leafre: Destroyed Dragon Nest/Newt Secured Area (mini dungeon)
-lvl 110-120 = stay at newtie map but try to take down bottom row. You should have level 29 or max hawk and have at least 3k hp to survive golem hit.

*Arrow Rain build:
-lvl 70-80 = stay at windraiders until you have decent level of arrow rain (at least level 11). Map should be at lower ascent. If getting to lower ascent is still dangerous for you, go mysterious path 3 aka mp3 in singapore (monsters: selkie jr, slimy). At mp3, stand on top of the bus in the bottom platform. You can also do red-nosed pirate den in mu lung (monsters: kru and captain) or you can do ppq, also in mu-lung
-lvl 81-120 = train at typhons. Map: crimsonwood-path of peril. Just one map above lower ascent. Good exp/hr, exp each (hp: 56k, exp: 3200). Downside of typhons: waste lots of pots since you train like a melee character, a complete opposite of what you did in wr. If you hate typhons, go to malaysia and hunt galloperas (hp: 42k, exp: 2500). It's one map before scarlion/targa boss. Beware that gallops can heal so you need max AR for optimum exp/hr.


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Archer/Hunter/Ranger Training Place
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