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 Dark Knight Build

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PostSubject: Dark Knight Build   Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:15 pm

Disclaimer: This is not the only way to go, obviously other methods. This is what I did after having read numerous guides and using common sense.

Str: x (Main stat, most of your points go here)
Dex: x (Secondary stat, usually left at about 50, can be lower or up to 80)
Int: 4
Luk: 4

1st job:
Improved HP Recovery: 16
Improved Max HP Increase: 10 (Max ASAP)
Endure: x (I have 8 somehow? put points in here as a last resort)
Iron Body: x (Somehow I have 12? another last resort... after endure)
Power Strike: 20
Slash Blast: 20

2nd Job:
Spear/PA Mastery: 20 (Usually only max one depending on what weapon you use)
Spear/PA Booster: 20 (Same as above)
Spear/PA FA: x (I didn't max it because it annoys me, most people max)
Iron Will: x (I maxed (20), but most people dont')
Hyper Body: 30 (Max asap, either first or after Mastery if you need Acc)

3rd Job:
Elemental Resistance: 20 (It ups your res against magic attacks, very helpful at himes)
Spear/PA Crusher: 30 (Maxed for sure if you're spear, idk about PA)
Spear/PA Fury: 1 / 30 (Usually only one if you're spear, usually maxed if you're PA)
Sacrifice: x (For some reason I maxed it, didn't use it much and now I don't like at all)
Dragon Roar: 30 (Mobbing and stuffs? Usually maxed)
Power Crash: x (I put 1 point to see what it was like, worthless)
Dragon Blood: x (I have 10, it's usually left at 3 or maxed)

4th Job:
Maple Warrior: 19 (19=20)
Rush: 30 (1 at 120, maxed later on)
Beholder: 10 (Maxed asap for extra mastery)
Beholder Healing: x (Maxed later on prolly, don't see the point... use potions instead)
Beholder Hex: x (Bless messes this up, so it's usually left at 20 or maxed later)
Berserk: 30 (Usually not touched until 130+ unless you HP wash)
Achilles: 30 (Maxed after stance, zerk, mw... helps survivability)
Monster Magnet: 0 or 1 (Junk =] )
Hero's Will: x (Only gotten if you HT/PB, gets you out of seduce)

I'm only 120 atm, but that's basicly what I'm doing in 4th.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Knight Build   Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:59 pm

A bit of grave digging...

3rd Job

With Warrior Elixirs, the "best" 3rd job build would be to have 30 Spear Crusher, 30 Spear Fury, 30 Pole Arm Fury, 30 Dragon Roar, 20 Elemental Resistance, 3 Sacrifice (Roar Req), and 8 points into whatever you want (PA Crusher perhaps).

Without Warrior Elixirs, the "best" 3rd job build would be to have 30 Spear Crusher, 28 Spear Fury, 30 Pole Arm Fury, 30 Dragon Roar, 20 Dragon Blood, 10 Elemental Resistance, and 3 Sacrifice (Roar Req).

The difference between 0 and 10 ER is 30% resistance (10% at level 0; increases by 2% per level). The difference between 10 and 20 ER is 10% resistance (30% at level 10; increases by 1% per level).

That is, if you're going the Spear-Hybrid route (yes, I made that term up), where you're Hybrid but have maxed Spear Fury. With the leveling speed from 30-70 as it is now, there isn't really much of a point to not be Hybrid. Final Attack uberly fails against mobs anyway.

4th Job

At 130, a Dark Knight should have about 13k HP with HB without HP equips like MoN (assuming the Dark Knight didn't screw up in his/her first job). Level 20 Berserk HP threshold would then be 5.2k - more than enough to Skelegon/Skelosaurus properly, although he/she would likely to be limited to a 3HKO; whereas Berserk'ing with relative ease requires a 2HKO. If he/she has access to Berserk 30, then there shouldn't be any problems.

Clearing up any ambiguity in case you meant "don't put points into Berserk until 130+" and not "don't use Berserk until 130+".
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Dark Knight Build
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